You think you can escape? – Funkefal Plays Monkey King

You think you can escape? – Funkefal Plays Monkey King

Stay right there please -I wıll stay on the hill so they wont rep around I am running from here Go start fighting, I am on my way I am almost there Mirana is also there but we can fight When poison ends, i will be there I am here -He started with arrow -Turn for the runes Here Where are you Ravesse? Why do you go for the other runes? Whom would take it even? Shadows? That rune was already ours, why did you even leave us there? -I have tped bottom again -Deny the mage You can do that, I don’t have much damage Please cut this tree when you can with your qb Mirana going towards bottom -I wıll drop my item -Slardar is gonna die here -Wait 5 seconds -I will pull again Alchemist went for jungle, I destroyed his laning I am going to use courier, put your items in it if you need If they are 2 top, you can come mid I can just lane top if you are not able to farm I am very strong now -He has haste Using cour again -Use -I am going to ward their jungle for Alchemist Dazzle has tped mid, he has a dd We can kill him as well Did you see alch? Alch should be there Let me get the buff -Very nice -Should I block his camps with sentry or should we pressure him? -I think it makes sense to play agressive We are able to see both jungle, we can play agressive I am going straight on him I am running towards slardar 10 seconds for stun I will give you vision Come here I have to use my stun You can go mid -I also stopped We can invade his jungle – Wait for creep wawe to go It is already gone I also have buff Ahh I missed the stun No problem, we can still kill -Runes Almost got my stun We can kill them as well Do you have buff for me? -Nope -Slardar coming towards you I am porting You can turn -They might have hg vision As soon as he comes, we can kill again I showed myself wtf is that -We have stacks here, we should farm them Tp in 15 -He sees you Do we have smoke top? -Nope We can go on him He went back to jungle You can hit the tower He doesn’t have any other leap charges Do not go there, we will get the t1 tower -Can you tp mid -He is chasing me to death Will you buff yourself? -I hope I wont die -Now what fuck.r I will be playing top -Potm ulti He might farm this camp We have warlock ulti right? -Cour showed you -I am coming towards there but I think you are death -If I can be there in time, fight is ours Alch is now farmed Do you have call? Np np -Potm ulti Warlock : Ulti in 30 Go back a bit I have nothing left I do not have stun, can’t help you What a Rosh, hitting you so hard No linkens Naix : You can take it I have ulti now, porting bot Grim : I am also running, no tp I will start first if we see him I am stunning I might catch this one as well Nope, too fast Warlock : lets push, ember down for 40 If someone shows, I will jump on him straight I am setting up the ambush from here Warlock : I thınk we can hit a bit My position is very nice now, I will go whoever comes close Here! Potm ulti Go back, Ember is up again We can fight here, 2x do we have call? Grim :That was so unfortunate I think we need to get out of here What happened to you guys there? Warlock :Alchemist jumped on us Naix: Utku tp out You are dead, I will tp out Warlock : I will play from very behind Warlock : Did not know his blink Naix : He got the blink right after Radi It is not so bad, we killed Ember 2 times back to back We still have golem and everything You will get assault on naix right? Try to get a defensive item on grim after vessel Same goes for Warlock after aghs We have to kite those bkb’s Warlock : If we start, we can 1 shot him Axe : Ember is very close to his bkb I will get a tp from side shop and comeback My bkb is very close as well Warlock : Runes are about to respawn Come close to top Grim : No tp Do not show bot then Potm ulti Grim :Running towards top Warlock : He is killing me behind Do you have bb on Warlock? Warlock : yes but tp on cooldown Axe : I am here My stun is about to be back, as soon as his bkb out I will stun Wl : Bkb 3 Bkb 2 I got arrowed, fu.k Go go Here Axe : Coming Anyway, was a good fight Naix : We can kill No no no go back Grim : Are we going back? Monkey : We have to help Grim complains.. Shut up, we are in the middle of a fight Stop crying We are fed of it I have bkb now Axe : What was rosh time? I am running but no ulti He has taras Lets not try to hard Axe : As soon as we kill ember, fight is over All we need is a good call Warlock : He havent been ableto use my hero for last 28 minutes I am always dying I think we are pretty strong doesn’t matter how much alch has We can get a gem for axe Axe you have no buyback, can you buy? Axe : Got it 2 wards on him Lets wait for naix’s ac and warlock’s golem Axe : Gem is in cour You should carry the gem Do you have slot? Ember might be going for disk Naix: They have vision here Grim :10 sec ulti Got arrowed Still have my bkb Naix: we can continue No mana on him Go for others as well Axe: we can continue I will go for dazzle Grim :Potm has solar crest 2 leap charges We have 30 sec, easy rosh If they come, we get out and fight Naix : help me Wl : We can turn, i have golem We need axe there Here? He shall die Naix : You might die there I have bkb Go back a bit, buybacks Together We can wait on hg if they come Need a sentry here Com here naix Get out naix Naix : We are not seeing them They are dissapearing every 1 sec Carry dust Do we have any bbs? Wl : nope Use bb on grim I have bb, no reason to let it go Great My bad Here guys, no mana on alch Great 3x Go for him as well No bkb on him Fu.king alchemist

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    Can u till me the first soundtrack in laning phase name pls i like it so much 😍😍

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