Ultimate Chess Pieces Reintroduced in 2018

Ultimate Chess Pieces Reintroduced in 2018

Hi this is Raphael with Chess House again and today I want to show you the reproduction of the Ultimate Chess
Pieces. If you recall the original Ultimate Set that has been around for
decades, it’s a slightly lighter color and here we have more of a rich yellow
bold color. What I love most about this design and why I am super excited
that is back in production is that it not just looks amazing and
distinctive, but it plays very well especially for fast games. If you’re
blitz player you know that pieces are often played very quickly and sometimes
will be wobbly. So you want good stability. With the low center of
gravity in this set you’ll find that the pieces, even if they wobble, they tend to
right themselves very nicely. That’s just one of the reasons that this set is
amazing to see back in production. It’s a classic and anyone that has
played chess for a long time has seen this set. This is the original color. Here
is a king and the original size was three and a half inches with
about three ounce weight to that King. The height has increased to
three and three-quarter and a couple millimeters wider. Now of course this set
does come with extra Queens, pretty much essential these days. Here I
have displayed the set demo on this flex pad board. It’s a very smooth surface with a rubber backing and it gives more versatility then let’s say
a vinyl board which is roll up. Of course this will roll up as well but this one
can be folded when you put it away so it’s more useful in the sense that
you can store it in different ways. Once again, here we have the Ultimate
Chess Pieces. They are finally available again in this
reproduction and the color – I just love this bold yellow – it’s almost
like a butter color – and this set will play very smoothly! I hope you enjoy it!

19 thoughts on “Ultimate Chess Pieces Reintroduced in 2018

  1. I saw an original version of this set in a video where Susan Polgar was playing Paul Turong in a table located in Washington square park NYC. I bought 4 of these new sets when Shelby Lohrman had them for sale and they are quite nice, hefty in body and nicely weighted. The coloring could have been made a bit lighter but nonetheless it is an excellent set for outdoor and blitz chess games. Rugged, durable and I will get many years of pleasure playing with them for the many years ahead.

  2. Bought the set. Bigger than the original. I like the yellow. I don't like the white pieces to be white. Most boards have white squares. Need a reliable contrast. Yellow is a good option. I like that it's not shinny. Wide base is awesome. The kings cross has a. Wide base so it will last longer. Let's see how it does over time. Hopefully they are made with tough plastic. Only time will tell.

  3. this looks good overall. The pawns are nice. ONly thing I would change is that queen she looks a bit thing and short for being so powerful.

  4. I just received these in today's mail.  I'm not sure whether they are an improvement over the original set or not. (?)  I have the originals from 20+ years ago and was hoping to basically duplicate a set for play at the office.  These newer pieces are definitely more yellow, but I can probably get used to that.  The pieces seem larger too, and probably heavier.  I'll have to compare them side-by-side, and put them on some boards to see if they get too crowded.  I mean, it's not a lot larger, but enough to notice if you have the original set (which I'm going to verify side-by-side on Monday).  So, I'm not going to get too worked up over the differences.  These pieces have a classic look-and-feel to them and I'm sure they will play just fine!!  I would have preferred something more along the lines of the original off-white/cream color.  For the techie-types out there, under 5000K LED lighting, these new pieces are very close to Pantone 134M color, which supposedly converts to RBG: 251-212-1118, Hex #FBD476,  CMYK: 0,11,45,0

  5. Ok. It's been a couple of weeks since I posted my original comment about the yellow color. I have since bought this new set, simply because I still own the original which I bought back in the mid 2000s, and have never, NEVER found another sturdier, more resilient plastic set.
    The weight, aesthetics and dimension of the pieces makes them a joy to play with. I'm pleased to report that while definitely more yellow than the original off white; it is actually VERY different from the yellow conveyed in this video. This video makes the pieces look like a yellow highlighter marker. Yuck! Almost neon green. An ugly, cold, bright color yellow. In person, to my relief, the new set really looks more like a creamy, warm yellow. Much more pleasing to the eye. I have a hard time understanding how they got them to look this bad in the video. This video isn't doing any favors to the sales of this set. I contacted a different vendor by phone, and upon explaining to me that this set is made for the wood expressions company, they clearly pointed out that the hue of the color did not have any green overtones. As for the pieces; when compared to my original set, the new ones are a tad taller, and also wider at the bases. But I only noticed this when holding them side by side and carefully comparing them. It makes no difference during play, and I actually prefer the proportions of the new knight. It feels more balanced in the hand.
    My original set is looking scruffy after years of use and abuse. I'm actually thinking of buying a second set, to keep as back up. Because I'm sure that every tournament I go to with these, people will want to play with them rather than their own set. Just like it happened with my old set. And I always like to keep a clean, new set at home for when playing with visitors. Come to think of it, I'd like to buy two back up sets. I remember how shocked I was when I discovered the original had been discontinued. I had to wait 7 years for this set to be resurrected. I'm definitely not letting that happen to me again. If you're on the fence on this set. Trust me. BUY IT. I've been sorely disappointed in all currently produced plastic sets. I bought the pro tourney from the chess store, and the plastic is of such poor quality, that the Knight's ears and the kings cross broke off just by putting them inside my tournament bag the same day I got them. I also bought the Reykjavik plastic set from house of Staunton, and while better than the pro tourney, the pieces still felt unbalanced and almost hollow in certain spots. I actually ended up reverting to the cheapo plastic, triple weighted tournament sets that everyone sells for $12 or $20 dollars. Incredibly, the plastic on those sets is harder and more resilient than in most new production plastic sets. Except for this ultimate plastic set. These are very solid pieces. This set is definitely worth the $35 or so dollars they are asking for. I'm very happy I took the chance, and I'll definitely come back for a couple more once funds permit me to.

  6. And I was so excited that these were being remade. Back to eBay, I suppose. The color I'd gladly overlook; but not the unfaithful dimensions!

  7. Saw the set in person from another chess player. I think the yellow is too bright and bold for my liking but I am happy that it has come back. For me I would like the white side to be more of a tan color like the candy Bit O Honey color. I have an old Paladin (Drueke reproduction set) from Chess House that reminds me of that Bit O Honey color for the white side. I am really a excited that Chess House has wooden versions of the Ultimate Chess Pieces. Get the style and weight without the bright yellow color.

  8. Wow I really love the sound of the set I put it in my cart to buy soon I can't wait to get this one soon 😀👍 ♔♕♗♘♙♚♛♝♞♟♖♜

  9. The original set was once offered in a blue and yellow color. I had the cream and white and gave it to my brother. I also had the blue and yellow and gave it to my son. He still uses those yellow and blue pieces. Is the yellow of this new set the same as the yellow of the old yellow and blue ones?

  10. The original set was once offered in a yellow and blue version. I have that yellow and blue version. Not sure if the yellow of the new ones is the same as the yellow of the old ones.

  11. Finally got this set the other day. Mainly the $35-$40 price tag kept me from buying it. Did find a seller on Amazon selling it for about $22. Yeah the bold yellow is something to get use to. I have mine on one of your flex pad boards as well. However I use the Olive Green board instead of the Green board you used in this video. Yes I still have the bold yellow color but the Olive Green kind of seems to tone it down a few degrees with my eyes. I liked the original Ultimate Chess Pieces as well but the weights in them would come loose only after a few games. I can guarantee you that most if not all original sets out there have several pieces that rattle. For this reason alone is why I sold my original Ultimate Chess Pieces. Of course the Rooks from the original are prone to snapping a piece from its turret. I think with the right color board. The yellow can be toned down a bit to where it is a little easier on the eyes. I have found the Olive Green to do that for at least my eyes.

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