World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen vs Ukraine GM Pavel Eljanov- Losses game in 24 movel GM Chess l

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen vs Ukraine GM Pavel Eljanov- Losses  game in 24 movel GM Chess l

Today I’m gonna show you that how World Chess Champion Carlson losses a game in only 24 moves This game was played between Ukraine Grandmaster Pavel Eljanov and world chess champion Magnus Carlsen at world blitz championship in 2010 To know how white makes a plan to defeat the world chess champion. Stay tuned until the end and keep watching GM chess Hello chess friends and YouTube lovers I am Gowtham And if it’s your first time on this channel and you want to know more stuffs about chess and to improve your game Click the red color subscribe button below to follow me and you will get regular chess related videos of mine Also, press Bell icon for instant notification. Okay, the game starts like d4 Knight f6 c4 e6 Knight c3 nimzo-indian defense Bishop b4 Queen c2 Carlsen castles at this point a common move from this variation e4 centering all his main pawn for attacking game d6 idea behind Carlsen to play d6 for exchanging pawn on e5 and occupying the center squares now pavel plays a3 Carlsen is forced to capture Knight nor he loses his bishop. By Bishop f5, b4 Bishop d6 c5 dxc5 dxc5 black bishop trapped Back to position. So here Carlsen captures knight on c3 Bxc3 now Carlsen executing his plan e5 but pavel plays Bishop to d3 b6 open ups away for bishop to control the diagonal knight e2 Looks well placed Knight Bishop to a6 targeting weak pawn on c4 white castles Carlsen plays Knight d7 Collapsive move at 4 look at the position now all White’s main pawn on 4th rank Controls main squares in the game black position is backward and playing defensive game knight c6 rook to f3 targeting to attack on casting side Knight a5 first attacking move by Carlsen Fxc5 open up way of F rank Fxc5 but Pavel had different ideas Instead of saving upon my Queen to a2 developing his Knight to g3 Bishop cuts c4 at this position Carlsen games at plum, but unaware of mating thread Knight f5 exploring his plans Carlson plays King to h8 to avoid from mating rook. H3 developing more pieces towards casting side Bishop cuts t3 Queen cuts d3 Knight be three forking rook and Bishop pavel punishes the Carlsen by playing Queen to g3 To prevent from mate Carlson is forced to play Queen f6 Note g6 is not recommended because Queen III lates forest bathing sequence By G cuts f5 Queen to h6 a threat of checkmate on h7 square Knight f6 is forcefully played now Bishop to g5 Absolutely a winning game for white Back to position. So Carlson plays Queen f6 Bishop g5 Carlson is forced to play remaining games queen g6 nighty 7 Queen cuts e4 to maintain a diagonal rookie one making the Queen to walk around the board Queen C to D cuts e5 a key moved to prevent a Knight to f6 square root to e8 Queen h4 as Purchase engine analysis Rickettsia 7 is the best move by Bishop? Kutzia 7 the Carlson plays de Knight to c5 rook to f1 gives support tonight for blocking the diagonal Night II 6 counter attacking his Bishop Knight f5 Carlson resigns at this point Because after Knight cuts g5 Queen cuts g5 black is forced to give his queen to prevent from checkmate Queen cuts f5 leads a winning game for white instead of Sacrificing his Queen if black plays g6. It is a instant checkmate through Queen f6 Check King g8 Queen g7 checkmate. I hope you had enjoyed the video You can also suggest your friend to watch this video by sharing this video If you have any questions and queries, please post them on comments Click the channel icon to subscribe my channel You can also watch my best playlist videos by touching any of the videos here If you want more videos chess puzzles and chess tricks. Follow me on Facebook Instagram or Twitter Thanks for watching

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