Western Mud Snake

This is a mud snake. This is only the second one I’ve ever found. This is my first one in Missouri actually. And it’s a rare species here. Very large snake.
Look how beautiful it is, the pattern, belly pattern. Feeds on aquatic salamanders mainly.>>They’re never known to bite
and it is a semi-aquatic snake. It spends a lot of time in the water
looking for their aquatic salamander prey. This is sometimes called the hoop snake by locals. And they think that they will put its tail in
its mouth
and roll down a hill after you and will take its very, very pointy, sharp tail and pierce
or even pierce a tree and kill a tree. Totally folktale, never happens. The funny part of it is we don’t have hills in southeast Missouri
to speak of and so that’s a true folklore or myth. But it is trying to pierce its sharp tail point into
my skin
and it doesn’t even hurt; it won’t draw blood. Western mud snake.

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