Use the Calendar in Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience

Use the calendar to keep track of upcoming
assignments, events, and other due dates. Let’s take a look. The global calendar page displays your upcoming
due dates and meetings across your courses—all in one place.. You can see your schedule for the day or month
at a glance… And make a plan to stay on top of upcoming
deadlines. To narrow down what you see on your calendar,
select the settings icon. Here you can choose the calendars you want
to see. Additionally, you can add an external calendar
to your Blackboard Learn calendar, or you can share your Blackboard Learn calendar to
an external calendar. You can add events, and instructors can add
course schedules, and office hours. Add personal events to keep yourself organized. Additionally, instructors can associate events
with particular courses so that they appear on students’ calendars. For the course schedule, instructors can customize
multiple meeting times for each course if the class meets at one time and location for
a lecture, and a different time and location for a lab. Instructors can set office hours for all courses
at once, or set specific times for each course. The course view of the calendar displays due
dates, the course schedule, office hours, and meetings and events for that course only. Any calendar events the instructor adds here
will be specific to that course. When an instructor adds a due date to an assignment,
the assignment is automatically added to the course calendar. All of this information rolls up into the
global calendar. And finally, all of this is true for courses
in the original view, as well. So when you’re planning your day, remember
— it’s your time! Use the calendar to help you make the most
of it!

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