You Need To Know What This Grandmaster Taught Me | Time Trouble

You Need To Know What This Grandmaster Taught Me | Time Trouble

Hey there my name’s MikeySlice and this is
episode 2 of Grandmaster Teaches Grasshopper and I’m starting right now. Now we gotta go into lightning mode. Knight d4. Okay now we gotta really speed up. There we go. Play quickly and confidently. If this is your first time here and you want
to learn more about Chess make sure you subscribe and hit the bell so you don’t miss anything. The English, C4. Ooh that’s explosive. We’re gonna do Hyper Accelerated Dragon reversed
color g3. Mikey you already learned the setup. We’re going to do it for white up a tempo
isn’t that cool? Yeah. Knight c3 first right? Doesn’t matter, you can play Bishop g2. Bishop g2 and Knight c3 serve the same purpose. Interesting. D5, we take and play Knight c3 it’s completely
reversed accelerate up a tempo for us. Ahh c6 is a sneaky move. So here he wants to play d5 and win control
over the center. A3, lose a move. We’re losing the move so thathe plays d5 and
we are going to get our type of position, you see you guys, what we’re trying to do
here? We’re trying to lose a move to transpose to
my opening. Now take on d5. Hahaha, d4. We blow that center right out with that pawn. Now we’re just going to take that d pawn with
our Knight and say you got an IQP. Who knows what IQP stands for? Isolated Queen Pawn. Wow I think I go that right. You got it right. So here Knight b3. You actually could take Knight on c6, but
I like b3 better. No Knight b3. I know I was like wait a minute hold on there’s
something I’m missing here. Retreat while attacking. I knew I was missing something, that’s why
I didn’t move. I’m like wait a minute, this does not make
sense. All right, once he moves the Bishop then we
castle and then we get the other knight and the bishop out. So now we castle. By the way if you’re playing Bishop g5 before
castling you’re going to get hit with bishop takes f2 tactic. Followed by Knight g4 Queen takes g5. Hold on you gotta back up again. So Bishop g5 and then what would happen? Bishop takes f2 check, King takes f2. Remember your King is on e1 right? King takes f2 and then your bishop is on g5
unprotected and he can do discovered attack Knight g4 check. Discovery attack on the Bishop. Ahhh. Bishop g5 right? Now yes, you can attack his pawn with your
knight or ou can pin his knight. You can do whatever you want. I like pinning things. Pin it to win it. So now our plan is Knight c3. Knight takes d5. GG game over. See that knight is pinned so we just want
to take that pawn with our knight. So you’re saying knight c3 then we would take
the d5 pawn with the knight? Yep. So then he takes with the queen. Then you take his queen with the bishop and
you say game over. That’s why it’s good to ask questions guys. Got it okay. Gotta ask questions. Always. What’s my opponent threat. So why did he play Bishop e6? He’s protecting the pawn. But we’re gonna play Knight c3 and attack
the pawn again. He just attacked your Bishop. You don’t have to take the Knight. If you take, queen takes, Knight d5 and Queen
takes b2, he takes your pawn on b2. Okay take the Knight. Take the Knight it’s okay. All right. Are we gonna take on d5 with the Bishop or
with the knight? If you take with the knight he takes on b2. What do we think Mikey. I think take with the knight. Okay so he takes on b2, you’re aware he wins
the pawn right back? Why not just take with the bishop? Free pawn. He can pin you with the rook. If he takes then we take then he takes then
yeah he pins us with the rook. It’s okay he pins you, you play e4. Ahh, he plays Bishop h3 and you may have some
problems there with the f2 pawn. This guy is actually being quite sneaky. I like what he is doing. So don’t take with the pawn. Just play Knight a4. Go after the bishop. Knight a4. Well the d pawn guys is actually quite sneaky. If you take the d pawn here it’s risky. You could take the bishop. I don’t know. You have a lot of interesting moves. What do you want to do? I want to take the bishop and get my knight
off the rim here. All right let’s do that. Take the bishop. Play Queen d2 after that. Protect the b2 pawn with your queen. Connect the rooks. All right. I actually see he wants to play Knight c4. Very sneaky move. Queen d4. Offer that queen trade. We’re going to double that other side of pawns
after that. B6 is hit by the way just in case. Queen by the way guys is not a good blockader,
but here is an exception because we want to trade queens. I actually did play Magnus Carlson last year
in the Isle of Man guys. You know, lucky to have been beating him,
but I was never actually winning. I was better, but he miraculously survived,
and actually beat me. B2 pawn is actually under attack. So we’re going b1? I would actually sac that pawn with Knight
d4, but okay you can do that. He is hitting your rook so we gotta sac the
pawn whether you like it or not Mikey. Put the rook right back where it came from. Rook a1, now we gotta go into lightning mode. Knight d4. Okay now we gotta really speed up. There you go. Play quickly and confidently. Knight c7 fork maybe. Knight d5. Knight c7. Maybe rook d1. Take the rook, take the pawn. Woah what did you do that for? I don’t know. hahah. All right. Time, time, time, guys when you’re in time
trouble bad things happen. Well hopefully you’re still in the game. Oh you blundered again. Sure did. Wow your opponent is doing really well here. He’s pre moving every move. Yeah resign, resign, resign. Resign? Resign, because he has 5 second increment. Oh that’s right. All right, that’s going to do it for today’s
video thank you so much for watching. Make sure you leave a comment below, let us
know how we did so we can better content in the future. Slice you later!

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