World Champion’s technique | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Xakka

World Champion’s technique | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Xakka

So let’s go, I’m playing
against an IM from… no an FM from Yemen. And we are off. Think I had this position in an earlier
banter blitz in both white and black. In general, not the most
critical way of playing against the fits but I guess that… little extra central control
still counts for something. So bishop e3 I suppose. If ed, I’m going to take with
the bishop since knight d4, knight c5 looks a little bit awkward. So in case of now knight c5,
I have fe5 with bishop c5 with a very nice position. And this one looks like it’s just
begging to be driven away with f4. Knight c6, I have a nice
square for the bishop on f2 and I’ll try to continue with g4 and
then either bishop h4 or knight g3, something along those lines. And claiming that my space
advantage means something. Yeah h5 is… is a sensible response. Thinking I should go with knight d4 now
since g4 is not on the table any more. Another round for my pieces. I’m not loving it though since
he has bishop d7 to c6 later on. He probably should have
gone bishop d7 immediately because this I don’t especially
like for him. I think his… Yeah his pieces are a bit awkwardly
placed. Question is can I exploit it? I can go queen to d4. Probably should play queen
f6 and I retreat… in sending knight d5 but hmm
maybe that’s not much there. Okay I’m going to try it anyway, see
if I can misplace some of his pieces then the idea is to try to induce
knight b6 to prevent knight d5 then I will go b3 and claim
the knight that is misplaced and then he still struggles to… find good squares for the pieces. Yeah he does have this though. Quite tempted to go e5 but
I cannot really see the… follow ups. I’m just going to go
rook to e1 instead. Now if bishop c6, I’m thinking
maybe e5 is an option. I feel like I’m already thinking way too
much in terms of forced moves here. But… I’m not sure my position
is really that promising if I… if I just did nothing. Yeah. They came with queen to e7
then bishop c6 maybe queen c5. I can then play queen f2 to
force a slightly better ending. In general, I have
bigger goals than that. Queen e3 is more precise. Choices, I’m thinking queen f2
then he takes, rook f2, bc6, rook f6 would be nice. Lines like rook e5, rook g6 are probably
good for me but he has knight d7, rook c6, knight e5 and there’s
a really nasty fork on… Somewhere but one thing’s for sure that I cannot keep spending
so much time, it’s just… yeah it’s too much. So I’m going to try to force matters. Now if rook e8, I’m banking on knight
e2 threatening knight d4 and knight f4. I’m not convinced by
my own play at all. Yeah this one I don’t think
is very good though. It’s just walking into everything. Hmm still has king h7 maybe.
Queen h6, king g8 okay. Yeah finds the best moves. Do I have… I think I’ve spoke a lot. Rook e2, does that work?
Nah I don’t think so. So I have to rely on
my technique instead. c4 is dumb, he doesn’t
want to go to d5, he wants to go to e5 which
he realises of course. I have to say he is not playing badly.
Well that was a bad move. It’s a general rule of thumb that with
two rooks against rook and a bishop and a rook or rook and a knight,
you should almost never exchange. Exchange rooks with the weaker side. Then the remaining minor piece
will usually be pretty helpless against a rook and I don’t think
this case is any different. Now it’s completely hopeless. Yeah that was a pity.

69 thoughts on “World Champion’s technique | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Xakka

  1. The position was balanced until Xakka played Qe6. Indeed, after that Cf5 (instead of Magnus" Cd5) was crushing. But hey, easy to say that from outside

  2. Why you go batshit crazy thinking you can overrule democracy and set the conditions for the WC match. It dosent really work that way you diva

  3. Once he got the the end game, the guy's brain imploded and he panicked, knowing Magnus is an endgame master.

  4. Does he have some sort of "if opponent plays this move, do this move"-function in the software? The speed he responded to 4:52…

  5. Good game, agree with Magnus on next exchanging the rooks, I was taught do not exchange any pieces if possible when you are losing, of course forced moves is another matter.

  6. @ 7:28 in the video, knight f5 / queen h6, on his move why wouldnt going queen g7 work for him? what am I not seeing?

  7. lol he saw a nasty Knight fork coming 12 moves ahear, while my 50% of my loss in blitz is 1 move ahead Knight bitchy jumps.. i hate this piece

  8. For us beginners it's a work of art seeing how he misplaced his opponent's pieces. The knight and the queen out of position just because of two simple but irritating moves.

  9. I love the general rule he gave at the end of the game, I need to know more, something like, knights belong in the centre

  10. A genius considers a movie that i don't think is such genius. qd4 retrieving queen if qf6 intending nd5… man those are the kind of ideas i come up with. what's so different about me and him?

  11. Imagine a game of strip chess between Magnus and Anna. As the game comes to an end, Anna lays back and purrs, "mate in one" #meow!

  12. I know the VERY VERY basics of chess. Basically, I know what pieces can go where lol….but I can't stop watching and listening to Carlsen's videos. Amazing lol

  13. The opponent looked disorganized more than 1/2 the game and even made the better move toward the end a couple of times, maybe time stress wore him down. Magnus's Knight n Queen play was beautiful.

  14. Carlen banter blitz's are the best chess lessons one can take for free. Just hearing his stream of thought as he plays has helped improve my own thinking over the board.

  15. When Magnus reveals his plan: "Knight C4…" Before I can visualize the knight there, he has named at least five other pieces,  possible squares for them and how the opponent would likely reply to that and once again I give up and just see what he does instead…

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