Woodturning a Modern Chess Set

Woodturning a Modern Chess Set

100 thoughts on “Woodturning a Modern Chess Set

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! I would make it if I can tell my wife we have to take a vacation down South ( that’s mandatory) for this chess set… Going to be tough since I don’t know how to play chess lol. Awesome work on the chessboard and all the pieces. Take care

  2. It seems that do not care much for keeping your fingers. You should use a cross cut sled on the table saw rather than having your fingers so close to the blade

  3. I love the video and your work… And especially when you translate the word for many languages including the Arabic ❤️❤️

  4. Some options for the lead fill. If you know someone who reloads his shotgun shells, lead shot is easy to drop in a small hole, or if you can find it, lead wool is very easy to use.

  5. Wonderful take on Tanguy's design. Excellent narrative.

    I thought if I were to try to turn these and add weights, the bases could be bored and threaded for turning on the lathe, then your pieces already have the holes in the base. Do you happen to have a website or blog with the patterns for these pieces? It's a little tough getting them off the video. It's just a very elegant, clean take on an already interesting chess set. Thanks.

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  7. Great job.
    You pronounced 'Rokh' in Persian (the rook) perfectly. It's a bit shallower 'KH' sound than Arabic or Hebrew. The Bishop I believe is called Elephant in Hindi and not Camel. Maybe they call it Camel in Arabic.
    I'm still interested to know how much you sell the chess board and now even the pieces.

  8. Your chess set is quite handsome as a modern design. Personally I prefer the traditional Staunton style chessmen , and I own a Civil War period chess set. I am making a Chessboard for a different set of chessmen of a Persian style. Liked your video it was well produced and the wood turning on the lathe was very good.

  9. Ratsu on todella hieno ! Moderni ja samalla ajaton muotoilu .
    Daami sana on ok, mutta shakissa ( ja Suomessa ) Kuninkaan puoliso on Kuningatar.

  10. I don’t know if you actually play chess? Because what you should consider is that some of those pieces are very similar to each other in many ways. This would be a distraction in a game with complicated placement. The pieces are not always looked at directly while analyzing a position, the shape of the pieces helps this thinking process. A player cannot spend any time interpreting a piece, that would be frustrating and would absolutely take away from the game. This is why game pieces are designed the way they are.

  11. Beautiful ! The arabic Translation for Rook is قلعه
    Not ملك(King)
    And the King is ملك
    Not حصان(horse)
    But really nice Work.. i Love it

  12. Awesome project! I'm new to wood turning and this looks not dificult at all, I was thinking about using another wood for the other color Instead of that black coat

  13. I'm not sure why you think you need the pieces bottoms to be those sizes I'm too lazy to get up and check my regulation sets for sure but I've used them enough to know that I definitely can't fit 4 pawns in a square on the board and I'd bet my ass that all the bottoms are the same exact size

  14. I am a chess player. Nice work, but I do not like the design of the pieces. I understand that is easier this way, but is too simple for a classy chessboard like this. They look unpleasant aestetically, kind of primitive acording to me. I believe also that there are also so impractical disadvantiges of this desing. In a official blitz game for a example, the players may need immediate recognision of the pieces. And here we have basically only rooks with different sizes and some of them has at most 1 distinctive feature. I also believe the classical styled pieces enable faster and easyer physical moving. And I personaly do not like this material on the bottome of the figures in blue in this case. I find it unpleasant on touch and do not understand why many chess sets have it.

    Excellent work of you, again. Just 1 thing away from perfect. The design.

  15. Great video really inspiring.I just want to point that the tour (castle) in arabic is called قلعة (wich means castle) but ملك is actually the word for King

  16. Pawn comes from the italian word "pedone" which means "someone who walks on his feet": in other words, the soldiers.

    6:52 I guess the word might be "rocca" which is the short name for "roccaforte" which can be translated into "fortress" or "stronghold".

  17. Making it from dark wood would probably have fitted better with the board but still a stunning set with perfect execution. Wood love to have a set like this in the future. 🙂

  18. You've done an amazing job. But the Hindi names for Knight and Bishop are swapped. A knight is घोड़ा (horse) and a bishop is ऊंट (camel).

  19. During Wood Shop in 9th grade we made chess boards. Never found pieces for it and it now sits in the mountain house that my father built without power tools. He was a wood shop teacher himself. Maybe I'll finish the board with turned pieces as you did. I was in ninth grade at the time and today I'm 56. Thanks for the motivation.

  20. Love your vids! I'm an avid chess player, as well. Love this French design! Suggestion: please consider changing the background music! I enjoy your commentary but the repetitive nature of this elevator type music is maddening. No offense, but it makes it hard for one to get through to the end! I may be alone in this assessment, so take it under advisement! Try some Baroque or classical music, some smooth jazz, or orchestral versions (wordless) of some contemporary pop standards. Be well! Keep making stuff!

  21. Beautiful work!
    Fun italian facts:
    – the queen is called in two ways: regina(queen) or donna(woman);
    – the bishop is called an alfiere, which means standard-bearer
    – the word you referred to as to be of inspiration for the word rook is probably rocca, which is a bit of a complicated word as it can mean rock, an elevated fortification (castle would be castello and fortress would be fortezza) or a generic fortified place, this word is also the root of the verb arroccare, which means to put in a protected or inaccessible position which in turn is the root for arrocco(the castle move)

  22. Thanks a lot for this awesome video! I am in the process of making a rather unique chessboard and was looking for inspiration for the chess pieces. This vid has given me some great ideas! Thanks again 🙂

  23. Really good work. Although the pieces look similar, they are smooth in form. I'm 50/50 on the pieces. Cool work.

  24. Thanks very much for this video! Excellent job on the production and the project itself! I also enjoyed the commentary on the naming of the pieces.
    And thanks for including shots with the dimensions of the pieces. Since I clipped those out for possible future review, i'll go ahead and list the times for each in case anyone else wants an easier way to quickly find those parts:
    Pawn (2:39), Rook (7:03), Knight (5:35), Bishop (4:29), Queen (7:41), King (9:36).

  25. I am in awe of your patience and astonishing creativity and skill. I had one questions: Did the pieces rattle when moved? Might a few drops of silicone adhesive or sand prevented this? Magnificent, museum-worthy work!

  26. This is stunning work sir I myself am currently working on a chess table. I to have waited pieces in the same fashion. My suggestion is a piece of anti slip shelf liner for holding the pieces while drilling them. Will save the skin on your fingers for sure!

  27. An additional bit of trivia about the rook. It was for a while also called a "castle" however, it was made confusing because of the move "castling" thus rook stuck.

  28. To add weight to some chess pieces I made, I used a large bolt in each one. Worked perfectly and added a nice heft to each piece. Looks fantastic btw!

  29. Interesting that the Bishop is called a Camel in Hindi. In Fairy Chess (variants of chess that utilize other pieces, board configurations, etc. — Wiki it) , the Camel is actually a Knight variant, which instead of moving 2,1, moves 3,1.

  30. It's beautiful, but (at least from the video's appearance) by using that black stain, you're losing the beauty of the wood grain that shows up in the white pieces.

    I would have used a darker stain, like a walnut, but still allowed the grain to make itself visible, while clearly still differentiating between the white and black.

    To each their own, mind you. Just making my two cents known. I'm sure you'll find it worth every penny. 😉

  31. Wow. i'm from Damietta and if you know most of people of this city are carpenters and i would say from my experience that is well made job you are artist

  32. Nice video, just to spread some information, you're right about the bishop being called a camel in hindi, but the text you added to the screen reads horse in hindi.

  33. Why…Yes I 'wood'!
    If I could do what you can do, Yes I would make this set.
    It's beautiful! Thanks for the video!

  34. Fantastic work. So many videos on YouTube of people doing shoty work that looks nice now, but will not stand the test of time. This will be around long after all of us.

  35. Love that you explained the history of the pieces. I've wondered about the origins of them so this was great.

    Relative to the other pieces the rook makes no sense. A castle is stationary. A chariot or a boat make a lot more sense. This was great.

  36. Very nice but think the black staining ruined the set. A darker wood would have been better to contrast lighter set.

  37. I like your version over the Tanguy set. Less ambiguous while retaining the minimalist appearance. Your design has the added benefit that it could be made quick and cheap with pine, or lovingly with ash and black walnut. Well done.

  38. For the bishop in hindi you write the wrong name it should be a "wazir" "वजीर" thats a urdu word tough meaning Minister and/or advisor to king.
    It sometime refers to as a camel as well but that would be written as "ऊंट"

  39. When you say say you don't have pieces large enough to suit it (the chessboard you made). But the dimensions of that board fall within the range of an official chessboard, so one can buy official sized pieces winch would perfectly fit. I have them for example. I get the fun of making the pieces of course.

  40. Hindi word for Bishop is ऊँट।
    And For Knight is घोड़ा ।
    You wrote them just opposite.

  41. Sure, I would make it had I the tools, time and skill! Very nice job and result. The info about the piece names was a good thing to add. Also liked that you thought out the sizing of the pieces relative to each other and the board. Very important to chess purists :-). One thing I would change would be to use a half disk for the head of the knight, to fit into the slot, with the flat part on the top, and angled downward a bit. I think it goes better with the overall curvy theme of the set. I would also probably cut four crenellations in the top of the rook, although you could argue that violates the otherwise minimalist theme.

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