Zozo… The Mystery 2 (Based on True Story)

Zozo… The Mystery 2 (Based on True Story)

Karan Karan What happened? Sssssssshhhhhhh What happened? Aaaa…. Anju was here.. Where is she? There… There Where…? Where is she? She… Was here It’s just your hallucination… there is nothing like that I just saw her She was here She is not there Not there You don’t trust me? It’s nothing like that… But she is not there No…. I am telling you she was there and there also at same time But there is no one… We just checked it out You think I am Mad? She was there and there also at same time There’s no one… I am going to sleep now See…. I told you na Anju is behaving weird…. See now Anju? Come Back… Wait man let me see Listen listen… Listen you will die and even I will die with you… Come back Wait Let me see One minute Anju See stop joking How did you came here? Raj bring the rope now Yes Tie Tie Tie her Anju? She is dead Then… Who are you? Z O Z O Z O Z O Z O ZoZo….. ZoZo over here? What do you want? You two…. We… We are extremely sorry… Please forgive us (Laughs) Sorry..? (Laugh) Why did you Possessed her? Because she knew I was here How? The moment you guys slept She came again To play with me and I came back To play with her (Laugh) (Laugh) Why did you kill her? Because I like her What are you playing quiz with him? Ask him what’s he gonna take to go from here? Life of you two (Shout)

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  1. This film a “re-creation” of a supposedly true story/film. Does anyone know where the original is? Has anyone actually SEEN it? If you know, please share the link to the original for all of us to judge.

  2. Guys is this fake or real I am confused that some are saying it is real but some are saying it is fake video what is correct I guess only God knows what is real

  3. Teri maki aakh bc agar mere samne zozo momo yaa toto ajaye aur kise kai bhi sareer me ghus jaye to me use chapal phak ke marongaa aur pochongaa ki tu momo hai yaa zozo hai nahi too tu ch** hai bhak bhos**

  4. Hey guys, did you notice the fact that the girl who is playing the role of the ghost, played the role of their friend in zozo(first part)

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  6. Wa yeah raat ko sore the or camera man utha wa tha camera man alag alag angle say short lera🎉

  7. Please make part 3

  8. I play the Ouija board before by myself, but nothing happen to me. My question is… Does the demons don't like some reason?

  9. zozo aaye to me use ye bolunga ki come zozo let's play pubg tub me zozo ko harakar me use mozo banake wapas patal log bhejdunga 😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😂😂

  10. what a bad video you guys called zozo from US but a bad English "life of you two" is not a proper sentence it cleary shows it's fake

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