what would a new format be without
profiling my other baby Mekk-Knight invoked what’s going on you guys slim
here to do exactly what I just talked about profile the only baby I have left
right now because Colossus is in the band binder but that’s not gonna stop us
from still playing the decks we love and you best believe I had to go back to the
lab and work on one of my favorite decks if you guys are new here consider
subscribing be sure to hit that notification bell to let you know
whenever I upload and yeah mekk-knight invoked I don’t need to say it but I
will anyway is one of my favorite decks of all time easily just I just love it I
just love everything about it and I love going second decks and this was the deck
that introduced me to that concept and I’ve never looked back and you know I
learned so much as a player learning how to play going second when for so many
years and you you all you ever want to do is go first but yeah I hope you guys
enjoy be sure to smash that like button you guys know it helps the algorithm a
lot it helps me out and I do appreciate it but yes this is version 1 this is our
first build format has not been established yet we’ll have a little more
results coming from like the PPG and other stuff that’s coming up regionals
and other stuff like that so right now this is a pretty basic build I omitted
some cards and I’ll explain when I get to the main deck why I omitted those
cards just because I’ve noticed a couple things even with the last guru deck
profile where things I wanted to change and you guys were so far so helpful with
that and they really do appreciate it but yeah let’s let’s hop into it you
guys I love profile on this deck so of course three alistair don’t need to
explanation together nino is one of the main parts of the deck you know get our
invocation get rolling for the meknes i have not changed my ratios like i
noticed ever since i first played this deck like a lot of things have stayed
the same of course three purple I still only play two blue and I only play the
one indigo Eclipse so gone back and forth with red and yellow I know when
the new link comes out it’ll probably be we might actually mess with red and
yellow some more but for right now I always have felt this is all you need
I’ve seen a lot of lists that play two copies of indigo Eclipse it’s something
I haven’t tested myself but I could potentially do it I do actually run the
trap which is a spoiler I am trying it out into the forty-first card and I’ll
talk about it when I get to it but yeah I’ve liked this ratio ever since I
started playing the decks it’s been fine like I have no problem
with it I think that a lot of people you know they have the reasons for playing
the two copies of indigo eclipse but I’m fine with playing the ratio and a half
here so it’s fine I spent a mech nights and I do play the one Franken tops I
mean this card went to one is it going second deck I feel like you should just
play it like it’s not bad like it’s not bad at all it’s a really good going
second card you know if you draw it is almost like another mech 9 in the sense
I kind of look at it like that because you just summon it you know and you can
force things you can attack over problematic monsters or whatever force a
back or a force whatever and yeah card to good
I like the card shout out to my boy Gio I finally got my secret to the bed
ultras for a really long time but yeah that one I’m just testing it out I like
the card so far can you draw it it’s really good it was a court I would
always play in this deck if I had the chance to the side deck or main deck and
I think its main deck worthy since f1 I mean why not hand traps there’s a lot of
hand traps in this build because again the format is establishing itself I
still don’t know what’s gonna be good and this is probably the most iffy one
but you all know it’s not a slim profile this is a guru profile it’s not a slim
profile we don’t play phantasm so my thing for right now is until April first
I think this card is still gonna be good spiral scares the crap out of me I’m
just gonna be one of the first people to say it it scares the crap out of me
there’s a lot of decks let’s go crap out of me to be honest and you know this at
least give you an option to you know drop this card potentially fix your hand
unbreak your hand and you know draw two more hand traps draw two more out so
that you can stop your opponent from establishing their board yeah I mean I
love this card and I’ve always loved this card you know you can link climb
with it too so it’s fine helps protect your cards too which is important along
with that just more generic cards that play three Ashe it’s the most generic
hand trap I feel like you should just play it especially at the start of every
format yeah I hit so many cards there’s no reason not to the card the only card
that is different and you guys will notice this this was my Thunder profile
I’m actually packing a whole set of the homie the homie TD Crowe because I think
this card might Loki be one of the best hand traps again we know there’s a video
where I talked about this card for 10 minutes about why all those are the best
hand trap and I still kind of feel this way it’s not once per turn every deck
needs to hit the graveyard for something orkest is still a hell of a deck solvin
great it’s still a hell on the deck spirals have cards that they have in the
in the grave where they wanted resolved crow DD crows the homie like DD crows
the homie and I have no problem making this quarter
now because I think this card is still gonna be really good like I think that
going forward especially with this new format as it establishes itself you’ll
notice decks are still touching the gray bird for a lot of their key combo plays
and I think this is just really important I mean I hit such random
things even in my testing I played against some pendulum variants and you
know when they go dragon trying to do any of the old stuff where they send the
what is it if the put the that dragon thing that comes up from the grave every
by itself you just crow it like a lot of times that set them back like just
getting you know of course the cards and Salaman great hitting the Orcas cards
hitting whatever it’s just it’s so solid I really like it and I mean you can make
Caligula with it too with you know with your invocation if there’s not a dark
for you to hit so yeah a crow DD crows the hope you what more can I say and
then of course there your permanence again most generic can trap along with
ash I think this is just gonna be good in every format obvious cards ever bad
no I’m just gonna be honest all those cards ever bad doesn’t conflict with
phantasm if you play it correctly and yeah you just set it as a trap and I
mean if you know you’re forced to go further do whatever it and still set a
column so I really love that card so that’s it for all the monsters and the
hand traps or sign of the spells three more copies of oh you know Alistar
pretty much I mean you got to see it you got to see it and then I do play three a
vacation I’m cut book of the law a long time ago and I really haven’t looked
back I’ve noticed that it’s been fine and I don’t regret it at all I think
it’s still fine to play you know pleasure unification and do it also
because I play two copies of desires so this is a car that’s gone in and out of
this deck over the time you’ve seen me play and just still like desires I think
it’s fine you know you want to draw cards you need to get advantage and you
know it’s just solid like you can set this you can do some magnetic things
bait out hand traps resolve this you know you play a lot of three of so it’s
fine I actually have not any problem with it
I think it was actually incorrect to take it out of this deck looking back I
just really I really like desires a lot desires has grown back on me as one of
my favorite cards and then of course we can only play to mind-control but you
best believe I’m gonna play it along with two copies of instant fusion just
extra extenders there’s no reason not to you have the
option a thousand I just tricked you have the option of khaleja you have
options like I like this card a lot like it just gets things rolling colleague is
pretty strong too so I like I’ve heard a lot and then to cyclone because babble
is still a card that annoys the hell out of me I’m gonna be honest babbles broken
and this is also just good there give me a lot more trap decks you guys already
saw I have a guru deck a lot of people have guru Dex a lot of
pair of Ultra guys Dex James is still playing choo-choo Drake oh shut up the
slobs like you gotta get rid of back room so I wanted to just play it like
this I like the two to two split seems pretty solid and then of course the last
copy of your magical meltdown because you need it and then here’s where it
gets nice BAM no jokes no like no-holds-barred we’re playing three
copies of evenly matched because yeah I’m just trying to break
boards I’m trying to break boards you know and that’s just the main thing and
if they can bait it negate and then we set our columns do our mech Knight
things just start breaking the board I’m gonna do it too many trap decks on this
format too many you know too many you’re just crazy decks I feel this card really
saw this card can already break the IP board pretty solid just being able to
get rid of problematic cards is amazing and I love this card a lot the deck you
know of course you’d give up your battle phase but whatever I’d rather break
their board and then just you know capitalize and then you know just some
of my met combos and then they just can’t do anything so very very solid
card in testing this has been great I played it in the past and I’m glad to
play it again I think it’s gonna be one of the strongest cards if your deck
complained in the main deck they’ll play it if it’ll be in the side deck it’ll
definitely be in the side deck because you need to be able to break boards for
Matt still and then there we go the 41st card so scratch is pretty nice it does
come up sometimes I’m able to search it off of the next night link and I mean
I’m just trying it out is so far it’s been okay I don’t know if it will stay
in the deck I know a lot of players like this card this is a new card for me that
I’ve never really tested but so many people have told me to give it a chance
and yeah I’m giving it a chance testing and online testing it at
localist testing this garden I mean it’s been fine like I like it
it’s reborn effect is kind of cool it doesn’t really happen that much but
because you know you’re going second but being able to set this up and then with
shifty boy is pretty nice because sometimes it sometimes it just happens I
mean it just happened so yeah it’s a 40-person of testing it out stuff so far
I like it so that’s it for the main deck 41 cards extra deck real quick two
copies of macabre still not a fan of three if I decide to play the secure
guard no which is probably something I’ll change and it tested another build
because people have actually mentioned already maybe I’ll go to three but got
down in the one parquetry oh you only need one cuz you’re only summoning it
when you kill them the one copy of Kalia this cards this card is really nice so
being able to just bring this out with instant fusion or being able to just
summon this with you know any of you know opponents dark monsters or even are
the homie DD crow or phantasm a this card is really good like I think I
really underestimated this card and didn’t play it enough but I really like
this card you know they can only attack with one monster they can only activate
you know the monsters in fact like if this part is really good I really like
this card I think I was really dumb for not playing this card before but it has
come up a lot more than I thought so it’s definitely worth playing other
fusion I got Thousand Eyes restrict cuz I mean it’s diffusion go second take the
guy and yeah you know link climb and keep going for the links I got the one
all Mirage I mean Makabe this is why I should play secure garden because I know
if you just link this off if you’re forced to go first you know you make the
what is it you linked you link the Alistar into this and then you link this
in a secure garden and then you banish the secure gardener and with the
invocation everything and they get your Alistar back and then it’s yeah it’s
like basically like a free Mikado so that’s pretty cool it’s probably I’ll
probably change going forward or test it more of course my favorite link in the
deck this card is nuts as far as allister’s name this card is everything
I just love the scars scars game usually and then the McKnight link this card is
really nice they do have sometimes a kind of a hard time outing this card
like even when I played against the deck myself sometimes I would forget like man
you know Morningstar has a pretty nice effect so I think so there’s no reason
not to play it it’s a solid link too as well and then this is a new addition IP
Mascarene ax so these are for reasons these are for grind games easier for if
we’re forced to go first and we don’t have a lot going on but if we can
establish this and then we can link climb with whatever we have on the board
if we have anything that’s kind of dead or whatever it does come up in a couple
matches but again I’m still testing it so you might see this cut from the deck
but now we’re testing it for now and then I still play the generic phoenix
and the unicorn what’s cool about the unicorn is it goes with the IPS kareena
now which is nice I mean you didn’t have that option before but I think it’s
pretty cool to have more options and that’s the whole point of this deck is
you want all the options possible if you’re forced to go first like you need
more options of course one of my favorite links very easy to making this
deck because the mech Knights this card is game all the time and I’ve
got this as well so this is another new addition that I’m testing out this card
I think the reason why I like this card is just to Plus effect monsters so you
play mind control you take a link 3 get a monster like a mech Knight you just
make this and you know if you special another mcnight you just wipe their
board and you know this gets banished and then you can just
do things and then you can just like bring this back and it’s huge really
good against gran module I love gran module one of my favorite decks too but
uh yeah this card beats that deck so this card punishes them for playing the
game so it’s pretty nice I like that guard a lot and then the last card is of
course you can dear sue and this is just because of mind control by mind control
and take their Galatea I’m turning it into a into a gym gear suit and best
believe if I have the two mech nights that are level eight which is purple and
indigo and I can make this I’m gonna make it it’s happened once out of like
maybe twenty games but that one time it was nice and then of course the Nibiru
token and of course dad because why not yeah there you go you guys version one I
love this deck what more can I say I absolutely love this deck and I’m gonna
keep playing it until I can’t play it anymore because it’s that awesome and I
really like it for of going second deck more on the point uh yeah I know you
guys love this deck I know you guys love when I profile this here on the channel
version one probably needs some tweaks every first version of a deck is always
a rough copy but it gives you something to mess with if you guys play this list
if you discover anything better definitely share it with me share or any
of the cool stuff you tried people have already told me about dangers it’s
something I am going to consider I don’t know how effective they are now but you
know we did lose Nessie 2-1 that’s not really a big deal we could just play the
five good ones and you know maybe we’ll get some more somewhere with it but I
think overall this is just an amazing deck for the most part I would say this
deck is pretty budget oh and another thing so you guys saw the cosmic
cyclones in there as soon as we get our copies of lightning a storm because you
should be investing in that card hint and she really should because I card as
nuts we’re definitely going to play a lightning storm because that card isn’t
standing as a back row decks because you just wipe everything that’s amazing yeah
version one you guys let me know what you guys think give it a thumbs up if
you guys are trying to build this deck any of the cards available be sure to
use my TCG player link is in the description below a portion of what you
spend will go back to the channel and it really helps me out without spending
your own money so it’s a win-win for everybody and yeah I think this deck is
awesome I can’t wait to see with the rest of the both players come up with
this is just version one and best believe you’re gonna see more versions
of this deck going forward on the channel you’re going to see it innovate
you’re gonna see it possibly played at events
and it’s something that I think will just be an amazing darkness format I
don’t care if people think this deck is trash I never give up on this deck like
Thunder’s you know it’s just it’s my Pat deck it’s one of my pet decks I’m gonna
keep playing as long as I can so yeah so I gotta say you guys I hope you guys
enjoyed I’ll see you guys next time thank you for watching

13 thoughts on “|Yu-Gi-Oh!| MEKK-KNIGHT INVOKED DECK PROFILE! (JANUARY 2020)

  1. Nice deck profile! Also one thing I've been using in this deck for a while now and have not regretted is one copy of lightstage and corobane, if u draw terraforming and aliester or even hard draw lightstage it gives you a different line of play where lightstage can be pseudo backrow removal whilst giving you a free special light monster which is more relevant than you think, even drawing corobane isn't too bad!

  2. We were never having a new format without one of my favorite decks of all time! I hope you all enjoyed and for anyone asking I didn’t play super poly as the format is still establishing itself but I could easily see it being part of this deck in the future! Stay motivated fellow Duelists!

  3. I love the shaddoll engine within the deck, as shaddoll fusion leads to a plus 4. I play trickclown in my deck so i get construct and trickclown on field with a draw from beast and pop from dragon. In addition to that shaddoll fusion with only one construct in the extra people think it would brick but it can always be used as negates from mechaba. Also with aleister the invoker of madness he discards as part of his effect not as cost so shaddolls ending up in the hand don't brick too bad either seeing that they can get effects off still.

  4. What would you replace with the phantazmay if you don’t own him? Do you think vishuda engine would be ok? Why don’t you play super poly?

  5. I've been playing mekk invoked for several months now [ I fell in love it too 🙂 ] and I personally really like playing vishuda atm. It's a free bounce and decent at baiting backrow with the increasing number of trap decks this format. It also helps to make bls link easier if you ever play it.

    Been a long-time viewer of your mekk-knight invoked profiles and always can't wait until a new one comes out. Love your profiles, keep it up! 😉

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