Vykuntapali Telugu Full Movie || Krishnudu, Tashu Kaushik || Anil Gopal Reddy || Anil

money is omnipotent… Money…money…
only money matters… Birth, death and living,
money rules everywhere… Play or lose, it’s money… Money is sin…money is bad… Game played by three…
a strange game… A game with many twists and turns… lt’s snake and ladders!
Say snake and ladders! To climb up the ladders and
get swallowed by snakes… The dice will show you it… lf desires get out of control,
life will become a burden… Our ancestors said greed
leads to sorrows… Searching the way to bliss
and losing the path enroute… You will end up back in square one
is the unexpected new story… What happened? Sir, l went that side… Here only sir.
– What? l said l fell down here sir.
– So what? l came here to empty bladder
and fell unconscious here. Did you bring me here
to show this place? Babu, send the still photographer. Let’s do one thing,
– What sir? Let’s take two photos,
l’ll get it laminated, hang it in your hall and bedroom. Why do l need it sir?
– Why do we need this sir? Won’t you give me
any useful information? Did you bring me here to show
the place you went to piss? Lakhs of rupees have been
stolen from there. How many were there?
What did they do? Can’t you tell me if you’d seen? l didn’t see anything sir.
– You won’t see anything. You said a man used kerchief
from behind, right? Yes sir, i came here to piss sir… While l was pissing…
– Stop it! Always talking about piss…
did you see the man’s face? Sir, that is… Sir, l do remember now. ls it? Come out! He was…
– How does he look? He looks like Vinayakudu, sir.
– How? Vinayakudu, sir. Vinayakudu?
– Yes sir. l mean with trunk and big…
– Not the real Lord Ganesha sir… What shall we do now sir? What shall we do? Make a hell
for an hour and send them. And let’s also leave. Boss will call now,
l’m tensed about it. Got married six months back
and working all night shifts only. Boss is calling. You raise a fuss and let’s make a
report and leave the place quickly. What’s the progress? The investigation is going on sir.
– Bloody investigation. How long are you on it?
– Reached here 15 minutes before sir. So you went late?
– No sir. l came… Crime rate has increased
ever since you came here.0 Work properly otherwise, l’ll
transfer you from here also. Fool! l want the report first thing
on my table tomorrow. l’ll not tell anyone sir. l’ll not tell. Do you’ve a cigarette? l’ve Charminar. ln times of scarcity,
anything will do, take out. Fell down, pick it up.
– Okay sir. Never waste a cigarette. He’s the man sir! Who is this Kranthikumar? My mother used to say, what you are will be known from
who your friends are, l don’t know if this
is good or bad yet, but l do have friends, do you also have friends? Foolish question, right? Can imagine a life without enemies,
can we imagine a life without friends? Friends for necessity,
friends for opportunities, so many friends who are very close, life is a game of snake and ladder,
it’s fine going up the ladder, but once you get swallowed
by snake, you’ll end up like me. l don’t know if we three are
idiots or intelligent, the man on my left is Michael,
he’s always left in life, that’s good only in traffic
so says Kranthi, the man on my right side is Kranthi,
he always wants the right path, that’s why… About myself, l couldn’t decide between
right or left and remained centre. The interesting fact about we three is, not a thing any two of us three
would take sides, lt’s happy to spend time having fun,
but think of future, it appears bleak. You need to be dare, smart and guts. Only then you can keep the
world under your feet. You must tread knowing the
difference between dare and danger. lf you don’t take right decision
at right time and choose right path, life will end up in footpath. lf you don’t realise this,
world will not be under your feet, you will be underground. l don’t know, l feel you’re right
as well as what Michael says. Whatever it is, it’ll be fine to
live happily without any tension. The decision of happy or sad
is not in our hands. lt depends on the decision we take. lt’s struggle all the way. Make it a habit to accept
everything in life. He gives ultra modern ideas,
you give discourse on life like a Swami, but l’m sad thinking
about my mother. You’re thinking about mother
when you should be thinking of girls. Look there! Ours is three-in-one friendship… Come, let’s say
three cheers to friendship… Let’s befriend friendship…
Won’t it give life for life? Hands joining together,
no one is upper or lower… Let the car of friendship move on
to take you into a world of happiness… Saying no to your wish…
Can’t l take your trouble as mine? Though habits and philosophies
are different… Everyone trusts friendship… Though all are not alike and same… There are just two in friendship… Though earth and sky are far away… Don’t they exist together
in all places… Though there are days and nights… lt appears the same every day
divided into two… Though there’s nothing to come
with you till the last… The light that keeps company
till the last is friendship… 3 years later… Our thoughts and paths are different, we don’t know if we’ll meet again or not, l want to do something good as
a journalist to the society. l don’t have any aims in life. l’m worried about my mother only. She struggled all her life
to get me through college. l want to buy a flat for her,
engage a maid servant for her, l don’t want her to struggle anymore,
l want to see happiness in her eyes. l feel l’ll die by the age of 40
for all my bad habits. lf time runs bad, before that too. We weren’t born just to live
but to live lavishly. Living for self isn’t life. People who don’t have money
speak like you only. ldeals are greater than money. People with ideals can
never earn money in life. Would thee be love and affection
if we meet again? May be or may not be.. 6 years later… What a society is this! Let it be anything,
society must follow us. You say like that? Few are like that too! He’s not even turning! Mother! lsn’t he good?
– Yes. Bloody idiot! Are you so proud? You’re not picking calls
from my mobile. Bachchan sir! Are you speaking Telugu? Bachchan? l’m Mallesh ! brother! l swear on my mother,
your voice is like Amitabh Bachchan. lf you act smart l’ll cut you tongue. Trust me, brother.
– Shut up, where are you now? ln a flight. Are you going to Mumbai?
What happened to my money? Why don’t you answer me
when l ask about money? You want an answer or money? lf sir comes to know,
you’ll face the heat. He’ll break your bones.
– Mine or yours? Don’t act smart, tell me
when are you repaying loan? lf you threaten me, l’ll cut the call. Why are you getting angry? l need money urgently, please pay. Call me tomorrow evening.
– Will you pay me then? No, l’ll tell you when will l repay? Bloody idiot, cut the line. Why is he going to Mumbai always?
– What happened? He says he’s in flight. He’s cheating you,
mobiles don’t work in flights. Come, let’s have biryani.
– Cheated me again. l was flying in sky,
he called me to disturb. lt seems you’ll get promoted
as senior executive. Are you throwing any party sir? Why would l not give for
this good news? Let it come. Mother is serious, come immediately. lf neighbours hadn’t
called me in time… She needs to take medicine in time,
she needs a care taker. Can my mother be normal again? As quickly as you take good care of her. lf not she may slip into coma. Given all the samples for tests,
will call after getting results, come and meet me in clinic. Take care of mother. Mother is fine, doctor says she’ll be
fine in near future. Bye for now. What’s mom like a little girl?
Am l not here for you? You will be fine. l don’t have money. lt’s a week since friendship day.
– Then, belated wishes. Why are you saying no money?
– Money in friendship? Bloody money, you can get it
from any dog. Dog will bite you, if it’s Doberman,
it’ll chew you away. lf you remember me though
it’s not a friendship day, then l’m sure it would be
a bumper offer. come out! That’s okay, l’m hungry,
let’s meet in Hotel Dasapalla. You come, have lunch and pay the bill. Have you come?
What’s this? No clarity yet on it. What’s this? Can’t you say that you too love me? Did you call me for this? No, let’s go out for lunch. l’m busy, you carry on. l’m your team leader, what’s the work
you’ve which l don’t know. Okay come…come l say! Why are you saying as if money is life
without asking if friend ate or not? lt seems you move closer to someone,
you start behaving like him, l’ve started behaving like you. But how come l’m not behaving like you?
Man must retain his originality. My foot originality! lf i did have,
why would l befriend you? Eat! Mallesh is having problem with AK,
l’ve come to you seeking help. You said any dog will give money.
– That’s why l’m here. l’m not getting salary for 3 months,
running tightly. When are you paying the old due? lf salaried class is like this,
l’m unemployed, how can l? Then do one thing,
arrange it from someone, l’ll pay you later. Company is trying for Rs.3 crore loan. Then do one thing, give me one percent,
l’ll get you Rs.3 crore loan. No jokes please. l can arrange from
Rs.3 crores to 30 crores. First repay Mallesh’s loan.
– Give me Rs.1000. At least Rs.100!
– Okay, take it. Don’t forget, l’ll come to your
office day after tomorrow. Get lost! What are you thinking? Who’s watching? You or me? With a beautiful girl
sitting next to you, why are you looking the other way? lt won’t be good if l keep
staring you, right? What do you mean by staring? You’re blushing like a girl.
That’s why l like you. Marry me! lf you marry anyone you like,
you’ll end up marrying many. l don’t have any idea of marrying,
better let’s be friends. l’ll decide now whether
to be friends or to marry.- How? The chewing gum in your mouth,
without anyone seeing us, without touching with my hands,
l’ll take it into my mouth. lt means you’ve lost. You must marry me. How is it possible?
– Then accept. Why are you leaving
without answering me? He saw us! Lost again ! Why did you call me urgently? Please sit down. Many new children have joined, right? Give me the cheque book. Will 50 do? Need Rs.6 lakhs along with fees, sir. 6 lakhs? Need urgently? No, but it’s a large amount. l think it’s better if you
arrange in a week. Okay, you don’t get tensed. Okay sir. She’s in rounds, please wait inside. How’s your mother now?
– No improvement, doctor. Are you making her exercise regularly?
– Yes. Very dangerous. Yes, it’s scary to read. l saw your mother’s reports.
– How is her condition? She had a coronal low palsy attack. lt’s still in early stage.
Just a surgery is enough. Surgery? Nothing to worry.
But it’s little expensive. How much will it cost, doctor?
– Around 8 lakhs. Around 8 lakhs? The quicker we do the
surgery the better. Okay doctor. Nitin Varma from lMBl Bank
is here for you, can l send him in sir? The necessity is yours not mine, sir. l came here knowing you want loan.
– Who told you? You can get information in this
globalised world in seconds. Anyway this is my job. We need money urgently, Bank will take 45 days,
so trying through other channels. When you’ve money, you don’t have need,
when you’ve need, you won’t have it. But we are there for your needs. Anyway taking loan or doing
anything for need is right. You speak very well.
– My job will also be fine. What could be your requirement sir? We’ve a contract in hand, it’ll take another week to start work, we need Rs.3 crores immediately,
Gaurav, come to my room. Can you arrange it in a week? l’ve never missed my target,
l’ll not miss this one too. You’ll see it. lf you give your documents… Do you know Gaurav? You called him by name just now. You’ll say l’m excellent
after seeing my work. Please proved him all the
necessary documents. Start working as early as possible. What magic did you spin? l got doubt
not hearing from you for 3 days. You trapped him so easily. Come. Take it, this is the file.
– Are all the documents in it? What ever you do, do it carefully. Gaurav would’ve told you,
documents are not proper. Moreover your company is
already in huge debts. Company’s performance is
also not good. As far as l know no bank in this
world would lend you money. You told me to do something. Mustn’t do something, must take risk, l’ll take the risk for you, l want 2% commission on
the loan amount. 2% is very high, can’t afford in
my company’s present condition. Unless one is very lucky,
you don’t opportunity at right time. What can l do?
You’re not in my list. What’s this? Tell me another figure. l don’t think l’m getting you
a loan but asking from you. Why are you saying like that sir? l’m not saying,
your words mean like that. Okay, give me Rs.2 lakhs. Have you recognised me, sir?
– You are…? Last month you arranged loan
for my company, you’re responsible for
our company’s position. l think you’re in a meeting. Where were we?
– Rs.2 lakhs now is impossible. Call me when it’s possible. Call me Reddy, l know you will call me. You will…come on…come on… l’ll call you when there’s a need. Come on call me… Where else can you go? Come to the lawn ad take Rs.1 lakh. Move away! Get lost man ! l’m US return ! One chicken pizza with extra cheese. One lyca too. You know, right? You’ve a Singapore visa, right? ls anyone ready to pay for it?
– Yes, come and take it. l’m ready.
– Always after money. Tell me the matter in short. Have a jog in Singapore,
good salary but will cost you little. How much? You can earn it back in 3 months. Would anyone dare do it with you? You don’t have to pay entire
amount at a time. Pay just Rs.1 lakh as advance for
tickets and other expenses. You can arrange balance amount
before leaving. Then do the formalities in a week.
– Okay, l will. How long man?
l’m drowning here. lt’s not even raining,
how can you drown? No jokes, matter is serious. Stop nonsense and come to the point. My boss has smelled rat
in your gamble. Last night boss met Frederick in bar,
he got drunk and told him everything, take to the heels!
– Why? Few goons are coming to
your room with Frederick. Escape immediately. Why are you getting tensed?
l should be tensed, right? l can’t help you other
than giving information. Your fate! Living and dying here only! Hey! Fatso…tall boy! How are you guys?
Are you doing fine? Fine. Few accidents separate people forever, but this accident united us after years. l think you’re living well
with bike and car. l got a job in a good software company, salary is good, so a small
change in my lifestyle. My job is okay for my knowledge. But l’m tensed about
my mother’s health. Who has tension free life?
– What about you man? You made tall promises of changing
and cleaning dirt in society, You promised to shake out
the foundations. Dig out graves!
You made idealistic speeches. What’s this then? Nothing is our hands,
by the way what are you doing? Having a ball!
Not in the range you think, l’m planning to go to Singapore. l just returned from US,
presently l’m staying in a hotel. l’ve urgent work, l need to go.
– Okay bye. By the way, l forgot,
this is my card. Okay, l’ll also take leave now. lf you don’t mind, a small suggestion.
– Tell me. Why not stay with me till you go
to Singapore instead of hotel? You’ve AC?
Water bed?- No. No problem, can’t l compromise
for my friend? Come, let’s go.
– Come. But neither l nor Michael could anticipate
that Kranthi was hiding a truth. That day l understood, though we may have many ideals, but we all are just players
in the hands of fate. None of we three could
achieve our aims. None was happy.
Just living for living sake. To tell plainly just living! Can you get me an omelette?
– l will. Go. l think you stopped coming
because l asked money. Did l maintain all these
days without paying you? Are you doing free service to me? Forget it, why rake up all that?
Don’t suspect me unnecessarily. You’re national permit,
bloody hell current. You remember, right? You love it! Good for health ! Come in Chandu. l think you know the matter. l know sir, thank you very much sir. You helped at right time, sir. Don’t get excited,
you got work promotion only, no salary hike, don’t feel too much,
you’d hand full of work till now, but now you’ll handle
company cash along with work. lnfact you can lend it
for daily interest. What do you say? l’m not such a person.
You know it, right sir? l know, do we throw away
left over food? We keep it in fridge and eat next day
making it tamarind rice. lsn’t it? Tamarind rice makes me remember… Sir, money for my mother’s operation… Count it. Rs.4.80 lakhs. Deposit in bank. Why so little? Didn’t you tell him quantity is
more important than quality? l told him sir. Change the hotel.
– Yes Sir. Look, find a place where you
get good tamarind rice. Go! Bloody gargantuan !
– Bloody idiot! Sour! Please arrange the amount for
my mother’s operation, sir. Chary told me, l’ll try. Do your work first, go.
– Okay sir. You want it? Take a puff! No problem!
What will you take while going? Enjoy life happily and then die. Why are you irritating me? lf you cough again, just two tablets
will make you sleep forever. Drink! Sleep happily! Did mother trouble you?
– No. Tell me the truth,
mother didn’t trouble you, right? What’s this man? l’ll not stay here
if you talk to me like that. l’ll go back to the hotel. No… She may be your mother but
she’s my God given mother! Sorry for hurting you. What’s the cover?
– Office money. Please sit down. l’ll confirm it on 3rd. Can you tell me the status
of Singapore ticket? Try it on 5th. Where is it?
– Sir that is… l told you to get chutney
30 minutes before. Keep it there. Will you bring it so late?
Look, hotdogs had gotten cold. These are good only
when eaten hot, you fool. Go…wait. Get me hot coffee…go.
– Okay sir. What about you? Have you started rotating money
on getting promotion? No sir, l’m not such a person, sir. l too thought like that only, l told you to rotate money for fun,
and you stole Rs.50000. l think you’re not as good
as l thought, right? No sir, l really don’t know
how l missed Rs.50000, sir. l don’t want all this nonsense.
Pay Rs.50000 in 4 or 5 days. lf not, police, case, court and jail.
Do you need all this? Please help me sir.
– l can’t do anything. Already matter has reached boss. Come to office with money. Go! Can l use office bike till then, sir? How can you?
Leave the keys here. Keep it there. You can go now. You’re great! What mummy?
Why are you looking at me? Do you think l’ll have it
without offering you? Would you like to have a peg? Why are you so angry?
Have it, no problem. Your son’s money,
no need of tablets too. l’m dedicating a song to you. Let’s enjoy it! No mother, father, no siblings,
l’m a loner… No children, no marriage, no man to
give his daughter in marriage to me… No place, no name…
No companion…no home… l don’t know who am l…
l don’t have anyone… Bloody, the fatso is back,
will you tell him? Don’t tell him. l had drinks without your permission. l thought mother too would’ve
some change. What happened? Rs.50000 is missing from office money. Missed it or you stole it?
– You too! lt was correct when l counted in office, when i counted in bank, it was short. l’ll be arrested if
l don’t pay in 4 days. Mother’s condition is serious.
l’m confused. Please help me now, l’ll repay you later. l’m running tight,
l didn’t get cheques from US, l wanted to tell you
something since l came here, you’re facing all the trouble
because of this house, change the house immediately,
vastu is very bad. lt’s all my fate! lf you cry, would your lost
money come back to you? l’m confused. Do one thing, go to your boss
and fall at his feet. lf you cry before him,
it may work out for you. For a man who has crores,
thousands are nothing. But my boss’ address…
– You must find it. lf Columbus had stayed in home,
would he discovered America? Okay, l’ll try and find my boss. Tell me! Prachanda is in Vizag.
Staying in Rustom farmhouse. He’s returning tonight. What’s this? You were talking about society
and social justice in student days. l’m still doing the same thing. l’m keeping up my promise. You mean killing people? l’m doing as a common man what l
couldn’t do as a journalist. Doing the same thing but
procedure is different. This is judgement by time,
l’m not an exempt from it. After college, when l started
my career as a journalist, l found myself a role model, but the path in which l chose to walk,
he was already running in it. Following him step by step and
getting inspired by his vibrations, l aspired to march ahead, he used to wake up the slumbering society, he used to stay awake to work,
his work philosophy was, Greetings. Just a minute. Fall at his feet! Sir, his daughter’s marriage
is settled, he says… l’ll talk to you later. Greetings sir. ls it? Okay.
– l got the contract with your help sir. Okay. Your fans sir,
want to get photographed with you. Move away! He’s here! Not now please.
l’m busy. Okay sir, we need you now,
you may need us in future. You too Prithvi!
– What did we ask sir? A small party in outskirts…
– Okay sir, as you wish. You got angry, right? come with me. Goddess mother! Don’t know when
a landmine will go off? Sit down. l want to buy same model. Why are you getting angry for nothing?
Why don’t you get married? You don’t give me a chance. Why would you? You’ve us, right? Would you like to have sweets? l think you love sweets.
– l love, but l’ve diabetes. lt seems you’ve frugal breakfast. But with hot chicken soup.
– And at night two pegs of… Then? Three! You’ve collected good information. lt seems you got bribe of
Rs.150 crores in stationary scam, and allegedly were shifted
from this Ministry. Your information is correct.
But the scam is wrong. You’re right, if it had happened, you would’ve been
dismissed from cabinet, why would they change your ministry? You always think right.
That’s why l like you. Your brother-in-law…
– You mean Bhikshapathi? Yes sir, has he left the
educational institutions? What’s this? What was l then?
– You were Education Minister. So educational institutions,
what am l now? Health Minister.
– That’s why pharmaceuticals. Well said sir. Spurious drugs have flooded market
after you became Health Minister, what action have you taken to stop it? l’m also worried, l’m thinking
of instituting a committee. Committee’s name? What’s in the name?
We can have some name. Even cyclones are named
as Laila, Shakira… lsn’t it she? No name for such a serious committee
or it was never formed. What do you say? Was it heaven till l came and
turned into hell after l came? l didn’t mean like that sir. But the allegations are growing
after you became the minister. Opposition’s plan. The news about you participating in
a party thrown by pharma companies, is that also opposition plan?
– lt was lftar party. lftar party?
– Okay, garden party. lt wasn’t lftar or garden party but
a cocktail party in a 5 star hotel, a party thrown by spurious
drug manufacturers, and your brother-in-law
is the owner! That simple man is doing pharma
business for livelihood. Aren’t you doing it to
raise your TRP’s? Sir, we’ve the right to ask you
on behalf of the people. We’ve the evidence. This is what you call half kg masala
for quarter kg chicken. You asked for 5 minutes and l gave
30 minutes. l don’t have time. Please drop him wherever he wants.
– No thank you sir. l can go on my own.
Sir, my phone… Sir, stop eating sweets,
if not blood sugar will raise. Please stop! Money can bring the monkey
from the hill is old saying, now the hill will come to you !
Yes, this is true. Bureaucracy is walking to the money. Without considering the
losses in future, without considering
the qualifications, drug licenses are issued by our govt., the result is market is flooded
with drugs to make youth go crazy, is this govt. bothered about people’s
welfare other than making money? ls this govt. working or sleeping? Our media journalist met
Health Minister regarding this issue. Before seeing his response… Was our conversation telecast live? What? lf it’s live, watch it! Mine? Haven’t you yet eaten the
sandwich l sent an hour ago? Eat!
– l mean… What a scene! Good! Forget about our scenes,
what about your scene in public? What scene?
– l saw near the door. That one! l’ve also been
watching for many days. You too, Prithvi! Stop acting and tell me
how far it has reached! Has it reached till marriage? Yes, just now had a discussion
on marriage. When are you getting married then?
– The day you decided. Why should l decide?
No jokes please. Why should l decide? l must fix her for Prithvi.
– Why are you dragging me into this? Truth, the girl wants to marry Prithvi.
She’s eating my brain every day. l promised to talk to you. What’s your reply?
Shall l say yes? l’ll vanish you from here. l said okay. Won’t you trust Prithvi? l’m Murthy here.
– Where are you? Okay, what’s the news? As usual, why did you go
after the minister? Watched live on TV. This is nothing, the bigger
things are coming. Real trouble for the
Minister starts then. What are you planning for him? The feast is served on table,
don’t worry about taste! Till then suspense!
– Give me the phone please. Eat!- You’re coming to the
trust tomorrow, right? Heard about such great people
in history or in story books. Now seeing them live! How do you run such a
vast organisation so smoothly. You need more will power than
money to run such organisations. Prithvi has it. l too feel like doing it but
got stuck with family and duty. This is just my thought, l could do
it with help from friends like you. What did we help?
Didn’t even help financially? Just lend moral support,
money will flow on it’s own. More than money
you need courage for this. Shall we go? Why are you also joining us? l gave her time. He works in media, runs this organisation
and has time for girl friend too, how? Shall we’ve a coffee? Just a hour weekly visit is enough. l want the children in my orphanage to
grow happy and healthy like other kids. What else can make me more happy
than if you help us to achieve it. l’ll meet you personally. What? Nothing, every girl dreams of life partner
to be like a handsome film hero, but l’m seeing a real hero
before my eyes. No reaction even for
such a big compliment! What happened? l’m thinking. Thinking about how, when
and where to marry? No, where to start it?
– What? To weed!
Find the root and uproot it! What are you talking about?
l don’t get you. The program we initiated! Before losing life… Bring a change in people… To shake up the earth and
shatter the sky… To make this world turn
and pay attention… You become a role model, come… You come like a wild fire… With available funds, paid MBA students fee and
brought systems for computer students, these are the bills for it. lf you want more funds,
l’ll arrange by week end. Okay sir. You send the bills to my auditor.
– Okay madam. You wanted to meet Child welfare
Minister for funds, right? He’s in Delhi for party meeting.
He promised to meet after return. l’m Kranthi here.
– Go ahead. Did l disturb you?
– Carry on. l need to talk to you urgently,
can we meet now? Where are you now? Govt. issues licenses to many
pharma companies in city, but due to paucity of staff
to check them, they leave out reputed
companies on trust, and inspect only smaller companies. ls there any connection between
trust and inspection? Yes, there is. lf not
l wouldn’t have called you now. The trust with which don’t inspect,
using the same trust these companies, make drugs that mainly target
youth of the lower middle class. Who is doing it? Gaining entry into the
company is impossible. lf this is true, we need strong evidence. You say it’s impossible
to enter the company, but there’s a way, what ever they manufacture,
they try to sell it, right? if we find how the
trafficking goes on. We can find it.
– How? Name is Prachanda,
big name in society, address of black marketing,
he has construction business too, though workers work all the time,
the constructions remain unfinished, almost all his constructions
remain unfinished, drug trafficking activities
are operated from there only. That’s why nobody suspects
any wrong doing. Dr.Rao, back support of Prachanda, very strong politically
and financially, till he achieves what he wants
he won’t rest or let others rest. We are going there tomorrow. We’ll get him arrested tomorrow
with breaking news. War ends with a word…
Law writes the reality… There’s no Machiavelli
to upstage you in history… Bury the word defeat… The struggle must reach a crescendo… Achieve the right path… To shake up the earth and
shatter the sky… To make this world turn
and pay attention… You become a role model, come… You come like a wild fire… Before losing life…
Bring a change in people… Why are you nervous? We did everything perfectly but… Right, but l’m little tensed.
– You don’t get tensed. Rao is in for bad time. l’m happy to see your confidence. You must have a coffee between
work and relaxation. Coffee can give temporary relief
but tension remains. You gave temporary relief
to my tension. For total relief, quit the job. That’s the greatness of this job. Our operation will be telecast
as it is live. Serious topic or secret topic? What else can media
and police talk about? Then, you’re in for a feast!
Can’t you tell me that? No way, never trust police.
– Then, l’ll go. l didn’t tell about you,
l said about selfish people. Tomorrow’s breaking news is about
drugs and heroin in Rao Pharmaceuticals. This is routine, you’re coming
for tonight’s dinner, aren’t you? Am l that lucky? A function of Minister’s grand daughter
coming to age near by, VlP’s and VVlP’s are
attending the function, and we must ensure their security, if it’s possible, l’ll make it. Come. Sometimes power cuts are
blessing in disguise. lt has disturbed very important work. lt’s pleasant out side,
let’s spend some time in balcony. l’ve very important work…
– For my sake! We didn’t spend time together
for long time, please come. Come please! Power is restored. Where is the cassette?
– What cassette? What cassette? Are you acting smart? Will you kill 10 year old trust
with just one evidence? Look, getting rank in exam is important, it’s not important how you achieve it, Doctorates, PhD’s…
– Positions an people, What you don’t get in this country
if you’ve money to spend? ls it difficult to buy you?
What do you say? Not only for breaking news,
never worry about any news in life, When everyone is after money, is it
possible to change for one man like you? You know about me, right?
– Tell him. You don’t know about me. Shall l tell who am l? l don’t hear bad, see or speak.
But l make others do it. Media is like pigeon,
it knows only to fly freely. But it doesn’t know there
are hunters down. Poor thing is just a bird! Yes, media is indeed like bird,
but not a pigeon, it’s an eagle! lt can bring out with it’s
claws any truth hidden in earth. l’ll also expose your dark life. Do whatever you can ! What’s the matter? Nothing, just came to say hello.
– Come. One, settlement with silence, two, settlement with violence. They’re very good men. They said buy him or kill him,
l said we can’t buy him, so they bought me. l’ve an idea!
– Got it? For me? Leave me…
– Prithvi, you’ve good taste. You’ve to edit, dub, re-recording
for our news to come out, at least it’ll take 12 hours,
but the video l’m taking now, just pressing of send button is enough,
in minutes, people can watch if. Now you’re press and l’m also press. Prithvi, you’re a perennial threat. You…l’ll not kill you. Oh blood! She’s dead! lf we miss anything we love,
we get dejected, what if we lose people we love? lt took me long time to
get out of the shock. Two people lost their lives because of me.
l’m still feeling guilty of it. Feeling guilty. To get out of it, and to bring peace to
souls of my friends, to achieve my aim of
cleansing dirt in this society, l felt it’s right to kill such elements. You were so soft to feel hurt if
anyone speaks uses harsh words, how could you talk like this? Experiences will change your opinions. Forget about me, why did you come there? Missed some money from office account,
came there to request boss. How much?
– Rs.50000. Okay come. l’ll repay as early as possible.
– No need to repay. l’ll not tell anyone. Be careful, take care of mother. Both kidneys of your mother are damaged. She needs transplantation.
Donate your kidney. l think donating mine is difficult. Any other sister or brother’s
kidney will also do. They will also not give,
l’ll find if anyone is ready to sell. The sooner the better. Please sit down. Hesitating to donate a kidney to mother
who is on dialysis with kidney failure. l’ll donate my kidney, inquire if
they’re willing to pay for mom’s operation. You all are having wrong
notions watching films, it’s not possible to transplant
anyone’s kidney to anyone. Moreover, donating kidney
is dangerous too. Look, stop these senseless ideas
and arrange funds for surgery. Your mother’s condition is very critical. Moreover specialist is going
back to US in two days. You’re right doctor,
but getting so much money suddenly… As family friend, l’ll give up
my fee and theatre rent, l can’t help you more than it. Are you crying for boss’ death? Change the feeling, l can’t tolerate it. Doctor says mother needs
operation in two days. You mean 48 hours. What you couldn’t do for so long? How can you arrange so
much money in few hours? You don’t have any other
option than Kranthi. How can he have so much money? How do you know he has or not? Did you see it through magic glass
or did you ask the octopus? Don’t hesitate, call him. Who is it? You’re lucky! Ask him. l need a small help from you.
– Help? What’s it? Nothing, l need Rs.6 lakhs for my trust, can you arrange funds using
my land documents? You know l don’t have
much connections. l’ll try elsewhere. What did he say? He’s also sailing in the same boat. He wants loan against land. Feeling sad can’t solve our problems. Then we need Rs.12 lakhs immediately. Why do l need Rs.12 lakhs
for operation? Rs.6 lakhs only, right? Your mother’s operation cost and
l’ve to go to Singapore, right? My uncle doesn’t run airlines. Do you also need money? You earned well, right?
– No, l lied to you. My position is worse than you. l’m waiting for a good opportunity.
Now the chance has come. l must save mother at any cost.
Please tell me a way. We must do something. To get Rs.12lakhs immediately,
we’ve to rob a bank. There’s no other way. l’m ready, tell me
which bank shall we rob? l said it for fun. No time for fun, l must save my mother. ls it you who’s speaking like this? Necessities change your opinion. So, you say we can rob
for mother, right? l’ve a plan.
Now you’ve joined me. Came for a party near by,
just remembered you on the way. So what? l got wet. On this cold night, let me get
burnt in your fiery eyes. Let me melt in your hot burning
embers of your embrace. Let my every desire get solace.
Let all these moments see heaven. My heart is beating… Why don’t you stop once
and pull me towards you… Why don’t you show me bliss
and raise my pulse… My shyness slipped and
subjugated to you… These wet lonely moments… These desirous silent moments… Must be like lotus leaf…
Drop down from you… l must be the girl in your arms… These lovely shadows…
These lovely errs… l’m swooping down like bee,
give me your honey… l want to turn your night
into bliss… This is ATM situated in the
outskirts of the city. Our plan is… l’m scared. Scare isn’t as fearsome as you fear. Even imagination isn’t
as beautiful as imagined. Do you want mother or not?
– l want. Then, don’t think about this matter. Tomorrow night we’re
executing the plan. What?
– Nothing. Your nothing says there is something. What happened? l’m confused that’s why l’ve called
you who understands me well. l think you’ll suggest a solution. First think what is to happen immediate. We can think about future later. l love a girl, her name is Snigdha, l could always see the love
in her eyes whenever l saw, but always avoided her sweetly, the love which l hid secretly from
her today united me with her. Time which made you do bad things
though you wanted to go good, it’s going to change your life
for good with a good thing. Everything will be fine for you.
Don’t worry. Didn’t Snigdha come to office today? She quit the job. l must say that. She’ll not even have lunch
without informing you, would she quit without your knowledge? l’m asking you seriously,
tell me the truth. Her marriage is fixed,
next week she’s getting married. Let’s meet in Coffee Day
today evening, l’m busy now. Please don’t mind. Don’t ask me what, why and how? l’ve agreed to marry wholeheartedly. Then, that day… l love you. l wanted that love for all my life. You said no when l proposed. When l thought over it again,
l felt we may not get on well. Unfulfilled desires will come as dreams. What happened between us that night
is also one such dream. Like wise, missed something in life,
lost something in life, l don’t have any such sad feelings. The moments spent with you are… Don’t tell me anything. l can’t say anything more than this. My would be husband is
waiting outside. Has your heart lost?
ls it left with sorrows only? Moonlight has vanished,
darkness has taken over… Can’t you see the path? The tear has crossed the barrier
of eyes and flowing like sea… What’s all this? What happened that night
wasn’t his wish but my wish. l know his life ambition. l don’t want to become a hurdle to it. That’s why l was harsh
to make him hate me. What are you saying? Yes… My life with him also like that. Can’t you tell him the truth then? Please don’t tell him anything.
l’m not sad for being left alone. My love is success. l can live all my life happily
with his memories. Which union will show that love isn’t
always one that breaks hearts? Which bond will show that
love is alive and kicking? A life long love has slipped from hands… ls your magic this much only? How did you come in?
– Door was open. Where is Michael? Doctor said mother needs
to be operated in 2 days, l need Rs.6 lakhs,
l wanted to ask you, but you were also in problems, Michael too needed Rs.6 lakhs, both needed Rs.12 lakhs,
he suggested robbing bank, l thought over it,
had no other option, l couldn’t avoid for mother’s sake,
l said okay, everything went as we had planned,
but after the robbery… What are you saying? ATM in city outskirt industrial
area was robbed, sorry, l came to the point directly, right?
That’s my style. Don’t you’ve the habit of
answering phone calls? Why do you have a phone then? Your visiting card has
your phone number too. l found this card in the purse and
the purse was found in the spot. That purse… Purse is not mine but tension
will be there, right? Where can l find the man
in this photo? Who is he? Don’t you know him?
l too don’t know him. Anyway what’s the thrill if you
get easily what you search? Must search, hunt and catch,
that will be great thrill. Right? Let’s catch him. l need little information,
shall we go in and talk? Please go ahead here only. My cell battery charge is down. lf you give me your charger,
let’s discuss as cell gets charged. Shall we go in? l don’t have Nokia phone. Okay, l didn’t get my pen
to note down information, if you give me pen and paper,
let’s discuss and l’ll take down. l don’t have a pen. Now what l’m going to ask,
you can’t say you don’t have it, because l want water to drink. l’ll bring. lf i take anything from anyone,
l’ll always return it. Now l’m drinking water, right?
l’ll make you drink later. Enough. Bye. You wanted to ask some information. l didn’t say l’ll ask information,
l said l want information. l got it. What l plucked tonight, you to whom l’ll report, and
the man who l’ll catch tomorrow, l’ll tell by tomorrow morning
to both of you at a time. You feel like you’ve seen me, right? The purse is mine. Keep it with you. To give you information
about the robbery. Can’t believe it, right? Believe you but l feel a case
must be traced, chased, it must give me thrill! You dampened my thrill. You’ll not miss your thrill. Shall we go? He was the one who robbed! There only! Hey you…you ! Where are you? Now…l’m on the way to Singapore. Must meet you.
– Okay, come to Wall Street. Like to have beer? You’re going away, right? Sure! You’re going to Singapore, right?
For this trivial thing. Anyways you’re damn lucky man ! But you must never forget friends. Did l say anything wrong? Shall we change the topic?
Today is my last day, right? Change the topic, your last day, right? You, me and Chandu, l miss our gang. Poor Chandu, how would he be now? Did you say good bye to him? l called him, but not reachable. Where are you Chandu?
Come to Wall Street immediately. Michael is going away, right? Come quickly. He will come. l’m getting late to my flight.
l’ll go now. As soon Chandu comes,
we’ll come to the airport. You made a mistake,
you misunderstood it. Living lavishly doesn’t
mean by cheating your friend. What really had happened, Kranthi? Time is not good. Not the time, tyre is not good, idiot. Do something. Am a mechanic, bloody fool?
Am l not checking it, idiot? Get in. You’re always trouble. Are you happy?
– What happy? What happened? The count says we’ve just 7 only! l thought problem is solved
but puzzle has begun. Tell me, what shall we do now? l need Rs.6 lakhs for
operation, right? – Okay, you tell me. You keep a lakh and
give me the balance. You want it for your mother, right? Please, l’ll be grateful
to you all my life. Since how long mother is bedridden?
– Since 5 years. ls there any guaranty that
operation will cure mother? How can l guaranty? lf you give me Rs.6 lakhs,
l’ll surely settle down in life. Chance comes only once, if l give up for your feelings,
if l don’t go to Singapore, l don’t know all that. l did this for my mother,
how can you change after doing this? Yes, l told them to load
this much money only. That’s my opinion only. l’ll repay you somehow after
mother’s operation. How can you?
You couldn’t arrange Rs.50000. l beg you ! Whether you beg or hold my collar,
money is important to me. Get lost man ! This is unfair! Please stop! Don’t feel so much, think over it.
What’s wrong in what l said? Take one lakh and
conduct funeral ceremony. l robbed the bank for my mother, l can kill you also to
save my mother. Stop bloody bastard! Stop…give me the bag! Hey, stop there! You’ve changed me with
your love for mother. Go and save your mother. l was harsh in anger.
Please don’t mind. My mother! My mother!
Mother… A betrayer won’t listen
to a living man, how can he hear a dead man’s cries? l wouldn’t have believed it. Not only that nobody would believe
if l say this had happened. Truth has no connection
with trusts. Shall l tell the truth? How a betrayer of friendship appears,
one who does justice also looks same? Shall l tell what is trust? The friend who rendered justice! The justice isn’t complete,
there’s little more to do. My name is Kranthi, please start
the operation of Chandu’s mother. l’m coming with money. After some time… How could you hide so much love? Chandu told me everything. Where is Chandu?
– Come, l’ll tell you. Michael used to say mother is
God given mother to him. To tell the truth, Kranthi is
the real son of my mother. lf l’ve another birth,
l must be born again as her son. Repay the gratitude! l’ll take leave now. Avarice, selfishness and lust
are the real demons in us, if we don’t kill it, those demons will come out
and kill us, from your Anil Gopireddy

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