What Percentage Does Snake’s Box Taunt KO At In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? (Omega Stages) [CC]

Of any taunt that does damage, Snake’s box taunt is probably the most used, especially for edgeguarding. The box has a large hitbox, falls somewhat
slowly, and can potentially KO anyone with a bad-enough recovery. So today, I will be showing percents at which
Snake’s box taunt will KO characters at the ledge on Omega Stages, from the lowest percent to the highest percent
in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Not the percent when they can no longer recover
back on stage, but the percent at which they’ll get eaten by the blast zone. First a few notes about this experiment: On most characters, Snake’s box can deal as
low as 1.9 percent and can ramp up to 3.7 percent. At point blank though, it usually deals between
2.5 to 2.8 percent. The KO percents shown are when the box KOs
at the maximum damage of 3.7 percent, With the exception of the Kooplings, Monado Shulk, Monado Kirby, and Wii Fit Trainer with Deep breathing, who will take more or less damage. Everyone will be hanging at the ledge, since
the box is usually most practical when edgeguarding. Sometimes Snake will be standing on a box (crate)
to help maximize damage. This is only to help maintain consistency
for this experiment. There is no DI or LSI involved The KO percentage will be the lowest percent
at which the character can no longer avoid the blast zone with their kit, no matter what
they do. I did test everyone thoroughly, but if there
are any inaccuracies or mistakes I made, feel free to tell me in the comments below. Cheers Everyone! And enjoy the video.

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