Venom Snake Gets His Revenge

Venom Snake Gets His Revenge

Thank you my friend From this day out You’re Big Boss (Manly tears WTF sommarlov ?) (Nevermind, that’s a look of anger) (Phone dialtone) Receptionist: “Kojima Bank, how can I help you?” Hi… It is I Big Boss. Totally not someone who’s forced to look like him against his will wanting to withdraw money from his.. I MEAN my checking account Receptionist: Well… normally I shouldn’t ask you for your account number, your address, your Social Security number and your date of birth (Snake’s all ears) Oh goddamm, I recognise your voice everytime I splurge! I (sounds of panicking) what would like to withdraw sir? (Anything!) Ocelot: Boss, we’ve got a problem Boss:500 thousand dollars for a yacht 100 thousand for a new prosthetic arm? A THOUSAND FOR 1 MILLION BOXES OF INSTANT RAMEN?! I never made any of these purchases! Ocelot: Boss, I think someone hacked Outer Heaven’s checking account Boss: You’re right. Besides, I know neither of us could have ordered dat large nude painting of myself.(O_O) Ocelot: Yeah, neither one of us could have done that And with that, I’ll be officially retiring from Diamond Dogs (mic drop) It’s all yours, Kaz! Kaz:How does everyone feel.. About burgers? (Really?) (Due to a hacked checking account ,Outer Heaven was forced to sell off many of its possessions. Here, we see engineers collecting said possessions.) (sounds of struggling) Ocelot: It’s mine! (Venom Snake getting the peace he deserves) This is the life (turns to Quiet) Right bae? Ocelot: Don’t worry Boss, I’ll always be by your side. (Poor Big Boss) (sad Big Boss) (Insert end of video)

100 thoughts on “Venom Snake Gets His Revenge

  1. Not sure what I'm happier about; that this is among the best mgsV animations I've ever seen, that this is one where Venom Snake gets the ending he truly deserved or that it end with Quiet and Venom together.

  2. An MGS 5 SFM?
    Been too fucking long, hell a top reason why Im here as I dont get the anime reffrences from your other SFM's

    Does this mean that your done with MGS SFM's thou? As it is an "ending?"

  3. my friend enjoy being Big boss while it lasts. but you had one job, not getting blown by a rocket launcher!! smug

  4. There's just something inherently wrong with a sad homeless Big Boss. At least someone else recognises the superior VenomxQuiet OTP.

  5. So I guess the events of Metal Gear MSX never happen then. Eh guess David gets a normal life now.

  6. Ocelots not gay its just a strong bromance like a really strong bromance…. I mean its not gay if there's only a little eye contact right? RIGHT?

    God I just wished they would have fucked already.

  7. And so Kaz's dream of turning Dimond Dogs into a hamburger joint was finally relized! As long as they don't have onions or tomatoes in his hamburgers I'm all for ordering from him!

  8. honestly shouldn't kaz be pissed after learning that even though snake gave him his outer heaven he wanted snake pretty much just left his group. but i guess burgers solves the best kinds of anger xD

  9. I know people use this term alot,BUT REALY you deserve more sub's.the content you make os grade level A .u should have 1mill sub your really good.

  10. For those who are wondering where the "large nude painting of myself" is, here:

  11. Lol, $500,000 for a yacht? That's not even close to enough money to afford a yacht. Maybe it would pay for the maitence fees if he already had one..

  12. WTF… why is youtube keep placing my closed caption on Russian? I AM NOT A RUSSIAN! I am a United States citizens who is hard of hearing. T_T

  13. So, since Venom retired, what will come of Solid Snake in this alternate timeline? Will he work for Diamond Dogs Burgers? We all know Kaz is the CEO of the company while Snake (Venom) is doing his own thing with Quiet who we should presume came back to Mother Base. While we are at it, we should act like she can talk now without killing anyone. So, yup. But when does Metal Gear Solid V: Diamond Dogs come out? Or would the new timeline mess with the numbers?

  14. You know Big Boss, this would have never happened if you would have just interpreted the Boss’s will correctly.

  15. This is the ending venom and miller deserve. Venom gets peace, and miller can bring pax hamburgana to the world.

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