WAX MUSEUM | Batman Missions | Mattel Action!

WAX MUSEUM | Batman Missions | Mattel Action!

(intense music) (bats screeching) (computer sounds) – Just two bad
guys left, Batman. (beeping) – This just in, The
Joker has broken Harley Quinn out
of Arkham Asylum. – Guess their break
up became a break out. (alarms) – [Computer] Mission Alert. Robbery in progress. Gotham Museum of
Antiquities and Curiosities. – Mission: Go. (car engine revs) Computer, what’s the most
valuable exhibit at the museum? – [Computer] Priceless
diamond broaches in the shape of suites
on playing cards. – Harley’s favorite gems. (car brakes squeal) (dramatic music) (suspenseful music) – The diamonds. They’re gone. – Surprise, caped
creep. (laughs) (grappling hooks whir) (dramatic music) What can I say? My sweetie adores diamonds. Step aside. Here’s an incentive. (gas can sprays) – Joker laughing gas. (thumps) – Let’s get out of
here, Funny Bunny. – Robin, our batarangs. Seal the door. (batarangs whip) – It won’t open, baby, now what? – Let’s end this
escape with a bang. (dramatic music) (bombs explode) – (laughs) My turn. (bombs explode) (Harley Quinn laughs) – I thought chess was supposed
to be a relaxing game. (dramatic music) – Robin, follow my lead. (bolas whir) – Uh oh. (Harley Quinn screams) (crashing) – Bats, we weren’t really
going to steal the diamonds. Hey, Bats, hold on. Don’t leave me here. I’ve got a bone
to pick with you. – Police discovered The
Joker and Harley Quinn trapped inside a dinosaur
ribcage at the museum. – Looks like they
took a ribbing. (dramatic music) Now it’s time to make
your own missions. (dramatic music)

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  1. Hey it's been a long time since you made a battleclaw video it's been like almost a year so basically what I want you to do is start making more battleclaw videos

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