24 thoughts on “Unboxing DGT CENTAUR Chess Computer and How it Works

  1. Thanks for a really good walk through. Personally I like have multiple levels that I choose myself – like when winning every other game you raise the bar, or similar. Is Friendly, Challenging also with levels within? Not so fond of idea that computer decides – that was a good move, I change level now – just like that.
    I think it leans towards Milenium CGE for me, with the headroom it offers – but still curious about this one.

  2. I love it and I can live without automatic piece movement but for the $450 price range it's going to have to Bluetooth to my phone and interface with any engine or mainstream site. I have to say for the same relative price I'd want to buy the SquareOff Grand. DGT is just too pricey for what you get. Where is Fidelity when you need them?

  3. As always a great video from Raphael and the Chess House. All in all, a nice little machine for that price point but dont expect too much.

    I do own this machine (ordered it directly from DGT to get it at release date) and this is definitively plastics. Feels ok but not that sturdy. The back of the machine is quite strange actually. The e-Ink display is nice but you have to cope with its dimensions (a tad too small for a good reading even with the largest font) and its special refresh which is the way e-Ink displays work. The point of not having a power cord is actually AWESOME !

    The board size is also very good but you will have to cope with the light circles (I do prefer simple 1 or 4 LED per squares). The combination of the board+chessmen makes the pieces moving / slidding too much on the board for my own taste as there is no felt on the bottom of the pieces and the board has no grip. I can smell that blitz games would be quite painful to do.

    The strenght of this machine is very very good and is stronger than the Millenium Exclusive King / Lasker for sure (I have played the two machines against each others). The options for the Chess engine are very limited. You don't even have the standard cadences.

    If you want something with more options, do pass your way as Raphael said, and get that Millenium Genius Exclusive, King or Lasker. It is double the price but worth it.

    Ah, also forgot to say that Millenium will release in Fall 2019 a new machine called the King Performance with a similar price point. This new machine made of wood and plastic will have a strenght similar to the Millenium King (so weaker than the Centaur) but still plenty enought for most of us (the King is at around 2600 Elo). See it there: https://computerchess.com/en/the-king-performance-2/

    Decisions, decisions …

  4. i would like to see the rating but is not available. usb present but for charging only. but again this machine has the ability to adapt to your skills level which is a big advantage. btw nice video thanks.

  5. Has anyone posted a copy of the firmware image? With a pi zero w and Bluetooth this could be perfect.

  6. @Chess House Thanks for you video! Could you – and other owners – tell me more about the built quality? How is the visual appearance, does it look and feel like a high-quality product? Or does it look cheap and plastic like? What about the chess pieces? How do the chess pieces feel? Do they appear fine, soild and good weighted? I'd be very happy to get an answer. Many thanks and best greetings from Germany.

  7. What is the chess computer’s style of play? Does it play at a more human-like level or more “computer-like” moves, particularly at the lowest and highest levels? Thank you.

  8. All in all, I like it; as a standalone machine. As said elsewhere here it's reminiscent of Excalibur Grandmaster. I love the idea of using e-paper screen, but wish it was about twice the size so you won't be squinting at the board on it for setting back up. The adaptive strength has got to be a winner!

  9. I now own a DGT Centaur and I played many games with it. Do not expect an easy opponent! Even playing against the "Friendly mode", games are quite tough and challenging. So if you are a total beginner or a weak unexperienced player, the Centaur will discourage you cause you have nearly no chance to win. In my opinion the style of play of the centaur is quite offensive if not agressive – it would be nice, if DGT publish a firmware update with an additional "easy level" which allows beginners to win too. But the Centaur is a usable machine – even though the built quality could really be higher and more worthy (everything feels very plastic, lightweight and a little bit measly), playing is fun cause making moves and playing feels very natural thanks to the led lights and the flawless recognition of the moves. Good thing is, that you dont have any cables, you can even use a compact powerbank to load the Centaur (no need for the power adapter). I hoping for a firmware update to export games in the PNG format. Furthermore I am looking for wooden chess pieces, cause the included plastic pieces are at best expedient.

  10. Can anyone describe how the challenging level works? Will it make a stronger move if you make a good one , or will it increase its playing strength in the next game if it loses a game?

  11. Best chess computer I’ve seen for a very very long time. Pieces compatible with other DGT pieces which makes this a winning deal for me. The square off chess computer with moving pieces looks futuristic but currently faulty.

  12. This chess computer looks interesting. I prefer everything enclosed in a nice shell so not sure how I feel about the exposed back. The last chess computer I bought was the Square Off Grand Kingdom Set, but I got one of the newer models made in December 2018, without the grinding issues, pieces falling over, and a proper Staunton set with no coloured tips on the pieces. This set reminds me of the Grand Kingdom in some ways, but without the moving pieces of course, and also, the Grand Kingdom is HUGE compared to this. DGT have always been overly priced however, so not sure if I'm going to pick this up just yet. Although having said that, I'm a sucker for actual physical chess computers anyway so what am I saying! 🙂

  13. Okay I got my Centaur from Chess House. Great Company. But my Centaur has forgotten that is castles. Twice. Anybody else have this issue?

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