Upcoming Patch Changes – Autochess Theories and Thoughts

Upcoming Patch Changes – Autochess Theories and Thoughts

hello everyone today we’re gonna talk about upcoming patch which will add new heroes those heroes are going to be three dragons two orcs and two and death characters how do I know that they will be those races and not the others well use the footage from the game where if you hover your mouse to read the description of bonuses and press alt on your keyboard it will show you upcoming patch changes so now that we know what raised heroes to expect we can talk about who is it going to be probably as you might know originally door was a custom app for Warcraft 3 from which dota 2 had all heroes and ultimately outer chest to do some race and class information for example anti-mage and terabyte are demon hunters just like in classic warcraft and also like a drow ranger is originally at delft but in DotA her race is draw or not and Beast Master is a half working of Warcraft while in DotA 2 he’s like a human being and he’s an orc in houses again so the race does not fully depend on what heroes are in DotA 2 and sometimes creators look back into the past to take some notes that’s why in AI theorists will consider character’s appearance what they were and what they are let’s start with the dragon race let’s see how many heroes in DotA can be described as dragons the inter-arrival and Jackie are obviously dragons no question about it on top of that winter wyvern might have double race like park or Dragon Knight and his second race probably would be an undead since he looks dead also they both are magic type heroes so Jackie is probably going to be a mage and wyvern could be a warlord mage or even a shaman we can only guess also there are three heroes that are questionable and actually none of them looked like a dragon but they might fit here first one is visage which has a look of a dragon but never meant to be one maybe another chest he will be at as dragon second one is out world devourer whose head looks dragonish but he got four legs which doesn’t make him fit into driving role but who knows third one is skywrath mage because originally he was called dragon hawk writer which kinda makes him fit into this list but in dota 2 he looks like an angel and lost his dragon hole but he’s name is still draggin ass dragon ass dragon ass yeah as for orcs now draw the game stop planning to add two more works to the game let’s see who can make it Bloodseeker who was originally an orc shaman in Warcraft but he’d be another Shemin in the game I don’t think so I do it kills a lot of people in the game studying a bloodbath you can start your girlfriend spirit whenever he wants there that is serious I would say he would fill in to another assassin role second work is Chen who was based on Warcraft 3 Forestier hero but does look like a human being in DotA 2 Chen could be a knight since his holy night and only 2/3 orc is wor work he was based on gold dance model and golden was an orc warlock so if they add world like his hero his class is going to be definitely watered and lastly we have an undead race which has plenty of heroes to choose from since one of them is probably going to be in green survival it’s hard to guess the second one wraith king undying clinks death prophet pugna NYX assassin Podge or lifestealer every one of them could be a second on that hero and that’s it for today thank you guys for watching and subscribing really appreciate that see ya oops [Music]

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    Today we gonna talk about new heroes and what they could be. If you have any thought about it, let's discuss!
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  2. Hope that u gon add some subtitles for all of ur videos since theres alot of non native english speaker/listener xd, anyway keep up the good work man!

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