Viking Chess game – Hnefatafl – Scrapwood Challenge ep23

Viking Chess game – Hnefatafl – Scrapwood Challenge ep23

scrapwood challenge scrapwood challenge its
scrap it’s crap it’s firewood but some of the wood is good in this video I’m going to make this board game it’s called Knefatafl it’s
called Knefatafl I know it’s not correct but I’m gonna
call it net Knefatafl, Knefatafl Knefatafl is a chess like game that was
played by the Vikings it followed them in their voyages and became popular
wherever they conquered at a glance it looks like an imitation of chess but itactually predates it by 600 years chess eventually became more popular and Knefatafl for was pretty much forgotten anyway I thought it looked really
interesting and I thought it’d make a great scrapwood challenge up to now on the scrap wood challenge
I’ve only used camphor Laurel but on this project I need a contrasting wood
so I picked out this piece of reclaimed silky oak and I think that fits in with
the theme still it’s making use of a piece of wood that could have otherwise
been discarded well it isn’t silky oak it’s actually
red cedar everything could use so far in that batch of wood has been silky oak
and I just took it for granted that’s what it’d be but anyway I think this may
even be a better contrast so I’m gonna go ahead with it I’m using this jig to thickness the
contrasting strips it’s very simple the plane runs inside the jig and then when
the sole of the plane touches the two guides on the outside and the workpiece
is at the right thickness and it’s very accurate they come out very consistent I ripped the square stock at 30 by 30
millimeters and I shouldn’t have done that I should have made it a bit wider
in this direction and now it’s glued up I could have put that through the
thicknesser and taken down to 30 that way and the whole thing would have been
flat it is actually very flat anyway because I did a pretty good job of
gluing it up so I think it’ll work out fine but that’s what I should have done next I need to glue together and I
need an 11 by 11 grid it’s 11 across this way but they’re are actually 12
across this way but I won’t chop that off until I’ve glued it all together and
also I need to chop some of the blocks out to fit these ones that I need one in
each corner so that will be the corner there like so and then one in the center I’ve cut a groove in all the body pieces
now I need to make a tenon on the head so it fits onto the body the king is the same as the other pieces
just a bit bigger but I did decide to kit it out with some accessories it’s quite a straightforward game to get
up and running I’ll just give you the basics but if you want the full rules
I’ll put a link in the description below it looks quite an unbalanced game
because one side has a lot more pieces than the other side on the outside we
have the attackers and on the inside we have the king with these defenders so
the idea of the game is the king is trying to get to safety which are these
four squares here which are called castles and the attackers are trying to
capture him before he does that the attacking team always goes first then
you can move any piece however many squares you want to go but you can only
go forwards or sideways you can’t go diagonally and you can’t hop over
another piece either so if I move this one up to there now it’s the defendants
sides go and I’ll just move this up here and I’ve done that on purpose
because now I’ll show you how you take a piece and if you sandwich an opposing
piece then you can remove that from the board and that works exactly the same
for any piece so that’s how a defender would remove an attacker off the board – I’ll just bring the King out and I’ll show you how the attackers make a
capture or just move some of these ones out of the way so it makes it a bit
clearer and the idea is, is it has to be flanked from all four sides and then the
attackers have won the game that was very basic but there really isn’t much
more to it than that and it gives you an idea what the games about I think
that’s a longest video I’ve done yet hopefully it wasn’t too long and you
still enjoyed it if you did please like and subscribe thanks for watching and
I’ll see you on the next one

100 thoughts on “Viking Chess game – Hnefatafl – Scrapwood Challenge ep23

  1. Don't have my own shop yet, working on starting a NFP makerspace to solve that, but had to comment; it came across my feed because of woodworking, I clicked because viking chess, but what i am taking away are the jigs. So many useful jigs that I need to copy for the makerspace once i have a space.

    Also, quality and stuff was really good, and you got a sub 🙂 have a good day.

  2. what i hate about american carpenters is they have no safe awareness !

    1. taple saw without Protection hood !
    2. safe distance with your fingers to rotated saw !

    but….. BUT !
    they do a god damn nice job !

  3. When the board was fully glued together and the corner bits cut off, why did you hand-sand it instead of running it through the plainer? Just curious. 🙂

  4. I have no idea how I got to this video, but I am glad I ended up here!
    Just got a new subscriber on the first video I have watched from this Channel!
    Lovely stuff!

  5. Just stumbled across this video and notice that there is no music at all in the background.
    It really works with the calming, sped up noises of woodworking.

  6. Most beautiful Hnefatafl board and pieces I have ever seen. I fancy the rounded two colored figures, very unique and accurate design

  7. Looks a really nice project. Probably hard to get it knocked out ar the right price to sell but what an amazing gift. Really looks good.

  8. Super video mate! It's a shame that this craft is slowly dying out. Us woodworkers should by all means stick together…

  9. For the pieces, I guess you could have made the groove and tenon on a longer piece of wood then cut into smaller size later.

  10. That is a lot of work to simply make the board, not just the pieces. There must have been an easier way? Unless this is a great way to keep consistent sized squares for pieces.

  11. Awesome work, and so glad to see something done that I haven't seen on YouTube prior. Keep up the great work, love the scrap wood challenge video's as well.

  12. I was just contemplating how to make a nice Hnefatafl board out of wood. I was checking out homemade chessboards and your video popped up. Perfect timing! Love the way you made it! Absolutely beautiful! I'm going to attempt to make one, but I definitely do not have the expertise to make it like yours. Thank you for the inspiration.

  13. That wasn't to long at all. I had never heard of the game and now I find myself fascinated by it researching it even as I watched. What a great project, thanks for sharing 👍

  14. Don't know which is more challenging building the board or playing the game. I have a game very similar from the Late 60's called "Breakout". While mine is a "Naval" game it appears to be very similar. I will attempt to build this in the future and will send you a picture. thanks.

  15. Wow, just had an idea to use cases instead of bullets. Carved heads for the knight, rook, and bishop. King and queen have crowns and are taller. Pawns are 9mm or 45acp cases/w FMJ bullets installed. or something like that.
    Nickel plated cases for white and brass cases for black.
    Thanks video maker!

  16. Wow! Great vid, Neil, definitely not too long at all! Love this build, the contrasting woods look very nice! Seems a great game to try and make ánd play some day. But….what's it called again? 🙂

  17. Tafl by Jesse Robinson is a good introductory book for different variations as well. Here's little write up I did on it: @t

  18. Amazing work and perfect editing. I was glued to the screen every moment of it. It looks absolutely beautiful

  19. It's a bit embarrassing, even though I'm Swedish, I have never heard of a Viking Chess.

    In any case, it is an incredibly beautiful done by you and it would have been fun to test it.

  20. Make sure everything goes ok, if you fail to make chess board, a wooded square dildo would be into asshole and no doctor you will find able to get that out, And if you success then you escape dildo treatment, 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  21. I made this game and played in many times with people. I love it, but
    one problem. The game is lopsided. The siege pieces have the
    advantage. Has anyone modified the rules to make the game more

  22. I made this game and played in many times with people. I love it, but
    one problem. The game is lopsided. The siege pieces have the
    advantage. Has anyone modified the rules to make the game more

  23. I made this game and played in many times with people. I love it, but
    one problem. The game is lopsided. The siege pieces have the
    advantage. Has anyone modified the rules to make the game more

  24. I appreciate that unlike alot of modern chess designs, you rounded the pieces making them symmetrical, which is more aesthetic, and more practical for actual game play.

  25. really enjoyed the vid, good to see you wearing a mask, that red cedar is bad sh*t especially serian red cedar, dust wise.

  26. I've seen it called "Tafl" as well. I seen an extant board that looks like it was scratched into a long ship plank. Very crude and the lines aren't near straight, but clearly a tafl board.

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