WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 – WikiVidi Documentary World Chess Championship 2018 The World Chess Championship 2018 is an upcoming chess match between the reigning world champion since 2013, Magnus Carlsen, and challenger Fabiano Caruana to determine the World Chess Champion. The 12-game match, organized by FIDE and its commercial partner Agon, will be played in London between 9 and 28 November 2018. Candidates Tournament The challenger is the winner of a double round-robin Candidates Tournament with eight players, which was played in Berlin, Germany, on March 10–28, 2018. Previous head-to-head record Prior to the match, until March 2018, Caruana and Carlsen had played 32 games against each other at classical time controls, out of which Carlsen won nine, Caruana won five, with 18 draws. The most recent game was finished with draw on 31 March 2018 in Germany during the 2018 Grenke Chess Classic. Organization and location The match will be held under the auspices of FIDE, the world chess federation, with the organisation rights belonging to Agon, its commercial partner. After the World Chess Championship Match 2016 FIDE was reported to announce an Asian venue for the match during the presidential council in spring 2017. Japan, Singapore, South Korea and London were announced to be the host candidates. In November 2017, London was revealed as the host. Alternative logo The official website describes the provocative ‘alternative logo’: “Key visual for the 2018 World Chess Championship is controversial and trendy, just like the host city.” It shows two figures with overlapping legs holding the chessboard in between them with overlapping arms holding chess pieces, and received criticism for appearing to be “sexy”. [ Visit or browse the channel ]

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