What is esports? | CS:GO vs Chess

What is esports? | CS:GO vs Chess

Can’t you go a little easy on that keyboard? You’ll break it if you type so fast. Tell at athlete to slow down when he’s running na Ma. Runners go fast because they are trying to win the race. You’re not going anywhere sitting in front of that computer all day. I’m trying to win as well! Win what? A shooting video game? Stop comparing video games to sports. Mom. This is a sport. How can you even compare that game to a sport. Mom, this is a combination of chess and football. It’s very similar to that. Gadhedo. Ok. Consider this. The game has 2 teams. One team is the Terrorists the other team is the Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorists have to plant the bomb and the Counter-Terrorists have to stop the Terrorists from planting the bomb or they have to defuse it. How is it that different from a goal keeper trying to stop a footballer from trying to score a goal But I still don’t see how it is a sport. Just because there is an explosive football involved. Real sports take skill, training and people actually make a career out of it. Actually, mastering this game and aiming well takes a lot of skill. Professional players dedicate thousands of hours of practice just on developing their muscle memory and improving their reflexes. Not only this, they put in just as much effort as about any other sport player. Also, as far as a career is concerned, take a look at this. Did you know that more people watch esports online than the watch the NBA on TV? That’s just one title. And not only this. Some esports tournaments has more than 3 times the prize pool of the IPL. That is India’s bigest Cricket League. But still, its just clicking rapidly and shooting people. Football is real physical excercise which is good for your body. Agreed. Esports may not involve as much physical activity as a conventional sport. But it does involve tons of mind games and mental exercise. Is moving your finger and sitting their all day good for your body? Would you call that physical excercise? So chess is not a sport? There are lots of strategic decisions that gamers have to take in split seconds. They need to do the math, calculate the risk and change their moves according to the game play of the opponent. In Chess and Football, both players have their units on…on an open battle field. You see the moves that your opponents makes and tailor your moves accordingly. But in Counter-Strike, you cannot. There are million different ways to set up ambushes and a million different ways of breaking through them. Positioning and flanking your enemy here is crucial. You’re right. Positioning is crucial. Just like different units in chess, every player on a team has a different role. The game has an economy system that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a weapon, while planning a strategy. You mean to say this game is Chess, Football and a Video Game at the same time? No. This is esports.

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  1. Really bro best video ever made for contributing towards ESPORTS . Thankyou for making this video 😍😍😍😍

  2. This was a recommended in my notifications…..I am stunned.. And would love more content like this..!!!! Tysm I'm a fan now.

  3. Finally I can start my esport career now tq for such a good vedio.and coz of this vedio my parents agreed to persue gaming as my career.again tq so much😊😊

  4. The very serious problem with our Indian gaming community is, pubg emulators. People are crazy watching those streamers playing on emulator and they don't even play other games. Indian streamers have to take some responsibility to step up and show their audience different games so that people can start playing other games and get good with it. They can even make their own professionals team to participate in international tournaments.

  5. Please Stream dreak hacks and all other events which have indian teams playing in them pls! You guys were our first destination for all Optic India vids and live matches, please do the same fot signify 2ez brutality etc.. Ie atleast top teams. Your commentaries were really goodl

  6. Thanks for this wonderful video I showed it to my mom and she was convinced to let me put more time in eSports. #csgoforlife

  7. going to show this to my parents about esports they just say get off that computer you will never succeed in it. btw this video needs more viewers!

  8. Very Awesome video, innovative, interactive but if you guys made it possible then I am a huge fan i big request is that please make a Hindi / Marathi version of this video if possible. It will be easier to explain this all to our parents in their mother-tongue… It will be really great / helpful and new as like no one ever made such awesome video in Hindi.. So please think of it and let me know….

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