Writing Your Assignment – Skills Workshop

Writing Your Assignment – Skills Workshop

Welcome to skills development team at
the University of Wolverhampton this is our quick guide to writing your
assignment In this session we are going to look at how to analyse an essay or assignment question how to plan your assignment and how to write in an academic style before we start it’s probably worth
bearing in mind the features of a good academic essay first it might seem obvious but a good
academic essay answers the questions set it allows you to demonstrate your
understanding that the subject not just your knowledge but your ability to apply
to apply that knowledge a good academic essay would also be well argued with fully referenced evidence when you first get your assignment briefing spend some time thinking about the
question, read it, go away think about it, come back read it again make sure you are really clear about what
the lecturer is asking you to doing in this assignment one way to do this wanting to do this is to try rewriting the question in your own words this also helps ensure that you answer all of the question and don’t just concentrate on one part and forgets about another one way to understand the question is to
break it down into sections try to identify subject words what is this assignment about then look for focus words what particular part of the subject does
the lecturer want you to concentrate on and then finally look for a task or directive words what does the lecture actually want me
to do to they want me to be discriptive, analytical or critical Okay lets have a go at breaking down this assignment title take a couple of minutes to have to look
identifying the subject, focus and task words Okay in this assignment the subject words are global warning the lecturer would like you to concentrate or focus on the principal causes of global warming they not so concerned with things such as
the effect of global warming finally what they lecture wants you to do is to
discuss you should not have fairly clear idea of
what the question is? what the lecturer wants from you it’s know time to start getting some of
your ideas down on paper students use lots of different ways to
get their ideas down on paper some might use spider diagrams, mind maps, question banks in a question bank you formulate a list of questions that you hope yor assignment will address Getting you ideas down on paper helps make sure that your clear about
what you are going to include in your assignment, what further researching you might
need to do and also helps you think
about how you might structure your essay now do you have a clearer idea about the
information you need for your assignment you need to think about where you might
look for this information books provide an overview and an introduction to a subject you can identify suitable books using our library
lively catalogue Summon journal articles are more specific more detail treatments of the subject
area they often assumue some prior knowledge you can identify suitable journal
articles by using our library catalogue Summon or our A-Z database list you might also want to use information
from the internet if you do this being very careful that the information
you chose is of an appropriation academic
standard You should know be ready to start the
writing process you might want to start by writing some outlines for each section use subject headings under these headings write notes If your lecturer tells you how they would like their assignment structured then follow their instructions if not this is a fairly standard way of setting
out an essay introduction normally only about ten percent of your words sets the scene outlines the areas you will cover and allows you to showed that you have
understood the question the main body of the essay builds the points of your arguments and provides examples and evidence as
support for your argument it’s made up of the number of paragraph
each paragraph should deal with one main point and similar information should be
grouped together the conclusion again about ten percent
of the essay should provide a summary of the arguments or main points in your essay it should relate back to the question
and should introduce no new information paragraphs are the main building blocks
of essays it’s useful to think of paragraph as a
mini essay with an introductory sentence, the main
body of the paragraph and then a concluding sentence in this example the introduction
sentence states that gold is prized for two
reasons the main body of the paragraph goes
on to describe the two reasons and includes examples for both and the final sentence summarises the two reasons for
gold’s value all ideas that you use in your work should be fully referenced correct referencing ensures you
are being honest and courteous and acknowledges the work of others referencing also adds to the credibility
of your work by showing that your ideas are based on
the academic work of others it also allows you to demonstrate the
breathe of your research referencing also allows your readers to look at the work you have based your
ideas on all ideas that you use most be referenced even if you have paraphrased or
summarise them further details are correct referencing are available on our web pages academic writing is about communicating
your ideas so the language you use should be clear
and concise you don’t need to use long uncomplicated
words academic textbooks and journal articles
provide examples of the type of writing your lecture is expecting
from you spelling typing and grammatical errors
can lose you marks make sure that you allow enough time to
proofread your assignment the best way to proofread is to print it and read it out So in summary when writing an
academic essay you need to make sure that you
understand the question be real clear about what the lecturer wants you to do keep your answer relevant to the question plan your essay a good plan is essential
to a good academic essay used appropriate academic language make sure that your essay is reference
correctly allow yourself time to fully proofread
your work if you’d like more helpful support please come along to one of our
workshops weekly drop ins send us an email to [email protected] or visit our website at www.wlv.ac.uk/skills

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