Watch Raul Esparza, Ramin Karimloo & More Rehearse for CHESS at the Kennedy Center

Watch Raul Esparza, Ramin Karimloo & More Rehearse for CHESS at the Kennedy Center

–Hi! I’m Raúl Esparza. I’m going to be playing Freddie, the American, in Chess at the Kennedy Center. He’s a sneak preview of the cast rehearsing. [Ruthie Ann Miles singing “The Deal” from Chess] where you want to be and who you want to be And doing what you always said you would And yet you know you haven’t won at all. Running for your life and never looking back In case there is someone right behind to shoot you down
And say he always knew you’d fall. When that crazy wheel slows down. And the appeal, partner Of this deal, partner Is we all stand to win
You and me, the lady also. Don’t break her heart, partner Just be smart partner. Show your love
Is as pure as snow in Moscow [“Nobody’s Side” from Chess] Everybody’s playing the game But nobody’s rules are the same. –[all] Nobody’s on nobody’s side. [“Endgame #3” from Chess] –They’re completely enchanted But they don’t take your qualities for granted It isn’t very often
That the critics soften. Nonetheless you’ve won their hearts
How can we begin to [“Endgame” from Chess] Nothing you have said is revelation. Take my blues as red. My consolation. –Finding out that I’m my one true obligation. Is there no one in my life Who will not claim The right to steal My work, my name My success, my fame And my freedom?

90 thoughts on “Watch Raul Esparza, Ramin Karimloo & More Rehearse for CHESS at the Kennedy Center

  1. Now if only the show gets a long overdue revival on Broadway.
    It's one of those musicals I suggest someone to check out when he or she asserts a popular show being the best musical of all time.

  2. Please they have to either record a live cd of the performance or film it for a DVD! I NEED to hear the whole show with this cast!

  3. why is everyone so iconic—

    raül being cute and talented
    ramin looking like a whole meal
    and karen just being a legend

    i love it

  4. Broadwaycom could you please, please, PLEASE give the names of ALL cast members appearing in videos like this.  I'm sure they'd appreciate being credited for being in the production.

  5. I was beginning to freak out that there wasn't enough Ramin and then they came in with him at the end and asjfjakdifushabjank. RAMIN KARIMLOO. That is all

  6. Ruthie Ann Miles didn't get threatened with interrupting tap dancers while trying to give her Tony acceptance speech for to call her "& more"

  7. Can we just talk about how amazing Ramin’s last note is? I mean I’m crying right now it was so amazing!! Love him🖤🖤

  8. Ramin Karimloo and Raul Esparza in a production together? WOW – they must record this production so I can see it time and time again!

  9. He most certainly is. Colm is getting older Mandy is getting older. We need a younger Broadway talent. Thank god fir him

  10. guess who saw this tonight and felt like ascending into heaven with the angels.

    o and ramin looked like a whole snacc the entire time.

  11. I saw this and it's even better than it sounds here!!! The whole company was amazing and ramin's anthem made me cry!!!

  12. give it a capital B or Boring! Such a magnificent score that I remember vividly both the London and Broadway versions, and thinking what an amazing musical and acting vocal score that both cast did well (very different London was more Rockish, and Broadway was more Orchestrated), and sad to say this version is almost as lackluster in acting, vocals, spirit, and soul as with Adam Pascal and Josh Grobin. What saddens me even more is that I adore Raul Esparza , and find the entire cast struggling in various ways (maybe further down the road with rehearsals they might be better, but this is rather mediocre

  13. They only performed it for 5 days? I wanted to see it damn…will I ever get to see Ramin live? And are we getting this on DVD!

  14. Wow that last note! Would've been nice too see this having seen the west end revival with Michael ball. Which was amazing

  15. I have much respect for Ramin, but this really feels like one of those miscast concerts in NYC. Nearly everyone in this production is wrong for their role. The best Chess in concert was the AEA benefit in 2003 with Julia Murney, Sutton Foster and Adam Pascal.

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