Velvet Said The Next………………………………..

Velvet Said The Next………………………………..

hey guys back with another video but
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look at velvet she looks so gorgeous I mean it’s like she brightened back up
she blossomed into a rose when she came back to the states and joined her family
where she needs to be and like velvet said because we need to stop calling her
Ileana because that is not the name that her parents gave her velvet is the name
that her parents gave her when she was born and out of respect that’s what we
need to stop calling her because her name was given to her Ileana by Nature
Boy and Ileana is no more velvet is what exists now she’s back to who she was
again by leaving that current situation now like velvet had said I hope y’all
was paying attention I hope y’all was a whoa sweetie she was saying the next
time I speak she’s gonna basically be getting some money for it and she
deserves it because she’s been through a lot and if anyone can tell that story
would be velvet because she lived it for three years she endured the sacrifice
for her child and trying to make it work for that relationship believing that
maybe one day Nature Boy would change and see her for the great person she was
and just be with her only in that child now many might say she went into the
situation knowing yeah she did but there’s a lot of women trying to get
over there right now for the same reasons and I’ve been saying
since I’ve been doing commentary on the carbonation in nature boy situation that
everyone thinks that if they go over there they’re going to take someone’s
place not knowing that no one’s going to take anyone’s place because Nature Boy
wants to be with multiple women and that’s his lifestyle so what Velva
did was she said after she got tired of being tired I’m gonna remove myself from
this situation because it’s not gonna work and as we all see like Nature Boy
does so often when things don’t work out and you leave his world he wants to
throw you under the bus like he’s doing with velvet right now but don’t believe
all the mess that he’s saying because we know that hurt people hurt people and
right now he’s in a Hurt space because his ego has been broken and no one’s
supposed to do that to nature boy she did the best thing for her and her
child’s there is no growth being over there in carbonation because you have
inserted yourself into nature boy’s world you’re just living in it you’re
just existing the best thing velvet could have done for velvet was to leave
as hard as it is to leave someone that you love
sometimes we have to do what’s best to get our own sanity together
if velvet didn’t leave that situation it only would have gotten worse and there
would have been a child in the middle of all this mess who is now getting bigger
who was now able to understand what’s going on and absorb the information and
we don’t need history repeating itself because velvet didn’t know when to go
now we thought that velvet was sleep but no she was much awoke the thing was is
she was outnumbered over the in carbonation nobody liked velvet the
quiet ones are the ones you have to watch but in a good way I’m saying that
velvet was really quiet we thought that she said a lot we thought that she
fought a lot no she she was being quiet about the calculated moves that she was
gonna make to leave that situation she had reservations to leave she’s just
like all women who was still in love she just didn’t know when but she knew she
was gonna lead that situation and she did we can’t fault her how long it took
her to leave him but we can give a credit that she left and I think it’s
safe to say at this point especially seeing her get rid of that tattoo that
she’s gonna stay gone and I think that that’s the best thing for her is to stay
gone because she deserves so much better and I know that velvet know she deserves
so much better as well let these other women that now like the Nature Boy says
in his DMS more than ever let them go over there and think that they’re gonna
do the same thing velvet thought she was gonna do some of them are not gonna be
that lucky because let me tell you something mental abuse is worse than
physical abuse and when you check out mentally it’s a rap it’s a rap quiet is
kept it’s a rap there’s no coming back from that velvet knew that if she stayed
in that situation she was gonna check out early and she wasn’t gonna come back
and she knew only one was gonna hurt from her not being there mentally would
be her child I kept saying to me in her situation over the in combination you
might not want to agree with me but I used to say it all the time she was a
good mother she was very protective of her child and always had her child on
her head she knew she had to be with that child at all times cuz none of them
could be trusted because Velvets attitude and my opinion was if you don’t
like me you don’t like my child I can’t trust you there were things that were
out of her control and the things as we see that was in Velvets control which
was leaving like she did she took control of that and you have to give a
credit for it some women stay in relationships for 20
years and they’re still in those current relationships and I’m proud of the fact
that she removed herself from the situation because Nature Boy honestly I
don’t believe he thought that was coming anytime soon but velvet had a surprise
because the scorned woman is a woman you need to watch when you do so much to us
as women we get tired and when we have enough we leave and that’s exactly what
she did she’s not missing out on nothing he’s
still doing the same thing she’s not going to his lives and she’s seeing him
make money moves or doing um better teachings and discussions he sounds like
somebody in New York City on the corner what is what is bomi’s he has not
changed he’s gotten worse and he’s gonna bring back his blank-blank moments again
is what he says so she’s not missing out on anything because now the other women
of carbonation and the members the men as well are going to be subjected to a
bunch of nonsense that they’re gonna relate to as a teaching half those
people that are over the in carbonation don’t even want to be
on camera they’re there because if they don’t go with the program they might not
have somewhere to live and in their minds they think that the only option
that they have right now is carbonation because they are running from something
Velvets stopped running from something and she said I’m gonna face my fears and
I’m gonna go back home and deal with them and be the best mother that I can
be because one thing I will say she did take from being over in carbonation
because she had to was to be the best mother she could be because all she had
at the end of the day was her in her child nobody over there had her back but
her and she had to have her Charles back as well because they didn’t have the
baby’s best interest at heart either so I don’t want to stay too stuck on this
video I just want to let them know I’m very proud of you baby girl I see you
shine and keep your head up and for the ones that are not yet subscribed to my
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  2. She always said in this video that the day when he recorded her punching him he called her a h and etc names that’s why she hit him. He disrespected her then turn the camera on

  3. She said the next "time she talks about nature boy it will be on a tv show" she still will make lives and talk about other things😤😤😤😤

  4. I say she will go back remember nature boy plays chess remember they been talking i wait until a few months go by with her on the states

  5. When you're in a toxic situation often times it takes you twice as long to leave. She'll be fine this experience will show her just how strong she really is.

  6. I’m happy Velvet was able to leave, my hope is that she is able to mend her relationship with those that have her best interest. Excited to see what the future holds for her.
    Support small youtubers like myself 👍🏾, sending positive vibes 💜💜💜

  7. But let’s not forget, some early defectors said Velvet would do stuff to the baby to get NB’s attention. If that’s true, She should see a specialist above it that because parental instincts wouldn’t allow a strong parent to do that. But I am very proud of her and I hope this only gets better. And yes, NB is hurt, and everyone is about to start starving and shrinking in size again.

  8. Velvet has a beautiful glow to her.
    And yes she protected her beautiful baby from those skanks.
    The men there seem to hate her more then the woman in Carbonation
    They are all sick miserable people, still attacking and cursing out the public because Velvet left.
    N.B. Velvet will never come back to you so move on and find your happiness because she has. N.B. is a vicious man who can not be trusted.

  9. I Applaud 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Velvet for her Bravery, Yah Yah hurt him when she left But VELVET Broke him Down Because She’s The 🔑 To Bringing his Foolishness to an END!!! Velvet Looks 💯 percent Better 🥰😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. She look so happy. I'm am soooo happy for her. I don't even watch NB no more. I don't care what they got goin on. I just wanted the original women out cause NB switched it up on em and was severely brainwashing them. Anybody after Pocahontas knew what they were getting into.

  11. From your mouth to Gods ears Amen I pray God gives her the strength to put he child’s needs first . She is being a good mother and she should definitely advocate for other girls that are going through where she was . Strength and blessings for her journey thanks for sharing 💙💜❤️💚🧡

  12. Great and very well spoken……🤗🤩😍😊☺️😗😙😚😘…… For all the abused women……….❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤💌💌💌💕💕💕💞💞💞💓💓💓💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💘💘💘♥️♥️♥️❣️❣️❣️💟💟💟💯💯💯💋💋💋💢💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥✨✨✨✨✨✨

  13. He's letting them know that he is polyamorous. If they think when they get there they will change the program that's their fault

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