Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 347 – Full Episode – 19th December, 2018

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 347 – Full Episode – 19th December, 2018

As this game of ‘Mokshdwaram’
was progressing with a fast pace so was evil Tarkasur trying to entrap Kumar Kartikeya in his mind bending sorcery. But by the blessing
of Goddess Skandmata and using his own wits,
Kumar overcame all odds and he came back
to the game! Let us proceed with our game.
Tarkasur. ‘He is tenacious!’ ‘What ability does he carry’ ‘that he is able to overcome
every trap I lay for him?’ I am the son of supreme being
Lord Mahadev and the primordial entity Goddess Parvati. I am their son, Tarkasur. And hence these puny tricks
of yours cannot stop me
from moving further! ‘How did I forget that Kumar
is the great son’ ‘of Lord Mahadev
and Goddess Parvati!’ ‘So why did I harbour such doubt
over his abilities?’ ‘And why do I feel such fear?’ ‘Shame on me!’ ‘Even if I am able to return
from here safe and sound’ ‘I would not be respected
by anyone!’ ‘And what use is a rank
that bears no respect!’ Tarkasur,
what is the matter? Do you not wish
to play further? Yes, I do want to play. Can you not see that I am only 20 paces away from my victory. Tarkasur, you must win
at once. And remember this well. You need to roll
a highest number for that. Seek the highest number. I cannot believe this. You support me, Lord Indra? Yes, Demon Emperor. Lord Indra. What are you doing? Why do you side by Tarkasur? Vayudev, it is my free will. I will support the one that I see winning And here I see that Emperor Tarkasur seizing
the glory of triumph. Lord Indra. What happened to you? How can you change sides? ‘How is it possible
for Lord Indra’ ‘to switch sides with ease
and aid his enemy?’ Adverse conditions often
corrode a person’s morale. The guardians could not believe that Lord Indra will give in. I need the greatest number! A stronger digit! A mighty number and only then my victory
will be certain and I can be safe. ‘He stands at great ease.’ ‘Can it be that he seeks
a reversal?’ ‘Is he able to reach
the cleaver?’ ‘No! This cannot be!’ ‘Indra is right.’ ‘I must score a higher number.’ ‘A higher number!’ Attasur, what did he score? Just two. Only two paces? Lord Tarkasur!
What have you done? You should have sought
a better number. A mere two paces
would be of no use. In such a manner, Kumar
will reach you and kill you. I mean to say that you must
score higher and reach the cleaver. Or else your doom is certain. ‘How can Lord Indra be
so ungrateful?’ ‘Just as Tarkasur is riddled’
with fear’ ‘his powers will start fading.’ Four! Lord Tarkasur! You need a score of eight, nine
or twelve. About eight, nine or twelve?
– Yes. Careful, Demon king!
You might lose! Attasur, what did he get? Just two paces. Lord Tarkasur, what happened
to you? I told you that you need
to score about nine and I never mentioned
two paces! ‘Now I understand.’ ‘Lord Indra is trying
to distract Tarkasur!’ Vayudev, this is a mere trick
by Lord Indra. To distract Tarkasur. Lord Tarkasur, do you not know that Kumar Kartikeya
is aided by the great Goddess! And hence he overcomes the traps you lay and ones that even you fail
to tackle. And even while knowing all this you play with such ease? Can you not even score
a better number? Enough! Silence, Lord Indra! I will be dead if I lose
so what harm is it to you? If you are so eager to die
then so be it. I will end up as a tree here
for all eternity to come. And now we are both alike. No matter how hard we try
we are bound to suffer. And hence I tell you
to score better and a higher number. ‘I must admire this move
of Lord Indra.’ ‘The more he distracts Tarkasur’ ‘the more Tarkasur falters
in the game!’ Kumar Kartikeya and Tarkasur were playing the same game but their motives
were very different. Tarkasur simply wanted
to win this game but Kumar Kartikeya wanted
to win by righteous means. Lord Tarkasur! Now you only need to move
by four paces! That is all! Only four more paces! And by the commotion caused
by Lord Indra and by his own score, seeing
Kumar Kartikeya moving ahead Tarkasur was distracted
that he had no chance to cheat and change
his score. Lord Indra had just begun
his move. Kumar had now reached
the 85th mark. Tarkasur had reached
at 96th mark. Had Tarkasur scored
four paces in his next turn he would have won. If that were come to pass Kumar Kartikeya would have
lost it all. ‘That is it.’ ‘I do not have far to go.’ ‘I have to be on guard’ ’till I taste my victory.’ Hail Tarkasur!
Glory to Lord Tarkasur! You are a foul traitor,
Lord Indra! Why do you act in such
vile manner? Since when is Tarkasur
your King? How can you switch sides
with such ease? That is why I am
the King of Guardians. I am wise and hence I can see. It is wise to abandon
a sinking ship. Did you see that? Kumar, did you see that? I have not even won yet and I have sown unrest
amongst your loyal guardians thus creating a rift
amidst them! You need not worry
about them and focus on yourself,
Tarkasur. You have not yet won. And it will be better for you to pay heed to the game. Lord Indra, had we known that
you would turn sides and show your true colours
as a traitor then we would have left you
in those dungeons! Silence! Stop this rant Truly said, Sire. Truly said. These guardians must be quiet. My King Tarkasur is close
to his victory. Now that remains
is the announcement. My King, I cannot keep
myself away seeing you so close to victory. Here I am, standing beside you. Agreed. Stay right there. And let me make my move. ‘I need to score four paces.’ One! Two! Three! What are you counting? I am counting all the marks
in this game. If you must do it
then use your mind. Why do you distract
Lord Tarkasur? Shame on you, Lord Indra. You address this demon
yet again as your king! He is the true king! I have been his councillor
for ages. I have been guiding him. And who are you to warn me
about distracting the Lord? You fool! Do you not know? King Tarkasur himself created
this game. And he knows the count. He knows it well that to reach
the cleaver it is not two but he needs..
– Four! He needs a score of four. And hence I said.. Not two. Two paces ae not required. Then say it clearly. He requires four paces. Yes, but not asking for two
I mean the same, fool. He does not need two.
Two will not be of use. My King, pay heed on two. We do not need two. My King, had you scored
a greater number back then around eight, nine or twelve..
– My King, you need four! Four paces!
– But now.. Now you need something
apart from two. ‘I need four and not two.’ ‘Not eight nor nine.
I do not need two.’ ‘I mean four and not two.’ You need four paces. Do not even think of getting
two paces. Two paces are useless. We need four and not two! Silence! Do not focus on two,
my King! You must remember!
It is four that we need! We do not need two
but we need four! ‘I hope I was able to instil
confusion’ ‘in the mind of Tarkasur.’ Was it two or four? No, it was not two.
It can never be two. Four? Two? Was it four?
Four or two? What was it? Four or two? What is going on?
What was it? It was four.
Yes, I remember. What was the right number? It was not two, my King! It was four.
Not two. Two. Two? Why is it two? ‘I have succeeded.’ ‘Your move has worked
Lord Indra.’ Why did I stop at 98th mark? I must move ahead.
I must win! ‘What is this hissing?’ No! My King! He has
been devoured by the serpent! Kumar Kartikeya I do not know if I will ever come out safe
from here but I ask
you for forgiveness for my ill behaviour. Please trust me.
I was always loyal to you. But I was.. – You did all
of that to distract Tarkasur. I know, Lord Indra. Lord Indra, I had said
some ill words before I knew that you were
helping Kumar Kartikeya. Forgive me, for that. Lord Vayudev, Lord Kuber. No need for that. In the
beginning of this quest I was in despair and hence it is by this act
of mine you said all those things to me. ‘The guardians are morphing
in trees.’ I must end the game at once to keep the guardians safe. Yes, Kumar Kartikeya. There is not time to lose. No one can defeat you now. This is the right time. I will proceed further, Vayudev. But I will do so by the rules
of the game. Kumar Kartikeya can win
by bending the rules but he does not do it. And we have my King Tarkasur who cheated all the way
in the game. And now this divine
Kumar Kartikeya who stands true and just. Four! By complete dedication
and honesty Kumar Kartikeya was devoted
to complete the game. And thus he shows
great justice. Lady Sarla it is the greatness
of Kartikeya, son of Mahadev. Kumar Kartikeya played his move
and passed four paces ahead but he had
to wait for Tarkasur to tumble down. Now it was Tarkasur’s turn
to roll the dice and only then Kumar Kartikeya
could play his move as the rules of the game
dictate. But where had the serpent
taken Tarkasur? Lies, deceit and treachery
never bring any real gain. And it was time for Tarkasur
to see the truth. Since he was now caught
in his own trap. Open up! Open your mouth! Let me out! I have created this game! And you.. You devour me? I command you to open
your mouth and let me out. You will not listen? I will force your mouth open! Hail Lord Tarkasur!
– Hail! Now Tarkasur was facing
his malice and his sins. And he stood before them. And same lied against
Kumar Kartikeya. But the game could not proceed as Tarkasur was not back yet. And the guardians held captive were on a race against time. Since they were almost morphed
into trees. And this was a great peril
for the guardians as Kumar Kartikeya
can only save them if Tarkasur was back
at the game. ‘One that lays traps
for others’ ‘ends up falling in one.’

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