Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 344 – Full Episode – 14th December, 2018

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 344 – Full Episode – 14th December, 2018

Prince Kartikeya,
thank you very much for saving me
from this trap. All of us are safe again. We should proceed so that we can reach
that thing. ‘Tarakasur himself
has reached here.’ ‘He will not let us
find his sword now.’ Come, Prince Kartikeya,
the commander of Gods. Tarakasur is present here
to welcome you. So Tarakasur had also
reached the palace and he was present
in front of Prince Kartikeya. Did a war begin between
Tarakasur and Prince Kartikeya? No. No?
What happened, then, Brahmin? A game began. A game of the second phase
of failure and success between Tarakasur
and Prince Kartikeya. And this was a unique game which would decide the fate
of Tarakasur along with the Gods. So, we have come
in front of each other Prince Kartikeya,
the son of Lord Shiva and the commander
of Gods. You are standing
in front of me in my illusionary palace. Yes, Tarakasur. This is
the indication of your end. You are trapped
in your own plan. You had asked Lord Brahma
for a boon that only Lord Shiva’s son
can kill you. Here you go. Lord Shiva’s son,
Prince Kartikeya is standing in front of you
in your palace as your death. Lord Vayu, false words
have no value now. Enough of this hide and seek. All the Gods proved to me that you were moving forward
to look for me but you were proceeding
towards another goal. But Lord Indra
revealed the truth due to his nature
of talking too much. ‘All of us have come here
to look for that sword’ ‘where Tarakasur’s
life resides.’ So, stop pretending because everyone knows
very well that this boy
cannot harm me as long as my life is safe
in that sword. I will definitely destroy
that sword, Tarakasur. I will not go anywhere
before that. Prince Kartikeya, Tarakasur
has troubled us a lot. I cannot kill him. But I will punish him till you succeed
in finding the sword. Yes, Commander. Lord Vayu is right. I will trouble this demon. Gods, be careful. Prince Kartikeya,
these illusionary plants are proceeding towards us. We will have
to do something quickly. We will have to stop them
from proceeding towards us. I will trouble you, Gods.
Lord Vayu. Prince Kartikeya,
the illusionary plants are holding us captive. Yes, Prince Kartikeya. And our legs are
turning into plants. I am happy. Very happy! Cunning Tarakasur! Free these Gods. That is not in my hands, Prince. This will be possible only when you do something
that is compulsory. What is all this?
– The Salvation Gate. This means, the game
of snakes and ladders. Welcome to the game
the Salvation Gate. You want the sword, right?
It is in front of you there on the column
number 100. But you will have to play
the game of snakes and ladders to reach there. And the winner will get the sword. Why should I trust you? This can be your new plan
to trap us. That can be
an illusionary sword too. During the creation
of Shaunitpur I had setup the game
of snakes and ladders in this palace to protect the jar. Anybody who enters
this palace now it is compulsory for him
to win this game. Including myself. That is when
one can leave this palace. Patience, Prince Kartikeya. We cannot trust
this wicked Tarakasur. I think this is a clever trap. Okay, fine.
Do not play this game. You do not trust
my words, right? Go! This will not cause
any loss to me because my life is safe
in that sword. But if you do not play
this game neither will you get the sword nor will you be able
to leave Shaunitpur. Also, these Gods will remain here as trees. Okay, I accept
your challenge. ‘Prince Kartikeya
got ready to play this game’ ‘without even knowing
the rules.’ ‘I hope he can play well
and save us from this problem.’ ‘Otherwise,
we will be in trouble.’ You have taken
a very good decision. And to make this game
more interesting I am increasing the bets. The Gods will never
enter heaven after your defeat. Not after my defeat,
Tarakasur. Only if I get defeated. But that is not possible. We will find out soon enough who will win and who will lose. But I also need
to tell you that if you do not get the sword within three chances your three Gods will turn into trees forever. Prince Kartikeya,
we do not have much time. Please begin the game soon. I agree with Lord Indra
for the first time today. What are you waiting for? Begin the game,
Tarakasur. Your Majesty,
you are inviting trouble by playing this game. Kartikeya is very clever. Your illusory powers have failed
to work against him so far. If he reaches the sword
before you do Your Highness.. He is in Shaunitpur right now.
I have the game in my hand. That sword is also mine. I am already victorious. I just have to announce it. In that case, why are
you still playing this game? I want to trouble him with this game of mine. Is that clear to you? Go, Attasur. Tell me the score. Sure, Your Highness. Make sure you read
the score correctly, Attasur. What is my score? Ten. Great. ‘Oh, no!
He went way too ahead’ ‘with that score.’ As you see, I have
attained a good score at the very first throw. I am at 25 points. It is your turn to throw
the dice now. Lord Kartikeya,
you have saved us many times. Please play this game smartly to save our lives again. Lord Kartikeya is responsible
for our pitiable state. Had we returned
long ago, the situation would not
have come to this. Our lives are dependent on this darned game. Tarakasur has turned the game to his favour
by deception. He will ensure
the right score for himself in the game
to take the lead. A person can only go far
by means of deception. In the beginning, it seems
like a dishonest person goes well ahead of others
in the game called life by accumulating
riches throughout. But when he
gets exposed to the world he bears the brunt
of his misdeeds. His conditions
become very bad. And then he comes back
to where he started. I will not be able to help you
even if I want to Kartikeya. Because I control
my dice with my powers. But you must throw
the dice by yourself. Mother, this is
the biggest test of my life. So be with me
and guide me. “The Goddess
of motherly love.” “Oh, the Holy Goddess!” “You are the mother
of a great son.” “You are the mother
of this whole world.” “You are the mother
of this whole world..” ‘How is Kartikeya
controlling the dice?’ ‘What is this invisible
power of his’ ‘which is
overpowering mine?’ Hey! What illusionary power
are you using to control the dice? Tarakasur,
illusion is what you do. The source of my power
is the blessing of my mother. ‘Let me see if Kartikeya
is lucky enough today.’ ‘Because even over wellness
depends on his luck.’ Attasur tell me the total score
of my dice. The Goddess
herself threw the dice on behalf of Kartikeya. That means his score must
have been more than Tarakasur’s. He must have won it, right? No. This game was not so easy. Because the game was very unpredictable. 11. The total score
of Tarakasur was 10. Because of which he got
a good status. But Kartikeya’s score is
more than Tarakasur’s. That means his status will be
greater than Tarakasur’s. There is a picture
of snake in this box. Kartikeya! This snake devoured Kartikeya. His powers proved
to be useless. Kartikeya will never return. ‘Be it a game or war’ ‘we must participate
with utmost diligence’ ‘and concentration.’

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