What to do in Thailand, Asia? Full action travel video /gopro in Thailand

What to do in Thailand, Asia? Full action travel video /gopro in Thailand

Where ist the music? Where do we go now? We are traveling out of Germany to Thailand She wanted 3000 THB and we gave her 1500THB Let’s go to Rrrailay Do he come with us? Where are we Jonas? Raialy Beach. Eastside. Whatch out that you don’t fall Sebi! The floor is shaky Realy Nice. Awesome Done We were scuba diving Mango Orange and Lime Johny what are you doing up there? Smells like…CAT You have to dance Jonas What are we playing for? Spider We are now playing mini-golf and the looser has to eat a spider (tarantula) for honor?! but not completely eat Alright just 50% ok nibble Oh no! Thats realy disgusting Sebi! You have to bro! The best comes last isn’t it?!? All because of minigolf and just one point DISGUSTING The question is: What to do with that kind of weather?! Sebi and I have a easy response We war rain coats and go hiking to that top Despite rain? Yes! See you on the top bro the rope is slippery as well! I just need one hand Bro for real! Be careful! Imagine you dont grab the rope, you grab a snake. Arw don’t tell me that bro! Now we can tell: We used the rain and went hiking down and up again HAHA Sebi WOW bro! Are you ok? 10 meters. Then we did it awesome slippery Bro what are we doing here? Just a few ladders Keep it safe brother! from here we came Sebi. We did it! We are in the lagoon After the rain we are getting closer to the paradise than yesterday Where are we going now? We are going to climb I take a shower here (sweaty) That was tough Nice bro How hard was it for you bro? From 1 to 10. Definetly a 10! Well done…for the first time it was great Now let’s get some dinner Very adventurous to get to the airport Chiang Mai bro Huu! Finally done! Let’s get some sleap Are we in chiang mai? Where are we Jonas? What are we doing today bro? We are goning to the elephants He eats a lot We need more bananas Let’s do it Today we are gonna ride to Pai with these two beauties This is my donkey So awesome bro! 125 km straight TRAVELBROS Let’s go to PAI my friends 😀 Let’s do it BRO. Let’s do it! Rrain-season WTF! that does not stop at all My shoes are full of water Where are we Sebi? We are in Pai Canyon Where are we bro? WILDWATER RAFTING That was awesome Brro AWESOME! Why are we so dirty? I don’t know We drove the atv’s really hard EXTREME What are we doing now? I don’t know He will demonstrate May I have your Passport please? Gate #2 Let’s go to Siem Reap my friend This way! Welcome to Cambodia It’s really hard to sum up this epic trip in words It was an epic trip with many things that we experienced for the first time We have made the best of this journey

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  1. Bööö Thailand, Ich liebe das Land 😍. Pattaya, koh phi phi, koh Tao- koh nang yuan und die Reise geht weiter. Cooles Video, keep it up bros.✌😁

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