Your best chess combinations 8

hello everybody and welcome to our new video as you know we usually show games from people who are not professionals because they have new and very interesting ideas because they are not overhelmed by modern chess theory today we’ll show you one game like that and it has many mistakes but many great ideas before we move to it let’s see what winner of this game said about it now let’s see his game with not so precisive moves he came to Grunfield defense e4 this is unknown mode but exactly because our ideas like this one games from people who love chess can be very beautiful and interesting in their own way de4 d5 Bg7 Bf4 0-0 Nb5 a6 of course computers will say that Na6 is better but exactly because of ideas like this one games can be interesting Nc7 Ra7 Qd4 Nc6 is the move we spoke about in our entrance to video Qe3 Ng4 Qc5 Bb2, Bd4 was winning easier because f2 is weak but he decided to take pawn and after Re1 and mistake Bd4 game becomes unpredictable Rd4 Nd4 Qd4 e5 Be5 Ne5 and if you look closer Qg5 was better move than Ne5 Qa7 Qc7 clean Qd4 Re8 and now one big mistake Qe4 after which black succeeded in his plan to use white’s bad pieces with tactical attack Bf5 Qd3 Qa5 Ke2 Qa2 Kd1 Qc2 Ke1 and now one incredible move to finish the game is Nd3 Bd3 Re3 fe3 Qd3 that’s it for today I hope you liked this video and if you do give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel see you soon bye

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