What’s inside a Magic Chess Board?

What’s inside a Magic Chess Board?

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  1. I ordered and PAID for this product in JULY via Indiegogo. Since then I have received NOTHING!!! Each time I email them for the situation about my order, I am told the SAME LIE AND BLATANT DISHONESTY, THEY JUST BRUSH ME OFF BY SAYING IT HAS BEEN SHIPPED, THEN THE NEXT EMAIL, THEY SAY "IT WILL BE SHIPPED TODAY". This DISHONESTY has ruined a special gift for a birthday present. You cannot reach anybody to speak to, so I am beginning to believe I have been SCAMMED!

  2. My dad has a really old chess board which is not automated in the same way but show you where you shall move its bricks by lighting two led's in the sides if the board when you play against it. And its like 25-15 years old so it has artifficial intelligence to i don't know how tho.

  3. This was an ultimate review on the chess set. I'm not confortable paying 400 bucks as the build quality is debatable. The wire harness connecting to the magnet moving around will eventually fail. The set is amazingly designed, but more comfortable with a $200 price. I'll wait for version 2.0.

  4. I just can't get over these videos of how they destroy stuff that people would love to have people that work really really hard in life I would love to get to their kids and these to sit here and destroy like it's nothing to them

  5. You set the board wrong the queen should keep he colour for white king on e1 and queen on d1 for black king on e8 and queen on d8

  6. Dude perfect has one of these from cool not cool in overtime. Speaking of dude perfect, you should meet with them in Texas

  7. They should do what’s inside a Nintendo switch (all the things that come with it). Tell me if you have one.

  8. I am currently the number five spot on my schools chess team and you guy saying it wrong and the wrong pieces names is TRIGGERING ME SO BAD

  9. Can you guys take things apart more carefully…? And take a look at the interesting parts? .-. It feels like this channel is more focused on breaking than examining.

  10. Why do you americans always destroy things in a bad way and title those as "learning". Reverse engineering is careful disassembling of parts and NOT using a hammer.

  11. Must be nice to have the money to buy that beautiful chessboard just to destroy it like that. Not even taken apart neatly so it could be put back together. Just destroyed. What a waste.

  12. Какие же вандалы… Ни цента уважения… Ни к шахматам, ни к создателям этой волшебной доски.

  13. If you don't know… it's manufactured by an Indian startup….🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 proud to be Indian

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