Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

-What the [bleep] is a radian!? Oh my god I have to read all this crap?! Here I am, a 30 year old man,
walking into a high school. I placed last in my
fantasy football league, and my punishment was to take the SATs. I feel like I just got rocked. The punishment kinda sucked. Oh my god, whiskey all
over my study materials, this is already going poorly. My friends have bet
massive amounts of money. – I think he’ll do pretty good. He’s kinda smart, you know, maybe a 1400. – What did you get on the SATs before? – A 1550. – Going 1200. – I think you should get
at least a 1550 then. – So you think I’ve gotten dumber? – I think that you have lost brain cells. – Oh, no. – I’m just hoping that
Ned gets under what I got when I was actually studying for it. – Maybe I could get
a 1600, or… at least not embarrass myself in front of the entire
internet and all my friends. Guys ready, time to click get scores. C’monnnnnnnnnn!!! So I’m actually really
good at standardized tests. Where did I go to college? – Yale. – Yale. Even though in high school
I did really on the SATs, – Yale. I as an adult have come to realize that they’re kind of dumb. Why do kids spend so much time studying for these dumb tests? – Yale. – I guess so. – Because they’re kinda
mandatory to go to college. – We put so much pressure on this test. When have I actually used
the SAT skills in real life? First of all, if I’m taking the SAT, I gotta look like a high schooler. So this beard has got to come off. (upbeat caper music) It’s 7:30 PM, the night before the SAT, and I realized I don’t have
any number two pencils. So I’m going shopping. Where the (beep) are
the number two pencils? Nobody sells them anymore. Cookies and crackers, I
know I need some snacks. Boom, got some Oreos. It’s for the studying. Where are the school supplies? (thinking music) It’s for the studying. (gasp) There we go. We got the number two pencils,
let’s go baby, let’s go. The thing about standardized testing is, it’s kind of about how
well you know the test, and if you practice, you do a lot better. It says if you practice for 20 hours, your score will increase 115 points. I’ve got 11 hours, and I should
be sleeping for most of it. I asked Twitter how I should practice, and most people said I
should practice drunk. Here’s the first one, let’s go. If the equation y equals
one-sixth time x plus 12 were graphed in the xu-plane, which of the following
statements would be true of the graphed line? What? I only barely remember
what all of this does. Okay, okay, okay, okay,
okay, well you got this, you got this. Slope is the number in front of the x, so, slope is one-sixth. Pretty sure the answer is C. Perpendicular would
have a different slope. Okay, it’s C. (ding) C, slope, yes. Okay, next question. (dog squeaky toy) – Uh-oh. Bean, you’re distracting me. P equals 45,000 minus 1,000. Oh, 1,000 times m. People start to leave the stadium at the end of a football game. The number of people that
are left in the stadium m, after m minutes of the
game is given by the equation. How many people were
present when the game ended, but before people started to leave? What? I’m already confused. Hmm ugh. M minutes after the end of the game, okay. So, when the game ended, but
before people started to leave, that would mean, m equals
zero, so that’s 45,000 people. (ding) Put it on the board,
let’s put it on the board. (dog squeaky toy) Deniz had a full gallon of milk. Okay, way to go, Deniz. She poured out four cups of milk. What? What are you doing
with all of this milk? There are 16 cups in one gallon. What percent of the
original volume is left? Well, that’s easy, 75%.
Is it a trick question? (ding) It’s D. It’s D! The answer is D! Yes, Bean! Yes, Bean! I love math, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like once you’re an adult, you don’t use any of this math. Drinking’s bad kids. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! An anthropologist studies a woman’s femur that was uncovered in Madagascar. To estimate the woman’s height, he uses the equation
h equals 60 plus 2.5f. Ugh, I need a snack for this one. Hmmm. The equation itself is pretty simple, but I cant’ do it quickly enough. Okay, I got it. 160 equals 60 plus 2.5f. Minus 60 from both sides. Easy, hundred equals 2.5f. 100 divided by 2.5 equals f. Uhhh, what’s a hundred divided by 2.5. I need a calculator for that. Okay, well a hundred
divided by three would be, roughly 33. So, a hundred divided by 2.5
is something higher than that. This is embarrassing, I’m
like not even drunk yet. Okay, 40 times 2.5 is a hundred. F equals 40, so f has
to be greater than 40. (ding) I’m doing too good. I need another shot. (coughing) Oh, no, radians. I’m sorry, what the [beep] is a radian? I’m starting to get a
little drunk right now. Ugh, I don’t know the answer to this one. I don’t member what a radian is. I would just be guessing. (buzzer wrong answer) Oh, the formula for the
length of a circular arc is s equals r theta, of course. I’m getting fatigued just
doing a couple of questions. I’m gonna have to do this for four hours. (laughing coughing) As Marta built a square
fence around her garden… I mean, this one at least seems
relevant to someone’s life. I would wanna know how much my fence cost. Joelle plans to sell two types of balloons
at her charity event. Oh, my god. The radius, oh god. (dog squeaky toy) I feel like in high school, I would’ve been all over this question. Have I gotten dumber? (laughing) Well that was exhausting. Now it’s time to move on to
something a little easier, reading. Take this quiz. (groans) Oh, my god, I have to read all this crap? Bean, hold me, Bean. I need some puppy. Oh, the social contract
should increase the well-being and liberty of every citizen. Definitely D then. Alright, here’s another one. I’m not gonna read this one. I’m just gonna say I would be guessing. Uh, here’s the real thing. This would still be pretty
hard, even if I were sober. Okay, so what he’s basically saying is, majority rules. Right? (dog squeaky toy) (grunting) (groaning) Good morning test takers. Definitely a little
bit hungover right now, but coffee. This makes me look like a high schooler. Here are your Ned’s keys to SAT success. Step one: be dressed for success. Check. Step two: Get a good night’s sleep. Did not do that, um still here though. Step three: eat a quality breakfast. Damn, look at that, unh. I spent too much time eating breakfast. Now I’m running late. Where are my keys, got my
keys, oh they’re in my hand. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Jesus Christ, I feel like an idiot. Went to the wrong gate. This is getting dire. I’m wandering around this high school. I cannot find where the test is. Found it. There’s a line of people. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. Probably cause I’m taking the
SAT at an actual high school. Okay, keep a low profile. Oh, shit. I’m about to walk into my testing room. Gotta put my phone away, so wish me luck. Test is complete, and I got rocked. That is such a long time to focus. It’s like four hours of
non-stop hard thinking, and concentration. For a lot of these kids,
this test is super important. – I think at the end of the day, the SAT is a measure of intelligence, but it’s not the only
measure of intelligence. Certainly not the only
measure of your worth. It doesn’t bear any real say on where you’re gonna end up in life. Cause you never know. – I did decidedly bad on
standardized tests, so. – Yeah. There are so many more
things that make me who I am, than how I do on a stupid test. Kids are putting so much pressure
on themselves to do well. That’s messed up. – Show us the results! – Alright, let’s go to the results. I got an email this morning,
it made me very freaked out. From the college board. I actually had to call my
mom to get my login info. Guys ready? – Yep – Time to click get scores. Let’s do the score reports. Oh, I have to login, okay. Login is Nulmer. – What’s the password? – Nuh-uh. – My wife. – Ready. – Yep. – (groaning) – It should just be giant numbers. – Ah, haha, the big giant numbers. – [All] Oh, hohoho. (cheering) – 1500! I’m going to the
college of my dreams! -Wait so I as an adult… As a 30 year old man… did better than you as a high schooler? -Yeah, absolutely. -And we have the same job now! -Yeah so ya know… -So it doesn’t matter guys!

100 thoughts on “Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

  1. Dude I was so nervous for you and I’ve already taken it. You kinda make me wanna take it again. I got a 1390 and now I feel dumb but I guess you are a pretty smart cookie. Also no offense to those who score lower. People are never satisfied until they’re like 80.

  2. 3:28 isn't the answer B? 12y = 2x +3 => y = (1/6)x + 1/4. Same slope different y int, parallel.

    C has a negative slope. so same "slope" i guess but sloping the opposite way

  3. ngl most people don't study all that hard for these tests, at least at my school. Sure I know a few people personally, the valadictorion of my class, and they studied and insane amount, but that's one person. The average person only studies by taking a class or by the PSATs they were given by the school.

  4. Im sorry to say this but i think SAT is a little easier at math & science than standardized test here in Indonesia.

    Not to offense but because we separated Science Study and Social Study so the test is basically really focused to different goal.

    There's a minus point for wrong answer and you only have limited time to finish the question and oyu dont even get the scratch paper so you just scratch the calculation at test paper.

    And then you not just worry about your score but also worry about the competition with other.
    I just know now that SAT was not about High Thinking Order question with high risk high pay, and more like Get Right Answers As Many As Possible.

    Not that people who have high SAT not smart, obviously they are. But SAT is too general to be used as way to get into specific higher education from my opinion.

  5. As a 5th grader who will take 5th grade STAAR in around 6 months, this is confusing the heck out of my little fist-sized brain.

  6. You don't use any of the math if you work for buzz feed as an adult…. but actually apparently you do because you shot this video for your job and are using the math in it.

  7. You can actually figure out the radian question without that formula if you understand what a radian is. A circle is always 360 degrees, in radians this is 2π; so, to get the answer you can find the ratio of the angle of the sector to the angle of a full circle, divide the arc length by this percentage, then plug that into the formula for circumference and solve for radius. But like that takes too long just memorize the formula

  8. It's all about $$$. The higher income parents can afford to give their kids better resources and generally attend better schools to study for this. It has nothing to do with potential or intelligence. The system is working the way it was meant to.

  9. I was aiming for UNT so I just didn't take the SAT and went to a community college until I had enough credits to transfer. It didn't affect anything in terms of time or money. I'm still on track, spent less money and didn't have to take the SAT. This loophole doesn't apply to everyone.

  10. so how does the SAT even work? in aus our overall year 12 mark is the culmination of assessments throughout the year and our final exams. Is the SAT the only measure of your ranking at the end of senior year?

  11. The scores in the end are definitely fake, looks like some inspect element sorcery. There's no way you can get a 770 in math without knowing what a radian is. 770 means you missed 3-4 questions. Without knowing what a radian is and being hungover those scores seem unbelievable

  12. Gotta disagree with Zach. I don't think the SAT is a measure of intelligence AT ALL. It's definitely a measurement of ability to memorize and process and all that, but you don't have to be intelligent to do well or not intelligent to do poorly. It's definitely overblown, I remember freaking out about taking it 20+ years ago (god I'm old) and now my kid feels like his entire future is going to be decided by one test. It's ridiculous. It's not a valid way of measuring your ability to learn, and most of the crap on it has no basis for your future. And if something on it does happen to be something you do on the reg? I guarantee you that you learned that shit again in college. Standardized testing has become the ability to take tests and pass them, not a measurement of your ability, and never a measurement of your intelligence.

  13. without sounding like one of those pretentious people who hate on America, but the SAT math is incredibly easy. Majority of the stuff in it is considered basic knowledge in Australia, a country with an already fairly poor educational system. Majority of the questions would not even qualify as content knowledge in the final, or even 2nd last year of our high school.

  14. im pretty sure the answer to the very first question is wrong. A graph of x +6y = 18 would have a gradient of -1/6 not 1/6..! so unless by some weird use of language slope is the magnitude of the gradient that is not true.

    The correct answer is B
    12y = 2x + 3
    can be rearranged to
    y = 1/6 x +1/4
    which is parallel to original

  15. “Kids are putting so much pressure on themselves…”

    Kids.KIDS! Let me correct you there! It’s the adults! They keep going on and on about how if I don’t raise my ACT score by at least 3 points I’m not going to do well in life and have to work at a fast food restaurant on minimal wage!

  16. Shocking that these guys are liberal as all get out, and yet somehow they're still willing to go to Yale despite their "white male privilege", and then talk about how white male privilege is horrible. The hypocrisy makes me laugh.

  17. My god, I thought European exams were awful ( though useful depending on the subjects you plan to take) , but is this seriously a measurement of your Intelligience and what you base your university applications off of? Ridiculous… what a shit exam.

  18. i think it is super funny how one of neds things is to eat a big meal for breakfast and im here wakeing up 25 minutes before my bus and the sun doesnt come up till 2nd mod

  19. These questions seem very easy as compared to the ones I had in my exam to get into college. Is the whole exam like that?? Or does the difficulty come from the limited time available??

  20. the first question at 3:30 just isnt right ?? the answer was b not c the slope for the equation is 1/6 and c it would be -1/6 i even put this in desmos to make sure i wasnt an idiot and b is true c is not

  21. i did so well on the SAT and now i have no idea what any of that math means at all. just know you won’t need most of that shit if you’re planning on being an architect

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