VS | Aang vs Korra

VS | Aang vs Korra

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  1. omg i missed the avartar!😭, can anyone tell me how to watch this? i really want to watch it again!!! its been ages!😔

  2. aang learned fire banding from dragons so korra has no chance on fire banding against aang.also aang can mix fire and water which is counter striking with lightning.

  3. Teraz Polska z mojej strony 😏
    Aang nieche nic mówić ale wydaje mi się że Korra jest tutaj bardzije lubiana przez autora 😐 Sytuaje u Aanga moim zdaniem były owiele lepsze a nie tylko te przedstawione na tym wideo

  4. I hope in a new series that they might make they introduce a new elements Light and Dark or yin and yang😍😂 who else thinks this it’s a great idea

  5. Despite the arguement, no one wins in this fight, aang is one with korra and korra with aang. They both share each others knowledge because aang is korras past life. This is essentially a question of who had the better series. lol the last airbender by far is a superior series.

  6. Keep in mind that Korra already had 19-20 years of experience on her plate by the time her series ended, whilst Aang had less than a year to master the elements. If you want an actual fair comparison, I say you either pin Aang at the end of his series to Korra at the start of her's, or Aang in the comics to Korra in the comics.

  7. Korra had to deal with waaaay more gray areas of politics. Unfortunately also had to deal with a love triangle. Korra was the opposite of Aang. He ran from the responsibility, she ran towards it as she is often to do with out understanding the weight and responsibilities of being the Avatar. But she definitely a physical specimen of a warrior women.

  8. Aang mastered 3 elements in 2 months
    Korra can't master 1 elements in years
    Korra had control in 3 elements from her birth
    Aang beat the strongest firebender in the world when he has a boost for his power 100 times from his original power

    Aang won for me

  9. I feel like Korda never had to struggle with learning these elements. in the original series the elements were a lot harder to learn and weren’t very easy to master

  10. hang was the age of 12 when he mastered all the elements right so by the time he turns sixteen might off learned more about the bending power of water or whateverCora is 16 years old that means she's way older and Aang is a twelve-year-old so you expect him to get hit and knock out easily because he's 12 and she's 16 almost turning an adult's like from 4 years from now

  11. Uggghh!!! Stop comparing aang to kora there all special in a variety of ways and hello kora is the reincarnation of aang

  12. In my opinion it would be very hard to compare the 2 because aang did not have the same amount of time to learn the elements and kora was trained under absolute masters

  13. I think if Korra is in avatar state it isn't her best 'cause her best was bending the spirit but still not enough to beat Aang😁😊

  14. I love Aang but as the avatar they can draw on the power of the past avatars so Korra so would be stronger becasue as a past avatar Aang's power would be included in Korra's power

  15. I feel like in bending aang would only win air bending. Because like he didn't really master the elements it's was his friends who were masters

  16. Aang had less than 1 year. Korra had her whole life.
    Aang was being hunted but Korra wasn't and Aang had better teachers.

    Aang wins by FAR

  17. why compare aang (12 year old) to korra( 21 year old) with body strength, aang is a kid, korra is adult of course korra in body strength would win. but aang is beter in bending and all 🙂

  18. Ok. 1 aang has used energy bending. That is how he took away ozias bending. Also, you said that korra uses air bending more than aang

  19. Teacher: Who’s the better avatar?

    Guy in the back: THE BLUE ONE!!

    Me: gives a swift, back hand arm bending smack across his face!

    P.s Im torn between the two but i will admit that Aang is more ideal as avatar. But i like korra’s character more

  20. while i do like Aang more i think Korra is simply better as she had much more time to train and master the elements and even has metal bending

  21. Be strong as the earth and stand your ground. Be fluent as water and use the enemy's strength against them. Be free as air to evade treats. Be energetic as fire bringer of both life and death.
    Master all the elements and you will be unstoppable

  22. You guys forget Aang learned Toths seismic sense which would allow him to predict where Korra would be. ( could be wrong but I don’t think Korra ever learned that). Korra’s agile but Aang could throw a air sweep followed by a ground stomp, or any number of deadly combos.

    If we can predict your opponents moves then you’ll always win.

    Tbh this is a battle between defense and offense. Obi won vs Anakin

  23. You all forget how much the bending techniques were improved after Aang won and ended the war. All these new techniques or techniques that Aang did not have the time to learn in the 10 months of the serie Korra learned them from White Lotus.
    After 100years of war where bending was forbidden Aang won and let everyone bend the elements and improve the bending capabilities!
    Plus, even though i am team Aang, Korra now has Aang's power as Aang had Roku's.
    The world changed extremely during the lifetime of Aang, we can see tha inthe industrial revolution and the modern time of Korra so the bending also changed!

  24. what i was sayimg is that because of Aangs spirituality he is more powerful. Plus i hope you realize we are talking about a 12 year old who has had only months to do all of this. Korra had all the time she needed at mosg points. Full grown Aang beats Korra. Agree to disagree?

  25. Always gonna love Aang, but the thing I most agree with in this video is that Aang was by no means a master of the 4 elements (2 at best) while Korra was definitely an elemental master and a natural fighter. The way I see it, Korra was the superior all around fighter, with more smooth and seamless integration of all of her skills to create something greater than the sum of it's parts, while Aang's lesser mastery allowed him to rely more heavily on his spirituality/avatar state and take advantage of it's power. That's not a dig at Aang at all, simply an assessment.

    It's kinda like Yoda from star wars, who was able to outpace several Jedi masters native strength and speed with his force based physical augmentation. Skill had it's place for sure but being better at the force was just better.

    That said I did notice that Aang's controlled avatar state wasn't factored in, would like to see some thoughts on that.

  26. Korra would win in a battle.

    She has much more experience fighting with all 4 elements. She mastered 3 elements when she was only a few years old, whereas Aang mastered the elements when he was a teenager. Aang was originally taught wind bending by monks – an element that isn't used or associated with fighting as much as the other 3 elements are. He has a natural disadvantage in fights because he was never taught how to utilize wind bending in an offensive nature. Korra, on the other hand, grew up already master of 3 elements. She has a lot of fighting experience (shown in the entire bending team battle thing – icr what it's called).

    Korra is a much more skilled and refined avatar. It's unfair to compare the two given that they were different ages during their shows, despite this it's undeniable that Korra would be the stronger one since she has more bending experience, more fighting experience and is older than Aang.

    If you think Aang is better then sorry you're bias.

  27. I think the thing with korma is by her time she had it ways easier. In terms of bending the styles had uniquely evolved so of course she would be better. I don't see there is even a way to compare the two

  28. You only took the skills aang learned in 10 months and korra learning in an aspect of years. I believe that aang is way better even though korra can stay standing after being attacked. After learning tophs ability to dodge and see without seeing, he is able to dodge anything around him but also sense anything around him with air bending. Even though aang can be knocked down easily. He can dodge almost 100% of attacks and land attacks easily when dodging.

  29. افتار انك هو افضل افتار على الاطلاق اذا انت معي اضغط لايك ليشوف الجميع🌟💖🔥

  30. I mean, considering how many times Korra was kidnapped/almost kidnapped compared to Aang, I feel like Aang would win.

    Like whenever Aang was in the Avatar State, he kicked everyone’s butt. I feel like Korra just ain’t as strong in the Avatar State.

    Also Aang is like 13 she while Korra is 21 by the end of their respective series so.

  31. aang used earth and water bending with a level of intricacy korra didnt have and he knew how to energy bend. the hits he took that knocked him out were also more severe hits from powerful calculated attacks.

  32. Lets not also forget Aang was born during peace period. So he was never raised to fight being an Air Nomad.

    Also if Aang was willing to go for kill shots???

  33. I mean I love kora but I feel like the characters had better back rounds than kora’s characters . But if I’m gonna be honest in power I would probably might have to give it to kora.

  34. In my opinion it would be a draw they both know how much the world needs the avatar if either one dies while using the avatar state which you said they would both be in the avatar would no longer be a thing they would both walk away knowing they can not hurt the other no matter what

  35. Aang is best airbender, the avatar state is more powerfull because he have connection with past avatar.

    Koora is a Legend because of it, she is a new avatar generation with no connection with the power of past avatar, so the avatar state is weak than aang.

  36. I have a question in season 2 of avatar the last air bender when Azula shot Aang with lightning Aang said later in the first episode of season 3 he said he was gone ( aka dead ) and when the avatar dies he/she gets reincarnated. So when Aang “died” why wasn’t he reincarnated

  37. Badass airbender who defeated the largest threat in history (besides that one dude from season 2 in korra I guess), vs little bitchy waterbender who never learns anything.

  38. Honestly aaang was really weak as a kid all he did was run and depend on avatar state. Keep in mind all the times aang went into avatar he was not in control the past avatars were that’s why he was so powerful. Every time korra uses avatar state she is in full control. Based on this you can conclude aang was no better than korra. In my opinion, both were equally strong due to them being avatars. Btw if you insult korra you insult your beloved aang because he is a reincarnation of her the same spirit that lived in aang is a part of korra so you insult a part of him.

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