Wood Turning at Home – Rainbow Stained Bangles

Wood Turning at Home – Rainbow Stained Bangles

Hi Everybody so today I wanted to make some rings again and this time I wanted to make them into bracelets so I hope you enjoy the video lets see what happens Hi every body as you can see it is very dark tonight and I should really be going to bed but before I do go to bed let me explain what I made tonight today I have made three bracelets a green one a red one and a blue one and I used… a piece of wood and then I stained them different colours then I used the buffing system to buff them up so they look like glass thank you for watching see you next time, bye….

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  1. Vas a tener mas pulseras que una joyeria 😂👍🇪🇸
    Oye ponte mascarilla para trabajar el polvo es muy malo no te das cuenta y te hace mucho daño

  2. You're progressing really well Caitlan! If I could give you one bit of advice it would be to move your body more than your arms, shifting your weight from one foot to the other helps to keep the cut straight and smooth.

  3. Caitlyn, progressing forward on each project 😊looks beautiful and looking forward to many interesting projects from you. God bless 😊

  4. Nice work Caitlan, I'm enjoying watching your makes. I use those Chestnut stains too and I find the easiest way to put them on is by wearing surgical gloves and using a small piece of kitchen roll soaked in the stain.

  5. Ms. Caity'Did'it Again you such a joy to watch, seeing how creative you have become in doing your wood turning. 👍

  6. si me permites unas sugerencias creo que deberias amurar el torno a la mesa…y usar guante en tu mano izquierda

  7. I somehow did not get notification for this video. However you did a beautiful job. I've never seen them made on the lathe before until now. I was curious as to how you were going to finish the middle. Those are absolutely beautiful Cat! Nicely done.

  8. Wonderful job my dear lady . I do hope you can get inside so you will be more comfortable and safe. Keep up the great work. God Bless You

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