What If The Titanoboa Snake Didn’t Go Extinct? – Part 2

What If The Titanoboa Snake Didn’t Go Extinct? – Part 2

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be replying to some comments you guys left us over a year ago in the video
titled what if the titanoboa snake didn’t go extinct
if you’ve yet to watch that video i’d highly recommend you do so it was
narrated by my good friend and co-host the lovely charlotte dobre and it’s
quite an interesting video you don’t want to miss in this video however I’m
not only going to be responding to some comments pertaining to the information
in the video but really any comment that piqued my interest in general this is
also why we recommend you guys leave us comments below on our videos you never
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let us know by giving us a thumbs up as well and starting us off here is a
comment from Rogelio Caro who wrote can you imagine when we go extinct then a
few thousand years later a future species makes a video about how if we
didn’t go extinct thankfully humans went extinct oh I have absolutely no doubt it
will happen we’re literally destroying our home and as humans our main instinct
of course is survival but many of us live for pleasure that’s why we don’t
think twice about our diet the radiation coming from our cellphones or the Wi-Fi
around us at all times and how majority of us behave in ways we know we
shouldn’t a good example would be using drugs and alcohol to cope with things
not to say everyone does this but I think at one point or another we’ve all
fallen under one of these categories I know I have to say the world would be a
better place without humans while as tough as it is to say I think it’s true
we’re at the top of the food chain so we go into nature and just take what we
want because we can fish animals even trees and plants for things ranging from
medicine to furniture as a race we’re quite wasteful but hey I’m not here to
lecture anyone to stop using straws or go vegan I eat meat all the time
sometimes multiple times a day and I like straws I mean I’m only gonna be
here hopefully for at least another 70 years so I’m just as much part of the
problem but is it really my problem or my future children and grandkids
problem and if they’re watching this I’m sorry guys but this one’s on you love
you black Viper gaming vvg said if titanoboa didn’t go extinct Steve Irwin
would have hunted one down and then kissed it and called it a beauty so when
I read this comment I literally laughed out loud and told the entire studio
about this comment when I first saw it because I thought
generally that funny maybe it’s only funny if you watch Steve Irwin growing
up but the man literally said this about every single animal regardless of how
dangerous it was and let me say his love and passion for animals was like no
other the day I learned of his passing I was truly heartbroken but to say the man
died doing what he loved couldn’t be more accurate either way I couldn’t
agree with his comment more because that man was fearless Noble X wrote titled
what if the titanoboa snake didn’t go extinct me then they’d still be alive
today roll credits based off of this comment I
could tell you’re the kind of person to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket and not
actually play the game to scratch the barcode part and scan it to see if you
won or lost there’s really no fun on that is there I mean sure if you win
it’s fun but the whole point is you’re playing a fun scratch off ticket game if
you’re going to just scratch the barcode off you might as well just get a regular
lottery ticket to bring it back to our video why watch a video explaining the
repercussions of an extinct animal living in today’s society when you’re
just gonna be satisfied saying if they didn’t go extinct they would be alive
now I get it I’m sure you were making a joke and it’s not that deep but I just
thought it’d be fun to poke fun too taco said I’m sorry today’s Tuesday so I got
to say Taco Tuesday taco said I personally find snakes cute I have a
ball python and a boa constrictor so I find that’s the case with most
people it’s either I love or hate kind of thing I don’t think I’ve ever met
someone who’s indifferent about snakes I mean I wouldn’t say I hate them but they
make me uncomfortable my brother has a corn snake and a ball
python so growing up I was in a house with two of them I got used to the ball
python beating on me and my fear I guess you could call it somewhat went away but
still when he feeds them mice or rats it’s quite the sight to see my brother
used frozen rodents because he didn’t want the poor things to be eaten alive
if they didn’t have to be but for the snakes to eat he’d have to shake the
frozen dead rat or mouse for the snake to strike the way these things would
literally stalk their prey and then at the snap of a finger jump at it with a
bite well wrap in its body around much like the titanoboa it really freaked me
out I get that’s how they do their thing but still trying to get a snake off you
could be hard even if you’re way bigger than it is
as you pull it off you its body gets straightened out of course but that
makes it even harder to get it off you because your limbs are only so long and
usually a full-grown snake is longer than your arms can stretch out I mean
depending who you are of course I think I’ll just stick with pet dogs as my
favorite will Schaefer said someone created dinosaur noises without ever
hearing them buddy you literally just ruined my day
I’m not joking man I haven’t stopped thinking about this comment since the
moment I read it seriously how do we know what dinosaur sound like and who
was the first person to claim to know what they sounded like and I also want
to know when that person determined that dinosaurs sounded a certain way why was
everyone else like oh yeah I totally know that’s right
like did nobody think to question it who made its decision this is absolutely
absurd and on that note guys we’re gonna wrap this one up don’t be surprised if
you guys see a video on our channel soon asking how do we know what dinosaurs
sound like and don’t worry we’ll I’ll shout you out again in that video too I
mean you didn’t really ask the question more so made a statement but it made me
ask the question so I’ll give credit where credit’s due because I’m genuinely
curious now how we know what dinosaur sounded like who determined this as
always if you guys enjoyed this type of video you got to let us know by giving
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72 thoughts on “What If The Titanoboa Snake Didn’t Go Extinct? – Part 2

  1. If the titanboa didn't go extinct then we could have a dramatic hungry beast feeding on the earth's lungs.

  2. They dont know what dinosaurs sounds like they just combine the sounds of different animals to find the closest sound that matches them

  3. Hi I just watched the cuthulu vs world serpent and you missed some things on cuthulu. Cuthulu is a lesser good is the mythos and the him on Earth is just his avatar. And the real cuthulu is a world eater around large planet to star size. Also Though the world serpent can wrap around Earth and has very deadly venom it won't have effect on a not consivable by anything weaker than it's self. Also Cuthulu has his star born young that can slowly eat the world serpent because there's so many of them. Also can you do world serpent vs nyrlethotep

  4. If titanboa didn't go extinct..? We human being would hunt them down until they go extinct.. We human beings are insane. what elses do u expect from us..

  5. The Steve Irwin comment was great! I think a majority of the world genuinely morned when he passed. His family has really done a good job keeping his spirit and legacy alive through their conservation efforts And just passion for animals in general.

  6. Through their fossilized sinus cavities bone structures. They don’t know for sure that’s exactly what dinosaurs sound like but based on what other animal sounds and their skull structure and things like that they can make a pretty decent guess.

  7. If Titanoboa didn't go extinct

    china will kill them and use it for medicine,circuses will use them and they will be killed for fashion

  8. Titanoboa exist

    People who like vore: Oh yes lets go outside in the swamp with some blood on and rae meat in our bodys 😀

  9. What if Jesus was black?
    Just to inform everyone reading I am in no way racist, I just think that it would be awesome to see what Jesus would look like black
    Leave a like for others to see this


  11. When I was a teenager me and friends would go out to the mountains near JPL in Pasadena and catch snakes usually garden snakes, but one I caught an 11 foot monster we named him Goliath because he was so much larger than the other snakes we found.Goliath was my favorite snake I had him for 3 years,until someone left the cage open and he got away. My Dad told me Goliath was probably someone else's pet that they turned loose or got away. Makes sense cuz he wasn't like the other snakes around here🐉🐍

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