Hi everyone! After a super short break we are back with a new video! We created a new website – go check it out! Also a new line of t-shirts is coming really soon! Today we are in Olomouc and we took our street-trial bikes We will play a card game – we got inspired by Jakub Vencl and one of his recent videos He played this game in Sweden with his freestyle MTB mates He had a pack of cards, every cards had a trick written on it Check out Jakub Vencl’s Youtube channel – his videos are sick! So today we have 20 cards with tricks written on them Our task is to pick 1 – 4 cards in one serie and execute the tricks in one line If you don’t do one of the tricks, you have to put those cards back Who gets 10 cards wins the game So you can keep on picking up to 4 cards in one line Let’s decide who will start First card Up to front I will take another card.. Joker! Which means a card for free! Next trick is…backwards manual! I will take a risk and get 4th card Let me imaginate the line… I’ll take 4 cards in my first line No way! I guess I have to return 4 cards now It’s your turn mate Tire tap 270 So far so good Will you take one more? I’m gonna go with just 3 cards..it’s called tactics That was pretty cool So the score is 3:0 A lot of cars appeared and ruined our spot We have to ignore them First card: up to front again! Second trick is X-up I’ll take one more Can’t wait for the X-up Joker again! Up on the ledge and X-up – that’s it, I need points Watch this line that’s worth 3 points The score is 3:3 and it’s your turn It’s getting hot in here Seems doable so far This looks fun but I’m gonna go for another card Footjam whip Can’t wait to see it Nice job! Footjam is really tricky, I still can’t do it 100% and never will I think My score is 6 points I need to get points now! First trick.. Double footjam whip or turn back 3 cards! This is horrible, all my 3 cards are at risk now If I don’t do the double FJ whip I’m back to zero To raise my chances I chose to do the trick on this little ledge You fought for that really hard! It was not beautiful, but I’m taking it! That was pretty sketchy, but it was landed! I thought the score would be 6:0 by now, but actually it’s 6:4 G-turn.. Backwards manual 360 9 points! You just need one more point to win the game What are your next tricks? You should start tactizing You mean taking risks Fakie nosemanual…..360 tailtap…. I’m getting one more Barspin Alright, I can do this If you succeed you will have 7 points But you only have 1 point to get to win I’m gonna empty my pockets to make it easier You’re like Jaromir Jagr who practices with super heavy equipment Keys, wallet, phone,… I think I have a flat tire Now it’s the matchball I just need one more trick to win Manual! That’s way too easy I think we’re done I think I just lost! I also destroyed my brake lever while doing the barspin How are you feeling after winning the game? I knew this was coming And I’m also getting the TRICKSTOP, right? Ondra’s brake lever is broken, lucky for us my friend’s bike service was really near Guys are fixing the bike right now ..I’d like to avoid trial riders… I was just saying this How’s the poor bike doing? The brake seems broken I think you need a new bike The bike is in a great shape Flat tire as well.. By winning this game I can pick you the new TRICKSTOP Cheers to Jakub Vencl for a cool idea The TRICKSTOP will be… I always watch you destroy your shins while doing crankflips So I’m picking you a clean, safe and stylish bunnyhop crankflip I’ve never landed one of those in my life It’s not a hard trick to do, though I have no shin guards, so it will hurt I’ll be happy if I’ll learn it You gotta learn it on street trial bike, which is much more painful than on the enduro bike Thanks for the info So I got my new TRICKSTOP and that’s the end of the session It was much fun, we suggest you to try the game Subscribe to our channel if you liked the video, many more are coming


  1. Borci, dejte vědět až budete zase někdy jezdit po Olomouci. Přijel bych se podívat, případně pojezdit s váma 😀

  2. Pedal flip v bunny hopu je myslím dobrá odplata za nothing 😉
    Myslím, že Ondra bude ještě někde rychle shánět holení chrániče 🤔

    Jinak moc hezký sérky borci, to platí pro oba 🤘

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