Vincent Keymer nach seiner Partie gegen Levon Aronian | GRENKE Chess Classic 2019

Vincent Keymer nach seiner Partie gegen Levon Aronian | GRENKE Chess Classic 2019

[Music] so we are now in bathing-bathing sixth round illnesses chess classic that again a great game played against levon aronian a top ten players in the current top ten and also a former winner here from a crashtest classic that was super The game is telling yes so I think selection had all ran relatively the opening well I had so already exactly as already against naiditsch okay he played for it here too but same structure it is then unfortunately on g3 and okay for surprise me that he didn’t was prepared that means he had no concrete plan He’ll have this position after five. where I automatically now have the Dogs tremble these weaknesses a6 and I got six which, of course. dangerous in the long term, however. of course I get concrete good play for it schönefelder and yes I have tried afterwards in the endgame thought I’m okay. I try to talk. to get rid of c 54 to play and the print to use I think he played very well. not admitted and yes I had this but I think I’ll then maybe something in between inferior and he played the c3 I think that it might be a mistake because after that day i think i’m gonna have to go back to and then ok and then the endgame was I think totally not as a has a jump in elevator nothing special simply tower two I think I was still okay the only one German that has given me a little and just go there and play with them. 40 votes advertised and yes, but I still think more you’ll think at some point that you’re going to defend during the game were it’s a top ten player music extra a little bit or is that going to be no matter what, top ten players are you tried but still you have to still think a little more carefully and think you need already I wasn’t Everybody’s holding these positions, yeah, I mean. that is a very strong player and For years there in front and there just is enough not a bit better or clearer better there you have to click on desired and we also encourage really good play to to win but it has turned out very well for the self-confidence yes and also the victory against georg mayer was natural very good for you because the cash yes you were feeling good. of course well slept after the victory because anja was good for your find self-confidence in general tournament i think the victory yes i have the first successes of the now come then come the others score some points for happiness even so and yamaha has you get your opportunities also better and perhaps also you can implement them better when you already didn’t I had now two chances both screwed up and just a quick answer to the question a little bit just before the tournament how long did you have not prepared for this to me So I’ve been all last week. Out here from school I have much prepared peter was short again because easier of course also a little bit much expression i my hard tournament in nine rounds rest day always a lot preparation and also once a a little bit of sport so it’s easy see that you’re comfortable which sport do I like it the same bike was also here in the evening at the fitness room was actually always bicycle that day not but bad weather but generally, you’ve got three more participate before you completely on it namely there is no reason for it to look forward to two more white proteins like then three strong opponents not yet so far then we are pleased and we are good luck for the next three partien then talks [Music] [Music] [Applause]

18 thoughts on “Vincent Keymer nach seiner Partie gegen Levon Aronian | GRENKE Chess Classic 2019

  1. Hätte ich nicht gedacht das Vincent remis schaft, hat mich sehr gefreut.
    Dieses Turnier kann ihn ein ganzes Stück weiter bringen.

  2. Bitte keine Antworten in den Mund legen beim Interview. Ansonsten interessant und sympathischer Junge.

  3. wow grea great grea result he is beating aronian but draw agreedd it hinik thanks alot for the intgereiw hei s definetely after caruana

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