Vaikuntapali || Ep 05 Finale || Telugu Web Series || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Vaikuntapali || Ep 05 Finale || Telugu Web Series  || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Sir, Swami set up my meeting with Sandhya.
She gave me Rs. 5 lakhs and so I did the murder. That’s it. T-That’s all, sir. Asshole!
Trying to duck around with cops. Slap me how much ever you want but I’m innocent.
I don’t even know the girl’s name. She came to me and told me I had to kill a man.
Like you know, I’m a petty thief. I don’t murder people. So, I set her meeting up with Srinu.
I swear I’ve no clue what happened after that. Please, let me go!
– The kind of stories you cook up! You tried your best to save your boyfriend.
Now tell me, why did you plan his murder? Yes, I planned his murder. For two months, I’ve been working as Mr Mahindra’s PA.
The first month went alright, but.. Good morning, sir.
– Hey! Hi, Sandy! Good morning. You’re looking gorgeous today.
– Thank you, sir. – What is today’s schedule? There is a meeting at 2PM with clients.
– Alright. What are the plans for evening? There is a seminar for the new project in the evening.
– I’m asking about your plans for the evening. Nothing as such, sir. I’ll leave for home after work.
– You go home everyday. Come to my home today. We’ll have a crazy night!
– Excuse me, sir? – Yes. Let me get straight to the point.
Will you go through the grind like everyone else does or would you please me and get to the top?
Choice is yours. Sandy, are you planning on exposing me
to the other staff? It won’t work. Everyone in here are my trusted aides.
If you say you’re to pious too please me then be assured that I won’t let you
get a job anywhere else. Think it over, babe! Hello? Yes, darling?
I just arrived. Is it? Hey, babe, how are you?
Slimming down by the day. How are you, young lady?
Working, huh? Come to my cabin and take a break. Okay, I’ll be there.
Fine, I’ll call you back. Why were you on a two day leave?
Did you need two days to say yes? No. I’m resigning. I’m here just to do that.
– Oh! Wonderful. You think I’ll let you be after you resign?
If I cast my eyes upon a chick I won’t let her be
until she becomes mine. So, I assume you’ll be looking for a new job.
The CEOs of all top MNCs in this city are my friends. Too bad they think I’m a nice guy.
You think you’ll land a job there? Please, spare me. Don’t ruin the lives of girls like me
who are trying to make a career for themselves. This cheap mindset of yours will someday
cause your downfall. I don’t want to ruin the lives of girls.
I just want to have them. Don’t even think of relocating. I carry clout everywhere.
You’ll find work nowhere else but with me. Where ever you go,
I’ll be right after you. I’ll give you two more days of time.
Think deep and make up your mind. But, make sure your answer is yes.
You can leave now. Babe, remember, you’ve only two days
and the answer must be yes. Leave now. He ensured I got a job nowhere else. I didn’t say this to Shiva as I didn’t want to upset him.
After that Mahendra started to torture me more. I didn’t want to put Shiva’s life in risk,
so, I didn’t share it with him. But I told Dheeraj, my childhood friend. He suggested
we feigned a murder attempt on him and scare him. Dheeraj talked me into it.
But, Dheeraj instructed Srinu to kill Mahendra. It is Dheeraj who messed up
with Shiva’s head. I had a fallout with Dheeraj and accused him
of being no different than Mahendra. That is why I came to the police station
to set Shiva free. This is all that happened. Dheeraj made Shiva go insane
and he tricked me into setting up his murder. Tell me, why did you get Mahendra killed? I had two goals in life.
One is to kill Mahendra and two is to marry Sandhya. But, I couldn’t marry Sandhya
as that idiot Shiva was around. That is why, I messed with his head,
while he came to me to get treated. Whatever.
Why did you get Mahendra killed? My sister used to work for him, about a year ago.
Unable to cope up with his harassment, she killed herself. When I approached the cops, they asked me to compromise.
That is why I decided to kill him. Around the same time, I got to know
Sandhya was working for Mahendra. So, I got back in touch with her
and got to know he was harassing her too. So, I decided to kill Mahendra
by tricking Sandhya into it. How did you think you’d escape
if Sandhya got caught? Isn’t that very obvious? I gave Srinu Rs. 5 lakhs to take
the blame on him if I got caught too. But I didn’t trust him too well.
So, I called him to my clinic, but I got caught until then. Not just Sandhya,
you now lost every bit of your life. Sudershan, file a chargesheet against him
so strong that he’ll be locked away forever.

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