What Is ‘Nisargachi Dhamaal Shala’? | Paani Foundation School Project | निसर्गाची धमाल शाळा

What Is ‘Nisargachi Dhamaal Shala’? | Paani Foundation School Project | निसर्गाची धमाल शाळा

Nisargachi Dhamal Shala To overcome drought in Maharashtra for the last three years Paani Foundation has been organising the
Satyamev Jayate Water Cup. Through the medium of a training program,
thousands of villages have been imparted with the science
of watershed development. Gradually, the Water Cup became a people’s movement. Many villages effectively used this science to transform
themselves and become water-abundant. In this journey, school children were the most eager
and were filled with vigour. They spontaneously volunteered to help in this work. The children had a lion’s share in encouraging the villagers and increasing their morale. [WATER REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY REVOLUTION!] The enthusiasm exhibited by these little ones won the hearts of all. Inspired by these little ones, Paani Foundation
began thinking of what could be done to create more love for nature, environment and water amongst school students. A special team was appointed for this work. The team conducted a thorough study of many innovative, creative and unique learning methods. And as a starting point for this widespread program a workshop was designed for students of
secondary school, classes 7th, 8th and 9th. This program was implemented in some
schools on an experimental basis. What do all things need?
Water. The workshop has been an enriching
experience for the children. Children who were initially shy, soon opened up and began participating in every activity. Sometimes, they rolled with laughter and had great fun Sometimes they put in all their efforts to win a game. And at times they paused to reflect. Eventually through each of these activities the strength of the inseparable relationship between man and nature got deeply engraved on their minds. Now with the help of the Government of Maharashtra this program, the brainchild of Paani Foundation, will be run in a large number of schools across the state. This is an attempt at creating a sensitive
new generation that loves the environment and has learnt how to repay Nature’s debt. This will ensure that future generations will never feel the paucity of the many boons
that come as a free gift from Nature.

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  2. 👌👌👌everyone performance great work ……specially children's. Very nice. Children's are going towards nature is good for all.👌one step for fight against drought.great.👌👌

  3. Great initiative, this can be combines with "Happiness curriculum of Delhi Government" http://vikaspedia.in/education/education-best-practices/promoting-activity-based-learning-through-happiness-curriculum-a-delhi-government-initiative

  4. Thank you very very much for your very very good work! A wonderful excellent programme. Wish you all the best and full success all the way!

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