You’ve Never Seen Stress Balls Like These Before

You’ve Never Seen Stress Balls Like These Before

– We’ve made a stress ball out of chili. But what about oobleck? – Let’s find out, today
we’re gonna make and destroy all kinds of strange stress balls. – Yeah and we’re gonna do that
using this vacuum chamber. It creates a low pressure
environment that allows the balloon inside to expand. Once that’s happened, we
can fill it with all kinds of weird things. – Let’s get to it. – Long grain enriched rice. – What is a rice stress
ball gonna be like? I think that’s gonna be pretty nice. – I think it’s gonna be
probably one of the best. (rice hitting funnel) I’m destressed already. It’s kinda satisfying. – [Jon] Making it rain. That’s a whole big bag of rice. (bucket releasing air) (mouth making sucking sound) Yes, that’s good. This one has some weight. (balloon hitting table) – Ew it has that much weight. – And no bounce. Yeah it’s got a good mount of squish, but like it kinda, it’s
got some resistance. – This is not bad. – Not bad at all. But do you know what I
think is gonna be better than squeezing it? – Destroying it? – Yeah. (car driving over balloon) (balloon popping) (balloon popping) (rice flowing out of balloon) (crossbow firing) – Stress ball full of
Carolina Reaper pebbles. – That’s gon’ be hot. – These are some spicy
(couching and choking). – Spicy Nerds is what he’s trying to say. That’s way hotter than I remember. – Yup. – Those are real spicy guys, real spicy. – I think that’s good. – Oh, that’s got a nice,
that’s gonna sound cool. Aw yeah, it’s like gravel. Sandy kinda, but bigger. That’s a big ball of spice. – Let’s see what happens
when we destroy this. – Oh that’s gonna be cool. (balloon popping) (crossbow firing) (balloon popping) (balloon popping) – We have my favorite
thing in the world, sugar. – Mmm sweet. Dump the powder. – All right I think we have
to put an explosive in this. – Yeah, what. – All right do not try this
at home, but what we have done is put a small firework
inside this balloon attached to a detonator. So, we’re gonna tie that off
with the detonator in there we’ll connect this to the whole shabang, and then shaboom, it’ll be neat. – This might be the best
stress ball we’ve ever made. – We made the best one. – Oh my gosh, powdered sugar. – Let’s destroy it. – All right. (upbeat music) (crossbow firing) (balloon popping) – All right Jon are you
ready for the most fabulous stress ball you’ve ever made? – It’s gonna be sparkely. That’s a lot of glitter. – Now we just start uh. – Gotta do the bartender pour. – This is definitely what a
unicorn peeing looks like. – Are you ready for the quad pour? There it is, ladies and
gentlemen, and we are done. – That’s it. Oh oh. – Careful. – That’s got a nice, it’s
got just a slight crunch. Give that a stress, here
let me stress you out first. Jon, you’re never gonna
make it, you’re horrible, you’re a disappointment to your parents. – Ah I feel better. – There’s a lot of satisfying
ways we could destroy this stress ball. – I think I know the best one. – [Man] Three, two,
one, (crossbow firing). – Crossbow was underwhelming,
so we’re gonna blow it up with a firework. – [Man] Five, four, three, two. (balloon exploding) yeah we need a bigger broom. Oh that was cool. – [Man] I’m gonna get a bigger broom. – Next up we have honey. – Oh yes, thanks to Honey
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when you’re shopping online as you normally do. – And it’s delicious and subtly sweet, made from bee spit, maybe vomit. I don’t understand bees. – Okay that’s the real honey,
but I’m talking about Honey the free browser extension. It installs in like two clicks. I installed it on my computer
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pizza, let’s get a large. And we’re gonna do a three topping. Large three topping pizza,
what topping do you want? – If we’re gonna put honey on it, we better do something
sweet, like a pineapple. Three toppings we’d go pineapple,
bacon, and Canadian bacon. Two types of bacon. – [Jon] Okay, and we’re
putting honey on it? – [Danny] And then we’ll put honey on it, of course, for the sponsor. – [Jon] Okay and badaboom, coupon applied. We saved $8.50 on this weird pizza that we’re gonna experiment with. All right, the pizza’s on it’s way. Look, there’s really no
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for being delicious. Oh. – It’s got a, it’s like, it’s viscous. – Oh yeah, it’s got some weight. – Let’s get to destroying. – All right. (upbeat music) Ah jello. No, not jello. These are called Vat19 cubes. – Yeah they’re kinda
like spitballs or orbeez, but they’re cubes. Oh that feels good. – It really does. – This has got some jiggle to it. It’s got some lumpiness. – Yeah. (hand hitting balloon) Yeah, I mean it does that. – I mean I think it deserves
to be broken though. – Yeah it’s gonna look really
cool when we break it apart. – Think it’s gonna be cool. – That’s gonna be the best part. (upbeat music) (balloon popping) (balloon popping) (wet cubes sloshing around) – This one, get ready. – We got a lot of toothpaste. – A lot, that’s an understatement. We got so much toothpaste,
we were just debating, is this like 10 years worth of toothpaste? – Oh my. – Is it, I bet that’s heavy. – Yeah. – Hey I like the color choice. – Thank you I thought
that was a good choice. – Mint. – I think it’s more fun
than stress relieving. – Yeah this is really fun. – Like I wanna kiss this balloon. – Go ahead, nobody’s stopping you. (kissing sound) That was weird. – That was weird. – It’s the weirdest thing we’ve done. – It’s on the internet, ah crap. – Let’s go destroy this thing. (upbeat music) – All right so we have several
bags of what appears to be. – Human hair, why. – Because internet. – How did we get bags of human hair? – Well I got a guy. (screaming) Ah, I touched it. – Ah, I can taste it. – Insert detonator. Don’t try this at home. – We’re gonna put a firework,
inside the ball of hair. It’s a sentence I never thought
I’d say but here we are. – What’s better than exploding burnt hair? (sighs) Dang it. – Is it pretty nice? – That’s a pretty good stress ball Jon. – The hair ball, oh it’s very light. It’s light, it’s got good resistance. – Let’s blow it up. – Let’s blow this up. – Blow it up. – Get it outta here, this needs to end. (firework exploding) (string spraying) – Silly string. (silly string spraying) – You missed a lot. – I missed a lot, we can
get it in there still. That’s I think the most we can get. – That’s a lot of silly string. – Okay. – Weird. – It’s got a texture to it. It’s lumpy feeling. – Does it feel like it’s
relieving your stress? – Yeah. – Really? – Yeah give it a whirl. – It’s cold. – It is cold, but I mean what
else are we gonna do with this other than just, you know. – Blow it up. (balloon exploding) – In this bowl we have. – Puss. – Puss. – I never thought I’d see the
day with a bowl full of puss. – This is puss, similar to
what’s in our popit pal. Which is a fun toy, that
simulates popping pimples. – I’m gonna let you do all of this. – Just get it in there. – I can’t do this. – It’s gonna be really
hard to tie this balloon, ’cause it’s gonna be really slippery. – I’m just imagining that
this all came out of someone’s pimple and I’m really grossed out. – That’s what you’re
supposed to feel like. – Oh honestly, it’s not
bad, it’s pretty squishy. All right, let’s destroy this
thing, let’s get rid of it. – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) All right, we have the giant
color morph stress ball. – Oh yeah. – It’s a stress ball that’s
giant, and you squeeze it and it changes colors,
and it’s like jelly. It feels good, feel that. – Yeah, you know what. – It’s already a giant stress ball. – We don’t really need to put this inside of another stress ball. – Let’s just destroy it. – Let’s do it. (balloon popping) – All right Jon, we have a
sack of fine white powder. – That’s not what you think
it is, it’s corn starch. – Oh so we’re gonna make
a corn starch stress ball. – No we’re gonna add water to
that, in the perfect mixture of two to one, to make oobleck. – Oobleck, let’s do it. Oh yeah it’s a non
newtonian fluid, which means it flows like a liquid,
but when force is applied, it’s kinda like a solid. It’s weird. Ah ah ah ah ah, (fist hitting oobleck) Oh no oh no, get the bucket under it. – What did oobleck ever do to you? Whoa, that one had some weird spankage. (screams) oh I can’t hold it, it’s so hard to hold. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Find our whole
collection of curiously awesome gifts at – The sound is very satisfying. It’s like a breathy fart. – Okay, that made it way worse. The final bit. – [Narrator]

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