Whisper Challenge with Rosario Dawson

-Here’s how the game works.
One person puts on these headphones
with loud music playing, then the other person
picks up a card, reads the random phrase
on that card, and the person
wearing the headphones has to guess
what they just said. Rosario, you put
the headphones on first. -Okay.
-Yeah, here we go. Put them on.
And I’ll get this going. You can play this at home.
All right. Ready? -Mm-hmm.
[Music blaring in headphones] -Okay, good. All right, good. She can’t hear me.
All right, good. All right, good. Wow.
All right. Wow. Really? Wow. All right.
Okay, good. Here we go. -This is like anthem music.
It’s like… Am I yelling? -Yes.
-Sorry. Okay. Okay. -Flamin’ hot Cheetos. -Flip what chicone. What? -Flamin’. -Flippant? -Hot.
-Felipe. -Hot.
-Hun. -Cheetos.
-Flippin’ Cheetos. Flip-on Cheetos.
-Flaming. -Felipe Cheetos. -Flamin’.
-Flippant! -Flaming.
-Felipe. -Flaming. -Flaming. Flaming Cheetos! -Yes, yes, yes!
We get it. Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] Flamin’ hot Cheetos.
-Flamin’ hot Cheetos. -That’s good. That was great.
“Felipe.” [ Laughs ]
That was the best. Oh, my gosh. All right, bud,
it’s you’re turn. -Okay.
-We’re good. This is good. -Yeah, okay. Okay. Right? Right? It’s good. It’s good.
Okay. Ooh. Okay. Bungee jumping. -Bush! Bush stoppers. -What? Bungee. -Brush teeth. -That’s always good.
That’s actually a good thing. Bungee jumping. -Jumping!
Mexican jumping bean! -What?! -Sorry. I didn’t get it. -That was like
way too many syllables. -What were you doing?
-Bungee jumping. -Oh, my gosh.
-I’m a New Yorker. I can’t help myself.
I get very excited. -That’s what you’re doing to me. -Bungee jumping.
-I know. All right. -Bungee… All right. I’m sorry.
Let’s rebound. Let’s rebound. We got this. We got this.
-All right. We got this. Go, team.
-Mm-hmm. Daddy long legs. -Salad tall legs. What? -Daddy long legs. -Salad? -Daddy. [ Laughter ] -Give me more, give me more. [ Laughs ] Give me more. Wait. No. Oh, my God.
Is that bad? Okay, okay. -Somebody hold Cory back.
Somebody hold Cory back. Hold him back! Hold Cory back.
Hold Cory back. [ Laughter ] So sorry, Cory. Daddy.
-What’s the second word? -Long.
-Long? -Ah! Long.
-Long. -Mm-hmm. Legs. -Quake.
-Legs. -Thanks? -L–
-Lick. -Legs. -There’s a lot of tongue
happening, and I just — -“Daddy long lick”? [ Cymbal crash ] -I believe in you.
I believe in you. -Da– Da– D– -This is way harder
than it looks on the TV. -God. Daddy long legs. -Daddy long legs!
-Yes! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Indistinct shouting ] You did it! Fantastic! -Why did that sound weird to be
like I need more of that? -Dude, it was hilarious.
Oh, my God. It was the best. Oh, my gosh.
You are good at this. All right. Here we go.
Last one. Here we go. This is for all the marbles.
We can do this. -Oh. [Hispanic accent]
So, I have to say I had a crush on this man. Porque…
he’s just so fantastic. -Are you doing it now? -Si. I am, actually.
Okay, okay, I am. -All right. Sorry.
Here we go. -Antonio Banderas. [ Laughter ]
-Is it in Spanish? [ Speaking Spanish ] -Antonio. -[ Speaking Spanish gibberish ] -Banderas.
-Mascara. -Banderas.
-Mi gente. [ Laughter ] -Ban…
-Mal… -Buh. Buh.
-Mama. -Ban. Buh. Buh.
-Mah. Buh. Marble. -Banderas.
-Muh– Muh– You can’t do the — that. You gotta do it
without the “the. -Okay. Antonio Banderas. -Antonio Montana.
Say hello to my little friend. -That’s pretty good. Pero no.
-No. -Antonio Banderas. -I tell you… [ Laughter ] I c– What is it? -Antonio Banderas! -I don’t know how
I didn’t catch that one. It is very sexy, though.
It was very sexy. Rosario Dawson, everybody.
[ Cheers and applause ]

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