Zatoichi Collection: #12 Zatoichi and the Chess Expert – BluRay 1080p

Zatoichi Collection: #12 Zatoichi and the Chess Expert – BluRay 1080p

– Could you hold on a second? What’s the problem? How many more lashes
are there going to be? You’re half done. I can’t stand much more.
I think the pain is making me blind. Son of a bitch!
You’re blind to begin with. 27 28 29 3O – [f I may, Sir. What now? Why don’t you
just shut up until we’re done? Well, I can’t help wondering about that man named Shimazo
I was in jail with last night. Quiet!
He’s no concern of yours. 32 33 34 35 36 37… It’s not true.
I ne ver did any of those things. Why is this happening to me? I’ve done nothing
but work hard all my life. How can it all be swept away
just like that? Did I say something just now? No, not really. Mister. I wonder if I could ask a favor of you. It’s a matter of life or death. But I’m locked up in – You’re only in
for illegal gambling, right? The authorities haul in a few people
now and then just for show. Come morning they’ll give you
fifty or a hundred lashes and send you on your way. Really? But if I don’t get help, they’re going to condemn me
to die for crimes I didn’t commit. A couple weeks ago,
I came here from Choshi. There’d been some trouble, and I came in place of the boss
to cool things off. But the moment
I got here to Shimokura, the police picked me up. The next thing I knew
I was locked up in here, charged with housebreaking, arson and even the murder of a townsman. There’s not a shred of truth
to any of the charges. There are two people who can vouch for my innocence. One is Senpachi Kurouma in Oarai. He’s my sworn brother. The other one is
Boss Jubei Araiso in Choshi. I want you to take a message
to these two men. Tell them Shimazo Katase – that’s my name – tell them Shimazo Katase
is about to die for crimes he never committed. All they have to do
is tell the authorities who I am, and the charges against me
will be dropped in a snap. This is nothing
but a case of mistaken identity. Please, mister.
You’ve got to help me. Locked up in here like this,
I’ve got no one else to turn to. That’s why I’m begging you, please. I’ll be eternally grateful. And one more thing.
Back home by the Tone River, my wife and daughter
must be worried sick. Please tell them I’m all right and that I’ll be coming home soon. You’ve got to do this for me, mister. You’ve got to. Please. ZATOICHI AND THE DOOMED MAN Produced by SADAO ZAIZEN Original story by KAN SHIMOZAWA
Screenplay by SHOZABURO ASAI Cinematography by HIROSHI IMAI
Art Direction by SEIICHI OTA Original Music by SEITARO OMORI
HAJIME KOSHIKAWA, YUKIO HORIKITA Directed by KAZUO MORI Oarai. Aota. Every time someone asks me
a favor like this, I get into trouble. Maybe I should skip it. But if what that
Shimazo guy says is true, you’ve got to feel sorry for him. On the other hand, I have to
worry about my own life first. Yeah, I think I’ll Skip it. A hit! That’s five 11/0, mister.
Care to try for ten? Sure, why not?
I’ll go for it. Hey, the target got a lot smaller. Here goes. – A hit!
– You’re really something. Now you’ve won ten 11/0. Go for twenty? No, I think I’ll stop here. Are you sure?
We’re talking twenty big ones. No, I think I’ll quit at ten. Excuse me.
Mind if I join you? Sounds like you’re talking
about big money here. Not for a blind man. Would you mind telling me
which one’s the 20 /y0 target? What good will that do?
You can’t see it anyway. If someone could just tap
on the target for me, I’ll aim with my ears. Look here, mister. Don’t give me that. You think you can hit it
without even being able to see? – You never know unless you try.
– I suppose you think that’s funny. Look. Think about it. I’ve got two good eyes,
but I quit at ten 11/0. Right? How can a man who can’t see
hit something so – Hey! Are you making fun of me?
– Not at all, sir. You better not be. Look. I started at one 70,
and finally worked my way up to ten. If you screw up, even my winnings
will go down the drain. Well, it’s too much trouble for me
to work my way up from one 11/0. So tell you what. ‘I pay you
your ten e up front. Ten 13/0? Give me just one second here. Here you go. Ten 11/0. All right. Now then, could someone tap
on the target for me? A hit! So I hit it, didn’t I? I can’t believe you hit it. I’d like to let that 20 zyo ride and go for 30 while I’m at it. Hold on, mister. Don’t push your luck.
Quit while you’re ahead. Just let me try it. Thank you very much. Aren’t there any more targets? It not, I suppose
I’ll collect my 50 sye. Here. Your 5011/0. Thanks. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you.
It’s been a pleasure. If you please. Thank you very much. Hey. That was quite a show
you put on there. – You’re really amazing.
– That’s nice of you to say. I see you’re dressed for travel.
Where are you headed? – I’m on my way to Tsuchiura.
– I’m going that way. You know, there are a lot of
bad characters in this town. Maybe you should let me
take care of that money for you. – That’s quite all right.
– You needn’t worry. Feel this? As you can tell,
I’m a traveling monk. Your money will be safe with me. They say even chance meetings
are ordained by the bonds of fate. So just give it to me.
I’ll take care – Yeah? What do you think you’re doing?
– Get lost. What the – Never mind. Wait a second, mister.
Just a second. It’s Zatoichi! This is no fun. My aDOIOgies. It’s hard to walk very fast
when you can’t see. I’m not talking about
how fast you walk. Look. The only reason
you scored big last night is that I’d already
set things up for you. You just stepped in at the end
and finished things off. Isn’t that right? – Yes, that’s right.
– That’s right. So it seems to me we should go
fifty-fifty on the winnings. What’s the matter?
That’s not enough for you? No, that’s fine. Good.
I want to be clear about this. Since we’ve been thrown together
in our travels like this, we need to agree from the start
that profits get split fifty-fifty. Otherwise there could be trouble,
and that wouldn’t be funny. You think it’s funny that
I don’t think it would be funny? No. Good. I hope not.
We don’t want trouble. But you know, that blind swordplay of yours
is really amazing stuff. It’s nothing special, really.
It’s just that when I get scared, I start flailing around like crazy
trying to escape the fear. Where the hell did he go?
He can’t have gone very far. Hey, did you two
see anyone come this way? Damn! They’re blind and deaf.
Let’s keep looking. I beg you, please help me. You’ve got to help me. Help you how? Those three men are after me. Please.
You’ve got to take me to Oarai. Hey, that’s a nasty looking
wound you’ve got. We could never get you there
in that condition without a horse or palanquin.
What’s so urgent, anyway? I managed to raise
some money for the shop, but if I don’t get the certified bill
there by sundown today, the shop will have to
go out of business. So those three guys just now
were after the bill? That’s right. I see. But there’s no way you can get there
in your condition. Besides, if you show yourself now,
those guys will work you over. How about if I deliver the bill for you? – You?
– Sure. I’ll deliver it for you. If it’s just the bill,
I can get it there no problem. Where do I take it in Oarai? It’s a shipping agency called Kazusaya. All right.
Give me the bill, then. Please make sure it gets to Kazusaya
in Oarai before sundown. Sure thing.
Just leave it to me. You can wait here with this fellow for a horse or palanquin to come by. All right?
Just leave this to me. Master lchi, as you just heard,
I’m going to hurry on ahead. I’m sure you can manage things here. So I’m off to Oarai after all. I thought I’d stay away from there,
but I guess I’ll have to go back. Welcome back, Kihei.
Are you all right? – Did you get the bill?
– Yes, the bill arrived safely. Let’s see to that wound.
The doctor’s already here. Come on. Get him inside. Thanks so much for your help. Excuse me. It was good of you to help Kihei out. I paid the fellow called
Zatoichi very handsomely, so there should be plenty
there for you as well. But – That son of a bitch stole my name. Zatoichi. I didn’t come along because
I wanted to be paid anyway. You’d think they could at least
offer me a cup of tea. That damn bastard! Where could he have gone? I sure could use something to eat. You said you wanted to eat, mister? Yeah. Then I’ll show you to a great place. A place to eat? Come on. Come with me. Does your family run a restaurant? No. But there’s a place that pays me
if I bring customers. So long as I can get something
to eat, it’s all the same. Let’s go. Here’s the place, mister. Where? – Right this way.
– Thanks. Have a seat, sir. – Thanks very much.
– Make yourself comfortable. Someone will be in right away. Hello. Boy, am I famished.
– Very well, sir. But first we’ll need you
to put down three 11/0. Three 11/0? All I want is a meal.
That can’t cost three 11/0. No, sir. The meal will be
a separate charge. – A separate charge?
– That’s right. Two bu for the kid
who brought you here, plus one 11/0 for the man
who showed you to this room. Then there’s – What are you laughing at?
What’s so funny? You’ve got to be kidding. That seems a bit excessive
when all I want is a dinner for one. It’s ridic –
– Save your breath! You came here knowing
exactly what to expect! There’s more. That cushion you’re sitting on
costs you two bu. And this room costs you one 11/0. That makes three /y0 total.
Let’s see it. What will the meal cost? We’ll talk about that
after we have your three 11/0. Be reasonable. Come on, let’s see it.
Give us our three /y0, and we’ll consider
getting you something to eat. We might even get you a woman. Come on. Pay up. Pay UP- So that’s how it is. This isn’t really a restaurant.
– Watch what you say, mister! You use some innocent
little kid as bait, to cheat customers
out of all their money. You’re an evil bunch.
– I told you to watch it! Who do you think you are,
you blind bastard? It’s Zatoichi! I that three lo
is so important to you, perhaps you’d like me
to make it your funeral offering. Tell me.
Who do you people work for? Boss Senpachi Kurouma. Well, well.
Boss Senpachi, is it? In that case, perhaps
I’d better pay him a little visit. There, Master lchi. There, Master lchi. Please have a drink,
and don’t take all this too badly. I’ve taken on
a lot of new recruits lately, and they have a way of misbehaving
when I’m not looking. It’s a real problem,
but I hope you understand. It’d be a dark stain on my name if you got the impression that
my entire family was like that. Not at all, Boss. I’m afraid I had no idea that I was in Boss Senpachi
Kurouma’s establishment. But since that’s where I am, perhaps I could ask if you know
a man named Shimazo Katase? Do I know him?
He and I are sworn brothers. Did you run into him somewhere? – Yes.
– How is he doing? That’s the thing. I met him
in the Shimokura County jail. Jail? Why would Shimazo be in jail? You didn’t know? He told me he’d been mistaken
for someone else, and was condemned to die
for crimes he knew nothing about. Shimazo’s condemned to die?
There must be some mistake. – Mistake?
– It has to be a mistake. He’s not that kind of a man.
– I see. No wonder he was hoping
you’d help him clear his name. All right.
I’ll go to Shimokura tomorrow. I’ll make sure his name is cleared. I’m very glad to hear it, Boss. I guess I’ve got better luck
with me on this trip. You see,
when Shimazo told me his story, I didn’t really believe him,
so I wasn’t going to come here. In any case,
I’m grateful that you came. I don’t have much to offer,
but how about some of this? Let me pour you a drink. No, thanks.
I really should be going. Are you headed anywhere in particular? No, not really. In that case, perhaps I could
suggest a trip to Choshi. Choshi? If you met Shimazo, I’m sure he mentioned
the head of the Araiso family, too. Araiso? Oh, you must mean Boss Jubei. That’s right. Shimazo’s
his second in command. Choshi’s big fishing festival
starts the day after tomorrow. The stakes in the games get pretty high. You really should go. If all goes well, I may bring
Shimazo back while you’re there. Do you think so? In that case, I just might
have to swing around that way. I’ll look forward to seeing you again. Watch your step. Thanks. Master Zatoichi! Please open this door. Come on.
Please open this door. Master lchi! Please! Please! It’s me. Oyone. Don’t you remember me? Oh, sure, I remember you.
It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’m tied up. Tied up? That’s no good.
Let me untie you, then. This’ll just take a second. There you go. You’re free. Here, Boss. Who’s responsible for this?
Are you trying to sully my name? I’m so embarrassed
you had to see this, Master lchi. Don’t mention it.
I can’t see a thing anyway. Ow.
The ropes left really bad bruises. – I’m sorry to hear that.
– You know this woman, Master lchi? Of course he does, don’t you, honey? I’m embarrassed to say so, but yes. Please excuse us. Now, where exactly was it
that you and I met before? Huh? Back there at Boss Senpachi’s place you seemed to suggest
we knew each other very well. But I’m afraid I can’t recall – We’ve never met before. That was all an act. It was the only way I could think of
to get out of there. I see. Do you really believe
that Senpachi is a good boss? Isn’t he a good boss? You’re such a simpleton. You don’t know what a two-faced
bastard that Senpachi is. Is there something else
I can do for you? I wanted to repay you
for setting me free. You needn’t worry about that. I wouldn’t feel right
if I didn’t do something. Really.
I’m telling you it’s all right. I heard the whole exchange
between you and Senpachi. Are you really going to Choshi? ThatJubeiguy
is a two-faced bastard, too. I’d prefer it
if you’d just leave me alone. Be that way. I’m only telling you this
because I’m grateful. It’s for your own good. Don’t blame me if you get hurt later. Good-bye. Stubborn ox. Was it such a good idea, Boss,
to let Zatoichi go like that? I’ve heard enough about him
to know he can be real trouble. He was acting friendly enough, but since he knows about Shimazo,
we can’t let him live. Look, I’m sure
he’ll decide to go to Choshi. Find him and kill him
before he gets there. I’ll start for Choshi right away too. The air tastes salty. So this is the ocean. I suppose it must be really big. Haven’t you ever seen
the ocean before, mister? No, I haven’t. I suppose it’s a lot bigger
than the Tone River. Of course it is. Can you see the other side? The ocean doesn’t have another side. It doesn’t? There’s just more and more ocean,
as far as you can see. Have you heard about this
blind gangster named Zatoichi? Yeah, I’ve heard about him. They say he’s an amazing swordsman
even though he can’t see. But I also heard he’s not very reliable. He hired on with one boss and made all kinds of demands
for sake and women. But when it was time for action,
he disappeared. I figure he’s not all
that he’s cracked up to be. You could be right.
After all, he’s blind. He probably cut down
a man or two by accident, and that turned into a big fish story. He may be blind, but he’s also
as sly as a fox, I guess. That’s right. Chief. Keep the change. Thank you very much, sir. – Ouch!
– Son of a bitch! I’m terribly sorry.
I’m blind, so I didn’t see you. I don’t want them. You wouldn’t want them
to go to waste. I didn’t know Zatoichi
could be so nasty. Ouch! Right this way, Master lchi. Please watch your step. Be careful there! I’m fine. A pillar, I guess. Sit down, Master lchi. We don’t have anything fancy
for you to eat, but drink up. I’m much obliged. Here, let me pour you one. Thank you.
You’re very kind. I think you said you weren’t
headed anywhere in particular. That’s right. Then why don’t you
stay with us a while? Well, I suppose, perhaps. Are you expecting
some kind of trouble soon? If you are, I’ll be happy
to lend my sword to the cause. Sukegoro lioka,
Shigezo Sasakawa, Miki Hirate: All that’s left of them is rust on the blade in this cane. By the way, Boss, what sort of compensation might
I expect to receive for my help? There might not even be a fight. But this is business. I think we’ll both be better off if we have a clear
agreement beforehand. I suppose you’re right. How about this much? How much is that? Five – No, seven 11/0. Bump it up another notch. You’re both blind,
but what a difference! Excuse me? You’re in this dive drinking cheap sake, while that guy they call Zatoichi has the biggest boss in town
waiting on him hand and foot. – Chief?
– What? Would you mind telling me
where this big boss lives? Master lchi, your retainer. Much obliged. By the way, Boss, this demanding palate of mine insists on getting only the best
in sake and condiments. Of course, of course. And to pour my sake, I like my maids young and pretty. I may not be able to see, but I still like the company
of beautiful women. Sounds like a masseur. Go get him for me, will you? All right. Say,buddy, since I’m having a massage,
go ahead and get my bed out. Then I’ll have a nightcap again later. Go get that masseur for him. Masseur?
Isn’t he a masseur himself? He’s an extravagant
son of a bitch, isn’t he? He just babbles on and on,
so full of himself. Haven’t Senpachi’s men arrived yet? I sent Tatsu to meet them
at the edge of town. They should be here any time now. I’ve only been putting up
with his demands in order to keep him here. He’ll pay for it soon enough. Do you think he’s really
as strong as they say he is, Boss? It’s hard to say. But how strong
could a blind man be? I figure you just run him
into a corner and cut him down. Masseur.
Come in here, will you? Yes, sir.
Thank you very much, sir. This way. Right in here. I brought the masseur for you, sir. Right in here.
– Yes, sir. Thank you very much, sir. Good evening. Masseur. Hurry up
and get started, will you? Enjoy your massage. The weather certainly is hot, isn’t it? Get to it, will you? I like a good firm massage,
a good firm rubdown. I’ll start here with your shoulder.
Let’s see. Is this about right?
– Hey, hey. You’re supposed to massage,
not just grab. Massage firmly. – About like this, perhaps?
– Hey, that hurts. That’s too hard.
Ease up a little. It’s a tremendous honor, sir,
to be able to offer you a massage. Do you mean to say
you know who I am? You’re a lucky man, sir – Swordplay tends to make
my arm muscles tighten up. – Swordplay does?
– They tighten right up. – Along about here?
– Hey, hey, hey! That hurts. But you know, somehow – Hey. What the – I said my arms, not my ass!
What are you – Wait, mister – No, really, wait.
Just give me a second, I say. You there. Water.
Go get me some water. Sorry. Forgive me.
I know I shouldn’t have done it. What’re you talking about? Why should Zatoichi
have to apologize to me? All I did was borrow
your name a little tiny bit. Huh? What is it? Please don’t be angry.
Please don’t be angry with me. You’ve got to forgive me. Pretty soon, you’re going to have to show us
that swordplay you mentioned. Don’t be like that.
I told you I’m sorry. I hear about ten men arriving out front. And I’ll bet they’ve come to kill Zatoichi. – You’re here.
– Let’s skip the formalities, Boss. Where’s lchi? He’s relaxing and getting a massage. Make sure there aren’t any slipups. To kill Zatoichi? That’s you. It’s you. I’ll bet you’re getting tense.
Let me rub your shoulders. What’re you doing? Hey! Shut up and close your eyes. I said close your eyes. My eyes? Stand back, men.
I can take care of him myself. Master lchi. You’ve – You’ve got to be kidding. I told you I’m sorry.
You have to forgive me. Are you still angry with me? Please forgive me.
I didn’t mean any harm. I’d run out of money in Shinshu
and hadn’t had anything to eat. So I was desperate. I was born in Choshi,
but I left ten years ago. I’m going home to see my family
for the first time since. I wanted to bring them gifts,
or at least a little money. I’m sorry. Forgive me.
I won’t do it again. Forgive me, I’m begging you. You went, didn’t you? Went where? In the water.
The water suddenly got warm. Forgive me. I’m begging you. Fool. You’re a damn fool. You might get away
with borrowing someone’s name if it’s just for drink
and a little bit of money. But what did you intend to do if your life was on the line,
like last night? Hey, wait. Hold on. You said you were going
to Choshi too, right? We can travel together.
What do you say? I happen to like traveling alone. Hey. Hey. Hold on, will you? Have you heard anything
from Senpachi in Oarai? Have you heard anything
from Senpachi in Oarai? – No, nothing.
– How about from Choshi? – Give it a rest.
– Then what’s – What’s going to happen to me? With no one to clear your name, you’ll have to face your punishment. That’s crazy. I’m innocent.
I didn’t do any of those things. Please, I beg you.
Reopen the investigation. You’ve got to reopen the investigation. Save your breath! Just so you know,
I’m not following you or anything. I just happen to be staying
at the same inn as you. You can’t object to that. You know, Hyakutaro, I’m hardly in a position
to be giving sermons, but if you’ve been making a habit
of lying and deceiving people, you really should try
to give it up if you can. I know. Actually, there are times when I feel like
I don’t even know who I am anymore. I tell people all these stories, right? But I lose track of which ones
are true and which are false. Or maybe it’s that
they all feel like they’re true. I suppose I’m not a very good person. Hey, look! Look at all those fish. Sorry. I forgot you couldn’t see. Say – What is it? I’m going to Choshi tomorrow. How would you like to go with me? I think they said Choshi’s
having a festival about now. That’s right, that’s right.
It’s festival time. That’s perfect. Once we get to Choshi,
you won’t lack a thing. People know me there. You see, Choshi’s the territory
of the Araiso family. And my father
is the boss’s right hand man. What did you say? You mean about my father? Did you say he’s the Araiso
boss’s right-hand man? That’s right.
And that’s no lie. Are you talking about Shimazo Katase? You’ve heard of my father? You’re Shimazo’s son? I haven’t seen him in ten years,
but if Zato – If even you know him, he must be doing
real well for himself. All right, that decides it.
You’re going with me to Choshi. And once we’re in Choshi,
leave everything to me. I’m telling you, my dad’s
a real pillar of a man, unlike me. I have to make up
for borrowing your name. Leave it all to me.
– Excuse me. Your rooms are ready.
– Thank you. Let’s go, then.
– Are you all right? – Time for a nice bath.
– Yes. There will be a police check, too. Uh-oh, that won’t do.
I’ll see you later, Master lchi. OyOne? How did you know? By your smell. Master lchi, that man named
Shimazo who asked for your help, they really are going to execute him. What? They’re moving him from Shimokura
to Choshi tomorrow morning. Is that true? Of course. Why would I lie? This is terrible. There he is! – Get him!
– Block off his escape! What’s that? It’s Shimazo’s son. CONDEMNED TO DIE SHIMAZO KATASEI SENTENCED TO DEATH
that Shimazo’s going to die? Uh-huh. Here comes the rain. Take shelter in there, Boss,
while I go get an umbrella. This is quite a storm. – Are you a traveling masseur?
– Yes. Boss, I’ve got an umbrella. Come by tonight
and give me a massage. Yes, sir.
You didn’t say your name, sir. That’s Boss Jubei Araiso. Araiso? A fine lot you are. With Kazusaya’s certified bill in hand, I would have controlled
every shipping agent in the area. I guess you men
aren’t as tough as you said. According to Senpachi here, a troublemaker named lchi
is on his way to town. When he gets here,
I’ll expect you to earn your keep. I’ve been feeding you
for nothing long enough. We know. SenpachL I hope you’re not thinking
this is no concern of yours. I don’t know what Shimazo may
have asked this lchi fellow to do, but you never should have
let him get away. I wanted you and me to control
all the territory around Kashima Bay. To do that,
we had to get rid of Shimazo, who was always
interfering with our plans. Besides, Shimazo was
too popular among the gamblers. He might have wound up
stealing my territory. That’s why I arranged for Shimazo
to be brought up on charges. I know, Jubei. I just figured,
what could a blind man do? I had no idea he was such a monster. So, how do you intend
to fix your mistake? I assume you came here to Choshi
to finish him off. Well, I’d like – Good. That’s what I want you to do. They’ll be bringing Shimazo
through here tomorrow morning. I want you to get rid of that
Zatoichi bastard before then so he can’t mess things up for us. But Jubei – Here’s a tip, Senpachi. Shimazo’s wife and daughter
live down by the Tone River. If you want to lure lchi into a trap, they’ll make the perfect bait. I can send some men with you
to show you the way. Mother! Are you all right? Ochiyo, why didn’t you tell me
about your father? About Father? You knew, didn’t you? You knew that your father
was sentenced to die, didn’t you? Mother! Why did you hide it from me? Please tell me the truth. Has your father
really been sentenced to die? Mother!
Who told you that? So it’s true. Mother! It’s a mistake.
It has to be a mistake. What does the boss say? What does Boss Jubei say about this? QChiyo? No, Mother.
You need to stay in bed. Let go of me. I need to talk to Jubei. My husband’s not going to die.
I refuse to believe it. Stop, Mother.
You’re not well enough to go. Mother! Oh, it’s you, Master Gonju. They’re saying my husband
has been condemned to die. Please, you’ve got to talk
to Boss Jubei for – That’s exactly what I’m here about.
Boss Jubei wants to see you. You’ll have to come with us. Excuse me, but is this the home of Master Shimazo? It’s a pleasure. I suppose those ladies there must be Shimazo’s wife and daughter. My goodness,
it certainly is hot, isn’t it? I need to talk to the lady here
for just one second. It won’t take long. Let me help you up, ma’am.
Sit down over here. Right over here. Please put your mind at ease. I promise you, your husband will come home
safely tomorrow morning. Pardon me,
but who might you be? I happened to run into Master
Shimazo in an unfortunate location. You’re sure he’ll be coming home safely? Yes. The sun above wouldn’t let
an innocent man go to his death. I’m so relieved. The bright sun above knows everything. I’m sure it’ll soon shine
on your husband again. You really should get back inside. SenpachL I’ll need you to show me the way. I’ll pour my own drinks now.
You can go on home. Are you sure?
Thank you, sir. You had a long day. Jubei? Is that you, Senpachi?
Come on in. Yes. What are you waiting for?
Come right on in. All right. Hey! You’re the – That’s right, Boss.
You said you’d like a massage, so I thought I’d drop in. Jubei, this is Zatoichi! What? Zatoichi? Now, Boss Jubei, before I start in on that massage,
I have one little request. I’ve already heard from Senpachi here all about the little trap you contrived so that the innocent Shimazo
would be condemned to die. I don’t know a thing
about anything like that. I figured you’d say that, which is why I brought
a surviving witness with me. Senpachi! Now, now, you’ll have plenty of time
to fight amongst yourselves later. What I want you to do, Boss, is write up a statement
about this trap you laid in order to clear Shimazo’s name. – What do you expect me to say?
– There’s no need to shout. Or are you trying to say
you won’t do it? I’ll do it. That’s more like it. If you write a statement, then Shimazo won’t have to die and neither will you. But don’t think that because I’m blind, you can include a line
that says “Kill Zatoichi.” – I’ll make sure he doesn’t.
– Oyone? That’s right. You got tired of me
and dumped me, remember? Senpachi had me locked up
as security for a gambling debt when Master Zatoichi rescued me. Excellent timing, Oyone. You can make sure for me
that his statement is good. Son of a bitch! Don’t try to call your men.
Just write the statement. Listen up! We can’t let that blind bastard get through the magistrate’s gate alive. Whatever it takes, we’ve got to
get that statement back. Understand? I have no desire to kill anyone else. Kindly step aside. Master lchi. Oyone, sorry to trouble you, but I need you to make sure
this gets to the magistrate. Me? This statement will clear Shimazo
of all the charges. Take it to the magistrate,
and save Shimazo’s life. This is your chance to repay me
for setting you free. What are you going to do? I’ll wait right here for you to return. You really will? Promise? Mendicant monk Hyakutaro,
you’re under arrest. Don’t try to resist. Wait, wait! What have I done to get arrested?
Let go of me! Let go! We’ve got the dirt
on all your evil deeds. You mean you even know about those three whores
I helped escape in Shimaura? You’ve been helping whores escape too? If I’m not wanted for that,
then what’s this all about? Let go of me!
Let go of me, damn it! Tell you what. Let’s just say
we didn’t meet today. Then we can agree
to meet some other day. – Don’t be ridiculous.
– Let go of me! Ouch!
– Shut up and settle down! Damn it!
Who do you think I am? I’m a servant of the Buddha. Hey, come on! Abuse a monk, and you’re cursed
for eight generations, you know. THE END

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  1. I love this movie series. What I find hilarious is that ryo is always misspelt in the subtitles. However, I am very appreciative of the subtitles. Anyway, thank you a lot Kodasusaka.

  2. You've mixed the titles and films of episode eleven and this. This is Zatoichi and the Doomed Man and Yatoichi and the Chess Expert is the episode you've put up as number eleven.

  3. 滝瑛子演技下手だなぁ…子役の頃から全く成長してない。

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