Wesley So vs Eric Hansen BULLET Chess Match

Wesley So vs Eric Hansen BULLET Chess Match

there we go guys close the bullet with Wesley [Music] this is a Friday night stream so got to keep it fun right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’m busted here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] those nice okay – OH – I haven’t played any bullet today those side these thoughts are we gonna have to get ready stretch the muscles but anyways if you notice Wesley plays a lot different than a guy like naka and bullet Wesley plays very clean shots so he beat soon he really beat soon but I imagine one weakness of that might be [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I just gave up a bun and I can’t give up upon his Wesley very very strong converting [Music] [Music] open up the a file yeah this should be five [Music] check I’ve learned that that the move from all the people who did it against me yes that was dirty yes that was a bit dirty very dirty yes yes yes I am gonna be dirty I am a dirty I’m dirty shame shame shame shame that was me yes I just played the nastiest move I’ve done probably on this string yes yes you guys can play me that’s totally acceptable here guys it’s not something you should show your kids anybody know this was very nasty I admit phenomenal player 57 and Bishop takes b7 [Music] [Music] Wesley coming at me I think you know issues very well care for anything I feel like I’m getting pork [Music] I don’t know what to do [Music] [Music] [Music] like I’m getting mated here guys anybody who’s got that same sort of you

70 thoughts on “Wesley So vs Eric Hansen BULLET Chess Match

  1. Eric if you think about it, naka and Wesley are using you to train for the speed chess in the grand chess tour.

  2. bullet is just fun. no one especially top gms give a damn about it unless fide introduces bullet rating.

  3. Never thought Eric could stoop so low into the dirty underbelly of dirty chess. Especially against the likes of super GM Wesley So. #NoRespect

  4. I, too, would loose with that noise in the background. Screaming babies are more pleasant to the ear than that.

  5. eric is a pretty good bullet player its no surprise that he can beat these supergms i personally have beaten adaptation (fabiano ) in bullet in icc a couple times and i'm around 2200 fide i'm not even a titled player

  6. I remember a few years ago when you were playing pinguin on lichess and he did some dirty moves against you and you complaint for the rest of the stream. And your speech was something like "i never do this, i rather lose than win a game like this".. never say never dude :). Anyway, great activity on the channel lately. Thank you for the daily chesstosterone 🙂

  7. Hansen after 2 games, ok 2- o ,,,, I haven't played bullet today, lol no respect for #2 in world, seems like these days there is not even respect for world champs, everybody is own champ

  8. This music is jusjst annoying. if the intent is to make videos for people to like, you need to invest a bit more effort in professinal look, as this approach ' i jusrecord what i am doing and dont care' makes them look a bit childish

  9. Should we call you McNasty now? Slim Shady?

    The smile on your face was worth the entire video, but I thought you were the kind of guy who frowned on pulling such shenanigans?

    But – you were calm, too, huh? Yeah!! Now do that to Naka!

  10. "(Wesley's) style is too positional for bullet…. he needs to play less perfect chess but one that sets more awkward problems for his opponent…" GM Hikaru Nakamura

    Naka was commenting on the bullet match between Petrosian and Carlsen on chess.com, i replaced Petrosian with (Wesley)

  11. People should stop complaining about dirty play especially from 8:36 onward.
    Wesley simply blundered, he should have played Rxh6 + instead of c8. Then he started moving like crazy with his king. Of course Eric is more experienced in bullet, it is not dirty play to take advantage of your opponent's frenzy.

  12. Dirty or Not. Westly was premoving way too much and Eric caught him on it. End of Story… It's 1 0. Anything goes.

  13. LOL I love people who talk like they never tried to sack their pieces or continuously check in order to flag their opponents or to simply win pieces outright because they know their opponent is premoving. In the game Eric knew Westly was premoving in the time scramble so he just grabbed the free pieces. If you can't understand this you shouldn't be playing or even commenting about 1 0. Yeah just leave instead of complaining in the comments….Thanks!

  14. Wow Eric you play Chess like in da Club….. Full of music party..and you still focus and concentrate The game… Unbelieveble

  15. that song at the 5:00 mark. Every time the beat hits I can hear King F2 in a robotic voice. Anyone else or is it just me?

  16. I am amazed at Wesley's move at 1:44, d5, which gives the Queen a pivot square on e3, preventing Rh3 from trapping it.

  17. OMG I knew the chessbrah's have great chess content – but another thing they have is AMAZING background music – spectacular!

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