– That’s right, they banned
the sale of spider ball python. (techno hip hop music) Hey, good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. I hope the start of your
day is absolutely amazing. I certainly don’t wanna be a Debbie Downer but I am gonna tell you
that I’m gonna be ranting a little bit today about
something that came up over the last little bit that
just really infuriates me. And let me start by saying it’s gonna be about this particular snake. Some of you may already
know what this is about. This is actually what they
call a spider ball python. It’s actually an
incomplete dominant animal, meaning that it doesn’t have a super form but when you breed it to a
normal ball python per se, on average about half the babies come out looking like a spider. Lemme start by giving you a little history on the spider ball python. In actuality, a guy named Tyrone
from Cal Zoo in California actually imported an animal
that looked something like this. It was an adult male and
he offered it for sale, I think it was about $1,500,
is what he was asking for. This is way back in the late ’90s and Lindy from Freedom Breeder
ended up buying that animal after it sat at Tyrone’s
place for quite some time. Lindy then did a partnership
with Kevin McCurley from NERD, who is a massive ball python breeder and one of the founders
of the ball python trade and Kevin bred that animal and turned out to be incomplete dominant. When he bred it to a normal about half the babies came out spider. Now the whole reason it was named spider or is named spider now is actually because Kevin called it
a spiderweb ball python. Because he felt like the patterning almost looked like a spiderweb. Now this was really
unbelievable back in the day because again there was
only a couple mutations of ball pythons and the
ball python industry was just starting to take off. With the addition of the very first incomplete dominant animal
it really changed the game and I think I was the second person to buy one of these guys, I paid $25,000. Now this animal here happens to be a mutation of a handful of things. This is actually a spider,
red stripe, super stripe, so there’s a lot of genes in it but one of the things that
comes along with the spider gene and we’ve really known about this, from the very start when
Kevin started producing these guys, is that they have somewhat of a little bit of a neurological problem. Do you see this animal? Its head doesn’t move quite right, has a little bit of a tilt. Some are worse than others. And it’s basically called a spider wobble. And this spinner here which is a spider pin stripe is a perfect example. It’s got a little bit more of
a shaky head thing going on, when it moves it does
corkscrew a little bit but nothing too dramatic. I have personally worked for a long time to kinda get as much of the wobble out. Now it is linked to the gene so there’s no way you’re gonna separate it. When you produce a spider there is a neurological glitch called a wobble and you’re never gonna
totally get rid of it but what I found is if you breed animals that have the least amount of wobble, typically their offspring come out with the least amount of wobble as well. Now, I totally understand
the people that say listen I don’t wanna breed anything that has some kind of a genetic defect. A wobble with the spider
is a genetic defect. The thing is, is that there’s
a lot of genetic defects when you start breeding animals. Hey, lookit, anyone that
is into dogs or cats for that instance understand
that a lot of the dog breeds and cat breeds have genetic defaults that go along with them. The thing is, why I’m
starting this whole rant, is that the powers that
be over in the U.K., and I hear some other European
countries are soon to follow, basically banned the sale
of spider ball pythons. That’s right, they banned the
sale of spider ball pythons in all combinations thereof. So, they decided that
they were gonna kinda play the biggest power and say
we can take away your right to choose whether you ever want one of these absolutely
gorgeous animals in your life. Now the reason I’m so upset
about this is the fact that it is an extremely slippery slope when you start choosing what mutations and what you consider is a defect. Take for instance a scaleless
Texas rat snake right here. Some people literally
think that this is a defect that shouldn’t be bred because
it doesn’t have scales. They basically say hey listen, the fact that it doesn’t
have scales means that it can’t protect itself
and it’s an abomination and you shouldn’t be able to breed it. My point is that who gets
the right to decide that. You know, there are mutations
in every type of animal, again not just reptiles,
like I mentioned dogs and cats and all kinds of other stuff that basically have defects
that go along with it. There’s a saying that says
all recessives concentrate which basically just means that when you are actually
breeding for a phenotype or color phase or lack of scales or whatever the case may be sometimes there’s other concentrated
genes that are on those proteins for whatever allele that’s
causing that mutation. So, my point is where do you draw the line and who should be able to make that decision of where you draw the line? Take for instance Ben and Jerry here. They’re a two-headed snake. They are definitely an abomination. They are a mutant. They are a freak of nature, so to speak, and I’m sorry I don’t
like to use that term but the point is, yes,
they are not normal. Does that mean that somehow they shouldn’t be able to be kept? Should they be euthanized immediately because someone thinks oh my gosh, they shouldn’t be alive,
they’re suffering, those poor two heads
are fighting each other. The best thing for that
animal is to be euthanized. And that’s where I get really upset because again, no one should
decide what is right for you or your animals or anything like that as long as the animals
are being cared for. It’s not like the spider
ball pythons are born and have some heinous thing
that they can’t actually thrive. The truth is that mutation
has thrived for over 25 years. It’s been an incredible mutation. They raise up, they do well,
they breed, everything. So why would someone think
that of all mutations that is the one that you should
ban and you should outlaw? Trust me guys, this is a slippery slope. Once this happens, what gets banned next? Is a piebald an abomination because it couldn’t live in the wild? If this was out in the
wild, that white would mean that a predator would have to attack it, so this should not be
produced in captivity anymore and we should ban piebald pythons. I know I might be going
little extreme there but my point is that what’s next, right? Because we all know that
there’s a lot of mutations whether it’s in ball pythons,
leopard geckos, corn snakes, whatever the case is,
that have some anomalies. Take for instance super cinnamons,
they have a bulbous nose. Sometimes they even come out with kinks. Does that mean we should immediately ban cinnamon ball pythons? I don’t know guys. As you can see, I’m extremely passionate and somewhat upset about this decision. I don’t like this. I think that this is a dangerous thing. I’d like to know from you
guys down in the comment, what do you fell about it? Do you think that spiders should be banned because of the wobble? Do you think that other
animals should be banned because they have defects? Or do you think that we should let people decide for theirself? Again, I’m not saying
things that are obvious. If there’s a mutation of a
snake or something like that, that obviously is lethal
or really causes the animal to not thrive, absolutely,
we should police ourself and we should decide not
to produce those animals. We shouldn’t have to be told by somebody to not produce these animals or that they can’t be sold because what else? What if I sell a spider
ball python in the U.K.? Do I go to jail? I don’t even know what the ban means. How do you know who’s enforcing it? I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous. Point is that we should really be policing ourself as a hobby. We should be doing what’s best
for the animals, the hobby, the market, everything
else when it comes to that. Take for instance this gecko here. This is actually a snow enigma. Now the enigma is kind of similar
to the spider ball python. It’s another animal that’s
a incomplete dominant and it also has a wobble issue to it. This animal is actually pretty good. And we have a handful of enigmas that we just have in the collection that actually aren’t too
bad but we made a decision not to breed the enigmas in the future. Again, I’m not saying
that enigmas are terrible. I’m not saying that we
should stop breeding and I’m certainly not saying
that we should ever ban enigmas because they are absolutely
beautiful animals and like you can see
with this one right here, it’s not doing anything weird. It’s not flipping around but it does have a little bit of a head wobble
and it’s just something that we decided hey
there’s other mutations that are very similar to enigma, we’ll just go ahead and work with them. Things like white and
yellows, that make things that look almost the same
so why produce the enigma. Again, we decided on our own. We didn’t have to be
told by anyone to do it, we just decided alright we’ll hang on to the ones that we have but we just won’t produce anymore in the future. Another example of that would be something like Fetty Wap here, which
is a hypo leatherback. Now leatherback is co-dominant mutation. When you breed two leatherbacks together, you actually get what is called a silky which is basically like a
scaleless bearded dragon. I know I just talked about
the scaleless corn snakes and stuff like that and said no, there’s nothing wrong with them. Well the truth is, with
scaleless bearded dragons, or the silky bearded
dragon, they do seem to be a little wonky and what I mean by that is that they don’t shed really
well, they have some skin issues and so on like that,
and the truth be told, the majority of the hobby
stopped breeding silkies. Now some people still do it, and I’m certainly not
trying to go after anyone and say you shouldn’t
breed silkies anymore. My point is that the
hobby kinda policed itself and most people decided
to stop breeding them because of their health issues. See, we don’t need to
have some powers that be that actually don’t even know what they’re talking about telling us what to breed and what not to breed. And again, I’m not talking
about some heinous thing that is obviously a
problem with the animal but the truth is if we
ever produce something that was like that, that was obviously a detriment to the animal,
a detriment to the hobby, wouldn’t the hobby kinda police itself in that sense too, and everyone
would stop breeding them and maybe even the
people that were breeding them would be looked at
and kinda frowned upon. The albino corn snake or
any melanistic corn snake, one of the first mutations
really ever being sold in the pet trade, to be
totally honest with you. This animal was being sold way back before there was really a reptile hobby. There was just a handful
of people that were mainly just trading back and
forth and so on like that. And in the very beginning,
mutations like albino, snow, stripe corn, all kinds of mutations originally were considered
to potentially be lethal because they were really weak. When you produce them,
they didn’t do well. And then generation after
generation of outbreeding and getting new bloodline,
now they’re a mainstay staple. Again, I remember the first
stripe corns being produced and everyone thought that
they were a lethal gene that couldn’t be reproduced because when you bred stripe corn to stripe corn, all you would get is infertile eggs. Now you can breed stripe corn to stripe corn ’til the dogs come home. Now, I’m not saying
that you’re gonna breed the wobble out of spider
because I mentioned earlier in the vlog, you
can’t breed the wobble out of a spider but that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve it and
just kinda work on it. The fact is I think that this is kind of a lack of education. The people that are making
these decisions don’t really understand what they’re even making their decisions on. Now I’m not a 100% sure but I
read something that the IHS, which is the International
Herpetological Society, was somewhat behind this
or sponsored the idea or something like that,
which really surprised me because those people
know better than that. And I’m hoping that I’m wrong. I’m hoping that it isn’t the
IHS behind something like this because they understand animals and if they were educated
enough to really understand what they were talking about,
they would have never tried to ban the spider ball
python because to me I think that this is just kinda a prelude to start banning other animals. And we don’t want that to happen. Again, this might just be over in the U.K. and maybe some certain
other places in Europe but hey eventually it could come to here and could be all over the world. So we definitely wanna
make sure we’re educating the powers that be to make
them understand that listen, you are literally making a decision that’s gonna affect people’s livelihoods in a way that doesn’t
really help anything. And again, I am gonna make this point again so that you are
crystal clear on this. I am not saying that I am not in the best interest of
the animal because I am. Because if there is something that I feel is bad for the animal I am all for policing ourself and saying no more, we aren’t breeding those animals. But in this case, I just don’t
think that it’s the case. I don’t see spiders being
such an egregious mutation and this head wobble being such a horrible thing that we should ban them and not be allowed to sell them anymore. Again, where does it end? Today it’s spider ball pythons, maybe next week it’s piebald ball pythons and maybe a year from now, all
color mutations are banned. ‘Cause someone thinks
they’re an abomination and feels for whatever reason that they shouldn’t be reproduced. So where do we go from here? I honestly don’t even
know the answer to that and I do apologize to you guys ’cause you know I like
to keep the vlog happy, positive, upbeat, and
I still feel that way but when it comes to
a situation like this, I’m pretty passionate about it. I’ve spent my entire life trying to disprove people’s opinion of reptiles. And here in our own hobby
we’re all of a sudden startin’ to cherry-pick an animal that yes, does have an issue, but
is it such a bad issue that you would literally ban the animal? Why not just let, again,
breeders make their own decision and people make their own decision? If people are educated on, yes
spiders do have some wobble but it doesn’t really affect their life as long as you’re not buying
an extreme wobble one, let people make their own decision. If they want ’em, they want em. If they don’t want ’em,
they don’t want ’em. As for me, I love them. I am gonna continue to work with them. I am gonna continue to breed them and be responsible about
it all along the way. And if someone asks me,
of course I’m gonna be completely transparent about
the potential for wobble. And again, I don’t wanna upplay wobble, I don’t wanna downplay
wobble, it is there. But in the 25 years that I’ve been working with them, I’ve never had one that has had a health issue because of it. Regardless, I’ve gotta ask
you guys what do we do? Let me know in the comments
what you feel about this, what you think our next
steps are, what would you do? ‘Cause I’ll be totally honest with you, I really haven’t even wrapped my head around who’s made this decision. Like who’s the powers
that be that actually says this is gonna happen and
how do they enforce it. I don’t know. And I don’t know if I should be concerned that there’s gonna be more
animals coming down the pike. So again, down in the comments
let’s have a conversation. I want to read about what
you think about this, what you think the solution is and if maybe you agree with it and I’m completely fine
having a conversation if you disagree with me and
agree with this situation. I wanna know. So there it is guys. I’m gonna go ahead and just end it and leave it there with you guys. I will be in the comment section all day, reading and kinda
replying back to you guys, so please let me know what you guys think. Let’s have a good conversation. Let’s just kinda figure
out what to do next and how to prevent any
future damage to the hobby and so on like that. But again, I will listen to you if you think I’m wrong on this topic. I’m completely open to
hearing your side of it. So go ahead in the comments. As for now, I’m just gonna
wish you guys an amazing day, evening, whenever you happen
to be watching this vlog and tomorrow we’ll be back
to our positive all the ways. Your guys’ support means the world to me and I truly love you guys so much. Can you do me a couple favors before we get outta here though? Can you smash that Like
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being kind to me please. I will see you guys tomorrow. (techno hip-hop music)

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