“Vocal Chess Match!” – Quick Singing Tips Ep. 14

“Vocal Chess Match!” – Quick Singing Tips Ep. 14

♬ Hey Singers! I’m Justin Stoney the
founder of New York Vocal Coaching here with you for another episode
of Quick Singing Tips. Today I’m joining you from the world famous
Chess Boards a New York City icon. These boards are where some of the
finest chess players in the world come to hustle unsuspecting chess-hopefuls like
me, which leads us to today’s question from Egypt M. in Dallas, Texas. Egypt writes, “Dear Justin, when did you
discover your love for music?” Aw, that’s a very sweet question, Egypt. Personally, I discovered my love for music at age
seven when I started taking piano lessons. My grandmother was one
of my biggest influences. She had a career as one of
Michigan’s first female doctors. But her love for music was so strong
she went back and received her College Music degree
at age 80. I remember many weekends
playing the piano for her and then we would have
a game of chess. ♬ Science has long known of the strong
connection between chess and music. It’s almost as if the two disciplines
are interlinked somehow. My grandma taught me
this at a young age. And, even though my grandma is
no longer with me, I know she’s very proud that I’ve devoted
my life to music. And I know she’s rooting for me
as these chess champs teach this chess chump
a few lessons. ♬ With both music and chess
it’s very easy to learn the basics. But it’s impossible to
completely master them. The fun is you get to spend a
lifetime getting better and better at all the subtleties, nuances,
and endless possibilities of your craft. ♬ To sing well, you’ve got
to have a strategy. Many singers struggle
because they want to improve but they have no
plan of attack. Ask yourself a question, “What exactly am I going to
do to make my singing better? “What specific parts of my
technique do I need to improve?” “What will I do this month,
this week, this year?” Just like in chess, if you want to be a
great singer you’ve got to be thinking ahead. ♬ Whether it’s a voice teacher, mentor or
another singer you want to find those who are better than you or
at least more experienced. There’s no shame in somebody else
being further down the path than you are. Heck, that’s why I’m letting these
guys mop the floor with me today. The only way to grow is to be
willing to lose, to fail, to learn, and to ask for help. ♬ Once you’ve worked, practiced,
studied, and learned from the best there’s only one thing to do, and
that is to make the bold choice. No singer ever became
successful by playing it safe. Think of ways that you can take a risk
and go outside your comfort zone. Oh man, checkmate! Well, at least I had fun and
learned a thing or two. Here’s some more things
that I hope can help you have fun and learn
on your vocal journey. For voice lessons or Skype
lessons with the NYVC staff visit us at
NewYorkVocalCoaching.com. If you’d like a vocal course that you
can do at home check out the Voice Lessons To The World Vocal Course. This twelve part program takes you
on a singing journey from beginner to master level vocal exercises. You can find it at
VoiceLessonsToTheWorld.com. Or, if you’d like free vocal
tips sent to you each day sign up at
DailyVocalTips.com. And now, here’s Justin with
this week’s vocal benediction. Grandma you showed me how to love
things like math, science, chess, and music. In life you weren’t a pawn,
you were a queen. A queen that can
never be taken. Let’s just have
one more game. ♬

24 thoughts on ““Vocal Chess Match!” – Quick Singing Tips Ep. 14

  1. Can you be my voice teacher??? I really want to improve. I can adlib, rif, and basically everything. But I'm a 19 years old boy and I don't like my singing voice, even when watching your vids. Desperate. I just don't know it anymore, I just want it so bad…

  2. This is not just a ,,Quick Singing Tips'' … This is REALLY BEST way to teach people at the most important thing at MUSIC and SINGING …. To LIVE with THEM !!! Im so happy, that i found your channel Justin !!! You're such a great PERSON and perfect TEACHER !!! I wish you all THE BEST… You deserve it !!! Have a great summer and we will waiting for more videos !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 …

  3. You were sooo cute as a kid! I love these episodes that share a little bit of you. Thanks so much for this. It made my day.

  4. Mom: Where are you? Im so worried about you.
    Me: don't worry mom, im JUST IN this STONEY Thing

    / |
    / ○

  5. I taught all of my kids how to play chess when they were very young, just as I learned. I told them one of the most important life lessons that they all remember to this day. That is, ´´I never learned a damn thing about chess by winning a game.´´

  6. impossible not to repeat such nice ..words ……..from Yanek Mazulov " I'm so happy, that I found your channel, Justin !!! You're such a great PERSON and perfect TEACHER !!! I wish you all THE BEST… You deserve it !!! Have a great summer and we will waiting for more videos !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 …"

  7. …And though my Grandma is no longer with me, she will definitely be with me in spirit next summer when I head into the recording studio for the first time. 🙂 She encouraged me to start singing when i was 3 years of age. She would often take me to church and tell me to sing in there as loud and as emotionally as I could. Aged 3 or 4, there I was in a quiet church nave singing my head off with people flocking from all sides of church to listen. When I was finished and people would be clapping and smiling, she would tell them to go shake hands and compliment the young singer. Or, on early mornings, we would go to a skyscraper or some other tall building in the city, and up there on the terrace she would ask me to sing to the city below me. Boy, was she fun.. Thank you, Justin, for your amazing videos. I dare say my Grandma would just adore you! :)xx

  8. Justin changed his t-shirts :)) Was really digging his colored ones. What brand were those really? I will get a bulk of them !

  9. Justin, you're the best! I have a question for you to answer in the next video of vocal exercise but I don't know where to send it. IF ANY ONE READ THIS COMMENT PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE ANSWER.

  10. That's amazing that your grandmother earned her music degree at age 80! I really needed to hear that cuz I'm 40 and have just returned to studying music which I haven't done since college, many years ago! Love your videos, keep 'em coming!

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