Unboxing Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection

Unboxing Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection

Welcome to Unboxing Horror! Each month we’ll be unboxing a horror film on Blu-ray. We’ll explore the packaging, discs, inserts and even navigate the menus of
each film we review. Our goal is to overload you with so much unboxing goodness that your eyes will explode. So, if you’re still sitting on the fence
about whether or not to add a new film to your collection or upgrade to Blu-ray… we’re here to help. The victim of this episode is A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection released by New Line Cinema on October 2, 2012. Unfortunately this is the New Line Cinema that’s now merged with Warner Bros. What do I mean by this? Well, fans watching will know that A Nightmare on Elm Street was New Line Cinema’s first successful film As a result the studio has usually treated the series pretty well when releasing films on home video. However, after the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy New Line was looking for it’s next big international hit. They thought that was The Golden Compass… that wasn’t the case. The studio lost quite a bit of money on that film, and in 2008 they merged with Warner Bros. as a result. Fast-forward to 2012, and we get this bland, unattractive looking box set of the Nightmare series released by
Warner Bros. under the New Line Cinema name. Let’s take a closer look at the packaging and you’ll know what I mean. Here’s the packaging for A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection on Blu-ray. It’s about the standard size of a regular Blu-ray case, but since it contains five discs inside instead of your average one or two… it’s about as thick rich as a standard DVD case. Now look at the packaging. Doesn’t it look kind of bland? I mean it’s Freddy cutting through a piece of canvas. Are you telling me that the graphic designers couldn’t come up with something more eye appealing than Freddy cutting through a piece of fabric? Kind of makes me wonder what the real New Line Cinema would have done with a Blu-ray release for A Nightmare on Elm Street. Could we have gotten something as cool as maybe the 2006 slipcover from the Nightmare on Elm Street re-release? To me, this looks a lot more eye appealing than well… this. But this is what we get. Here is the rest of the packaging… This is obviously the cover. Here’s the top. This is the bottom. And this is the spine. Flip on over to the back and we get a rundown of this five disc collection. Disc one contains A Nightmare on Elm Street on its own seperate disc. Disc two contains Freddy’s Revenge and Dream Warriors. Disc three contains The Dream Master and The Dream Child. Disc four contains Freddy’s Dead the Final Nightmare and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. The fifth and final disc is a standard DVD that contains over three hours of special features that are exclusive this this Blu-ray release. For a complete list of specials features, check out the video’s description below. And the featurettes for A Nightmare on Elm Street are poring over from the 2006 DVD and the 2010 Blu-ray. And the featurettes for A Nightmare 2-7 are ported over from the Nightmare Series Encyclopedia. Which is this guy right here. This is the bonus disc from the DVD box set that was released several years ago. Not all the special features are ported over from this disc, but most of them can be found on the new Blu-ray. Removing the slipcover here, and we have the Blu-ray case inside. The cover art is the same as the slipcover. The spine is nearly the same. And the back is slightly different, it just contains a rundown of the cast and crew of all seven films. And the respective run-times of each movie. Opening up the case and there are no inserts… just the five discs inside. Disc one contains A Nightmare on Elm Street. Disc two contains Nightmare 2 & 3. Disc four, or disc three contains Nightmare 4 & 5. Disc four contains Freddy’s Dead the Final Nightmare & Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. And the fifth disc if your bonus disc. Now let’s check out the menus of each disc. Here is the menu for A Nightmare on Elm Street. As you can see it’s a static image, with
music from the film playing in the background. Now I have the audio on mute because I’m
afraid YouTube will castrate me for playing the film’s soundtrack, so please take my word on this. On the bottom of the screen you have your standard navigation. If you choose special features it pulls up a
sub-menu for “Feature Commentaries,” “Behind the Story” featurettes, and the “Alternate Endings.” Insert disc two and you can choose to watch Freddy’s Revenge or Dream Warriors. Simply choose which film you want to view, and you’ll be taken to the main menu. The menus are set up exactly the same
way as a Nightmare on Elm Street. If you don’t want to watch Freddy’s Revenge simply switch over to a Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. On disc three you can watch The Dream Master, or The Dream Child. Here’s the main menu for The Dream Master… And you can switch over to The Dream Child. So here’s the main menu for The Dream Child… On disc four you can choose to watch Freddy’s Dead the Final Nightmare or Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Here’s the main menu for Freddy’s Dead… And you can switch over to the main menu for Wes Craven’s New Nightmare in case you want to watch that film instead. Here is the main menu for the fifth disc. Nothing special here, just a static image
with no music whatsoever playing in the background. You can select between “Special Features” and “Languages.” Selecting “Special Features” will pull up the three featurettes that are exclusive to this Blu-ray. Along with two episodes from Freddy’s Nightmares. So there you have it… A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection on Blu-ray. This set comes “RecommenDEAD.” It contains all seven films from the Nightmare series in high-definition, three hours of new special features, plus
featurettes ported over from previous DVD releases. The transfers of the first two films look phenomenal, Nightmare 3-7, although they don’t quite look as good as the first two movies are still definitely an improvement over
DVD releases we’ve see in the past. My only complaint with this set is the cover art. I wish more time and attention went into designing something more eye appealing. But it’s a small complaint. So if you’re a fan of Freddy, or new to the Nightmare series this set is definitely worth picking up. That wraps up this unboxing. If you enjoyed this episode, please support us by subscribing. And don’t forget to catch new episodes the first Tuesday of every month. We would love to do episodes more frequently, but these films do cost money. And remember, if you have any questions or comments regarding A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection feel free to contact us we would love to
hear from you. Until next time… stay horrified!

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  1. Does freddy's dead the final nightmare play in 3d at the end of the movie ? I have all of the old ones on DVD but I really want to know if the bluray box set has the option to play it. I have red and blu glasses and a 3d tv so I'm not worried that it doesn't come with glasses if it needs them I gust would like to know if it can play the end in 3D. If it does play in 3 d does it look good? Gust wondering thanks.;)

  2. Does the packaging for the DVDs released later (The one with the remake freddy on the cover) have the infiniti releases of 1 and 2? What i think happened with the Blu Ray is they upgraded the Infiniti releases and did little to properly remaster the rest. I had heard many of these movies have soft focus issues, are darker than they need to be (Part 4 not that I care much for that one) this is just what I had heard from fans and some other reviewers.

    I don't care about that dumb 3D effect in Freddy's dead. I mean the brain part would be cool to watch in that a little but the embarrassing "Dream People" or "Demons" don't appeal to me neither does most of that movie.

    The only movies that I care about are 1 2 3 and New Nightmare. According to all my research the only concerns are.. My personal favorite 3, and a movie that can bring the character back to how he should be New Nightmare. I have withheld my money thus far for the reasons above.

  3. That is a disappointment that they didn't give the 3D Glasses for  FREDDYS DEAD THE FINAL NIGHTMARE  movie  like they did  for the 1999 dvd box set version

  4. I bought this and it seems awesome an all, but dang FYE didn't say it was used! Part of the inner blue ray case is broken, and its scaratched up! I'm very mad, it looked new but is only in a good conidition. No wonder is was 20 dollars off.

  5. I just ordered this boxset.. i thought single disc would be 1 movie.. i was expecting bigger box… well it is what it is. I love the movies so and there isn't any other release on blu ray

  6. Youtube is a dick, what can i say. They don't know what copy right infringement really means…those stupid idiots.

  7. I actually have the DVD version of the whole collection.
    I dislike the case of the BluRay version so much that I'm just going to take my DVDs out (probably sell them) and replace them with the BluRays.
    I'll buy the BluRay Freddy vs. Jason and put that in as well

  8. They shouldn’t put as much effort into this set as they did with the DVD box set, I love the dvd set and all the animated menus and stuff. Maybe we will get another set in 4K that will be really cool

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