Woman with the longest legs – Meet the Record Breakers

Woman with the longest legs – Meet the Record Breakers

I Have the Guinness World Records title for the Longest legs and The Measurements are 130 2.8 for the Left Leg and 132 point two centimeters for the right Leg So Excited When i got this title first time When i hear this news i was driving a car and i almost crashes What is good about to have the World Wounded legs first of all long legs Is? Really Really Beautiful That’s That’s my opinion The Second Thing is it’s Very prestigious can I can Walk Much Faster Than Other People and I think a Lot of men They They Really like long legs and if you have longest legs in the World Wow? It also Helped me my basketball career i was Playing Basketball on the Really professional Level and I have bronze Medal from Olympic Games and It Was Pretty difficult to to Leave The sport Because It Was important Part of my life but I’m happy right Now to Change My profession to a professional Model Because It Was my dream since i Was 15 Years old and I’m Working As a Model Around One Year so i decided to apply for the Guinness World Records Title of Tallest professional Model I’M Really Happy That i got That title and My Measurements are 2 meters 5 Centimeters Point 16 There are a Few difficulties about having Longest legs It’s difficult to find Trousers it’s difficult to find Jeans it’S difficult to fit in the plane Especially if It’s not Emergency Exit and also it’S difficult to fit in the car but When i was a teenager i really Had the problems At School Some Boys like were teasing me and Girls also Everyone Was were teasing me but with the Titles of the World Tallest Model and Longest Legs i Would like to be an inspiration for the Girls who are not really confident about Their Height or about Their long legs Now i’m really so confident and so much in the place where i should Be and i’m really Happy To have the Longest legs in the World it’s Just a Feeling Maybe i don’t show it too much but it’s Just the feeling inside I wanted to get those Titles so much so i’m really Happy about it you

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  1. One of the reasons Ekaterina applied to Guinness World Records was because she wants “to be an inspiration to girls who are not very confident.” Full story: http://bit.ly/GWR-LongestLegs

  2. Am LEGendary all LEGS no dary Am LEGendary all LEGS no dary

    LEGS LEGS what's on the menu?

    LEGS LEGS what's on the menu?
    (Clap clap clap clap)
    L E G S

  3. She’s Russian and she loves @savko on tiktok the mini Russian guy and plus she wears heels which makes her more taller

  4. This is for the girl with the long legs.

    They tried to put me on the cover of vogue but my legs were too long every day is leg day Monday Tuesday Wednesday thighs calves all the way.

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