Weekly Recap #373 August 16th – Apex Legends, Elsword, Conqueror’s Blade & More!

Weekly Recap #373 August 16th  –  Apex Legends, Elsword, Conqueror’s Blade & More!

Season 5 of ring of elysium brings in all
new armored vehicles, Elsword revamps more characters and gear in volume 3 of it’s RE:BOOT
update, APEX Legends kicks off the Iron Crown Collection Event and auto chess games never
had a 4v4 battlemode… well until now! Whats good everyone! JamesBl0nde here with your weekly recap for
gaming news and announcements for the week of August 16th, 2019, First up, Rampage Games revealed a new MOBA
optimized for controllers this week known as Genesis. Players will enter a battle between the gods
and mankind in a futuristic world as teams of five fight to destroy one another and control
the battlefield. 28 original heroes will be available with
plenty of character customization options. Genesis will also feature a single-player
story as well as a cooperative conquest mode. Genesis is live now on Playstation 4 in both
Europe and North America. Might be worth a look. Likewise, Mythgard, the upcoming urban fantasy
CCG revealed this past week that they’ll be moving from Alpha status into an Open Beta
on September 19th, 2019! The game features a unique blend of futuristic
technology and mythical beasts, which hopes to create a unique CCG experience. Mythgard features a single player campaign
as well as multiple ways to earn daily rewards so that every card in the game can be earned
for free. It’s also worth noting that the game will
undergo a server wipe at the end of the Alpha phase so all players will be starting from
square one when the game transitions to open beta. In mmo news, Perfect World Entertainment had
a new update hit PC this past week for Neverwinter called Uprising! This new update has a new playable race in
the Gith, a race who are locked in eternal combat with the Illithid. Halaster Blackcloak demands retribution on
the adventurers who occupied his domain in an all new End Game 10-Player Trial. New PVP gear and a new PVP map make their
debut in this update, alongside a rework of Protector’s Enclave. The early game experience for Neverwinter
has also been reworked, and the Appearance System also received an overhaul. The hope is that these changes will make playing
new characters simpler and more fun for both new and returning players. For the full breakdown, check out the link
in the description below. Next up, Conqueror’s Blade announced that
Seasons will be coming to the game beginning in Fall 2019. These limited-time events will offer a new
dimension to the free-to-play tactical MMO. Season One: Seize the Crown will be the first
of these events, complete with battle pass and in-game challenges that will unlock exclusive
legendary items including king-themed cosmetics. This first season will be heralded by a Pre-Season
update which has a ton of improvements, features, and fixes to improve the overall gameplay
experience. The user interface has been revamped with
menus and interfaces that are more intuitive and accessible. For the first time, all weapons will be made
available to all players regardless of gender. This will bring the total number of weapon
and gender combinations up to 20. There are also some graphical enhancements
and a handful of new cinematics. On a similar note, a new update hit Black
Desert Online for Xbox One this week, adding the Archer class and the Kamasylvia region
to the game. In addition to this, Black Desert Online will
be free to play for Xbox Live Gold members from the 15th through the 18th, and bundles
will be on sale for 50% off. There are also some limited time events beginning
this week such as gathering ingredients for alchemy and the Archer Seals event which both
grant fantastic rewards. The in-game photography contest has also begun,
granting players a chance to win some Xbox gift cards. There’s even a new Fairy companion named Lalia
who has several skills that can aid you on your quest. In other news, Ring of Elysium Season 5 “Battlecar
Rises” began on Wednesday this past week! The new season brings new armored vehicles
to the game, each equipped with its own unique devices. Players can transform standard cars into these
armored Battlecars, like the all-terrain vehicle with rocket boosters. The armored truck features a machine-gun turret. The compact-car has stealth features, and
the mini SUV features a recon radar. Finally, the SUV is equipped with a scorpion
pulverizer, which sounds the coolest, that’s for sure, the only thing that would probably
top that would be a mini van with an ion cannon… that’s my vote. There’s also a new explosive weapon in the
RPG-7, which is able to counter these armored vehicles. Keep that in mind. The new battle pass for season 5 features
a trio of new characters: Edmund, Friday, and Alice that players can unlock. Edmund, a legendary mountaineer has been lured
to Europa Island with the challenge of climbing the Cliff of Despair. Originally an intelligence service robot created
by Echelon, Friday came to Europa Island to search for his missing friend. As the owner of the newest bar on Europa,
Alice arrived alongside Friday. Not all that she seems, Alice secretly is
an energy expert investigating an ancient civilization on Europa with Friday. ‘Battlecar Rises’ also introduces new
gameplay options with the addition of respawn points. Players will be able to revive their fallen
teammates at single-use stations located throughout the island. Seems like a necessary update in such a competitive
game genre, its cool either way. And since we’re on the topic of Battle Royale,
The Iron Crown Collection event has begun in Apex Legends and it’s time to fight for
your right to rule! This event features a limited time solo mode
and unique cosmetics waiting to be unlocked! There’s even a special axe that can only be
unlocked after unlocking all the cosmetics in the event, but doing so could prove to
be an expensive proposition. Moving on, Tencent’s Chess Rush received a
new update this week, with the addition of “Squad Clash 4v4” mode coming to the game. This mode will allow players to team up with
three of their friends to battle other teams of four around the world. Chess Rush is the first auto battler with
a 4v4 mode, and also has other new features, such as teammate reinforcement to make gameplay
fresh for their fans. When playing in a team in 4v4 mode, players
will be able to bolster their teammates with the teammate reinforcement feature, creating
unique opportunities for players and their party members to make strategic and tactical
moves in order to take out their opponents. I’m not really up with all the new auto chess
games but it seems like this could spice things up a bit… maybe? Next up, Elsword’s major “RE:BOOT” update
received its third volume this past week which adds Aisha Raven Add, and Laby reworks to
the game! Laby doesn’t get a new move for each Job
Path however since she’s the latest character and its kinda already done for her. In addition, we also see the new ominous Demon
Realm Rigomor, which has arrived. A familiar gateway will lead the El Search
Party to the Demon Realm. This coming weekend (August 17-18) will also
have triple experience, unlimited stamina, and double the drop rate! Players can also earn daily, weekly and limited-time
rewards during the Character Reboot Events, from today until August 27th. Special Amethysts and other materials can
be used to refine the new end-game Amethystine Prophecy Armor Sets. The Reforged sets will have increased stats
and Reforge effects, based on the Reforge Stage. MMOHuts Jason actually had a chance to sit
down with GMs Moshup and Rush from Elsword to talk about the ongoing Re:BOOT event! Jason and GM Rush run dungeons while the three
of them talk everything from the current PVP scene and the new dungeon to the new Re:BOOT
updates themselves! You can check out the full video interview
over on our website, MMOHuts.com via the link in the description. While you’re there, check out our coverage
on the Scalebreaker expansion for Elder Scrolls Online! Jason sat down with Rich Lambert, the creative
director of ESO along with their Lead Dungeon Designer and Lead UI designer to talk about
one of the two new dungeons coming with the update. Finally, Final Fantasy XIV’s Moonfire Faire
event is live! Running until August 26th, players who are
level 30 or higher can participate in this event to earn fantastic prizes including a
kiddie pool, wind chime stand, and other unique cosmetics! To begin, you need to visit the Limsa Lominsa
docks and chat with the NPC named Mayaru Moyaru. If you feel lost, check out our livestream
VOD of the event. Jason completed the entire quest chain and
you can use this as a guide. And that’s about it for all the major news
and announcements this week for more information on the news topics, check the links in the
description below, feel free to discuss the news or even more news in the comments below
and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit that little bell icon to get notifications
and share this video! But until next time guys that’s going to
be it for me… I’m JamesBl0nde… see ya out there gamers!

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