UHOH! NEW Joker Controversy, Trump Impeachment Whistleblower Updates, & Greta Thunberg Mocked

UHOH! NEW Joker Controversy, Trump Impeachment Whistleblower Updates, & Greta Thunberg Mocked

– ‘Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’ve had a fantastic Tuesday, welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show. As you may have noticed, yesterday we did not learn our lesson. We have made yet another
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gonna talk about today is, you guys can stop sending me this clip that I guess blew up on Reddit. – You guys are now part
of the Streamy Clue! (laughs) Philip DeFranco, why don’t you notice me? Notice me Philip DeFranco,
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– You have a husband! – (laughs) That little
boy has his dad’s back and I respect that. So one, that wasn’t actually me, if I’m on Twitch, I just use
my old DeFranco games account. But also two, consider
yourself noticed, hello. Anyway, moving on. And now let’s talk about Joaquin Phoenix and the new Joker movie. And so for those unfamiliar, next week Warner Brothers is releasing
a film called Joker which is a stand-alone film
based on the Batman villain. And reportedly the movie depicts him as a failed stand-up comedian who has been cast aside from society, alright, he starts to spiral
into these violent acts that ultimately lead
him to become the Joker. And there’s been a ton of
buzz around this movie, it’s expected to do
amazing at the Box Office, people are even talking about
a few Oscar nominations. And while the film has
already been met with acclaim, it’s taken Top Prize at
the Venice Film Festival, it’s also been met with some criticism. And that’s because at least in part there are many that think
that the story of a man who sees himself as an outcast
descending into violence looks a little bit too familiar to those who perpetrate
mass killings today. With some also saying that
this film not only starts to glorify this violence,
but also asks the audience to begin to sympathize with its creator. For example, we saw Vanity Fair’s review of the film say, quote. “It may be irresponsible propaganda “for the very men it pathologizes.” You also had IndieWire calling it. “A toxic rallying cry
for self-pitying incels.” Alright, so it was already
getting kind of this fair amount of controversy
heading into it’s opening. And so the criticism around
this line of thinking is now making headlines today,
because the family members of the victims of the 2012
shooting in Aurora, Colorado wrote to Warner Brothers CEO Anne Sarnoff, which it’s worth noting here, Joker actually won’t be screened
in the remodeled version of the theater where that
tragic shooting took place. But the letter that they
wrote addresses gun violence in America, how Joker plays into it and how the production company
can take a major stand. That letter was obtained
and printed in full by Variety and starts off, “Dear Anne Sarnoff, “We are the family members and friends “of the 12 people killed at
the Century 16 movie theater “in Aurora, Colorado at a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises on July 20, 2012. “This tragic event, perpetrated by “a socially isolated individual
who felt wronged by society “has changed the course of our lives. “As a result, we have committed ourselves “to ensuring that no
other family ever has to “go through the absolute
hell we have experienced “and the pain we continue to live with. “Trust us, it does not go away. “When we learned that Warner Brothers “was releasing a movie called Joker “that presents the
character as a protagonist “with a sympathetic origin
story, it gave us pause. “We want to be clear that we support “your right to free speech
and free expression. “But as anyone who has ever
seen a comic book movie “can tell you, with great power
comes great responsibility. “That’s why we’re calling on you to use “your massive platform
and influence to join us “in our fight to build safer
communities with fewer guns.” The letter then goes on to note that companies like Walmart and CVS have taken their own
actions against gun violence and asked them to do the same. Specifically requesting, that they stop contributing to candidates who take money from the NRA and
vote against gun reform, use their own political clout in Congress to lobby for gun reform, and
to donate to survivor funds and gun violence intervention programs. And that letter is signed by
five people who either lost a relative or were related
to a witness of the shooting. With this, the Hollywood Reporter spoke to some of the people
who signed this letter. You had Sandy Phillips,
who lost her daughter, say. “I don’t need to see a
picture of the person “who committed the
shooting, I just need to see “a Joker promo and I see
a picture of the killer.” And adding, “My worry is that one
person who may be out there “and who knows if it is
just one who is on the edge, “who is wanting to be a mass shooter, “may be encouraged by this movie. “And that terrifies me.” Though, regarding that,
not everyone who worked on this letter believed
that there is a corelation between film violence,
and real world violence. For example, Igor Volsky,
Executive Director of Guns Down America, who
advised the family members on this letter, was
quoted in Variety saying. “I generally follow the
science on this stuff “and the science has repeatedly found “no link between violent movies “and real world violent crime. “That’s the reality of the situation. “The real issue isn’t violence
in what Hollywood makes. “It’s that it’s incredibly easy “to obtain firearms in America.” You know, this debate, the
concerns around this movie were also in the past week,
brought to Joaquin Phoenix. For example, on Friday, The
Telegraph published an interview with Joaquin Phoenix, who plays the Joker. And reportedly, when he
was asked about this, he walked out of the
interview, and didn’t come back until the writer spent an hour negotiating with the Warner Brothers PR team. The writer, critic Robbie Collin, said that he asked Phoenix quote. “Aren’t you worried that this
film might perversely end up “inspiring exactly the
kind of people it’s about, “with potentially tragic results?” And it appeared that
Phoenix had never considered this angle responding. “Why, why would you, no, no.” The writer then continues to say that Phoenix stands up, shuffles towards me, clasps my hands between his,
and walks out of the door. But also something that
Collin noted is that, as far as the question
was concerned, it quote. “Genuinely hadn’t
crossed his mind before.” But also, kind of regarding
this line of thinking, the questions about this. While speaking to IGN, in a piece that was published yesterday, the film’s writer and
director, Todd Phillips defended the film’s meaning saying, “The movie makes statements
about a lack of love, “childhood trauma, lack of
compassion in the world. “I think people can handle that message.” And Phoenix has also backed
the film up by saying, “Well, I think that, for most of us, “you’re able to tell the
difference between right and wrong. “And those that aren’t are
capable of interpreting anything “in the way that they may want to. “People misinterpret lyrics from songs. “They misinterpret passages from books. “So I don’t think it’s the responsibility “of a filmmaker to teach
the audience morality “or the difference between right or wrong. “I mean, to me, I think
that that’s obvious.” And as far as fueling
violence, Phoenix also added. “I think if you have somebody “that has that level of
emotional disturbance, “they can find fuel anywhere. “I just don’t think that
you can function that way.” And as of right now, that
is where the story is and as far as my reaction to it, one, I try not to judge
things like movies or games until I actually experience them. Two, I can sympathize with the families and the friends of victims that experienced this having concerns. But also three, I have to agree with those defending the movie. I do not believe you can blame movies and video games and
music for acts of violence. And also, for the sake of transparency, understand that I am saying this as someone that personally loves one, origin stories, but two, any kind of origin story for a villain
that makes them more human. Right, I think it can
be this healthy reminder that the best and worst is
possible of all human beings. While it can prove to be a
moving entertainment piece, I think it can also serve
as a cautionary tale. But also, once again, at this point I haven’t seen the movie. That said, of course I’d love to know your thoughts on this controversy. But from that, I want to share some stuff I love today, in Today In Awesome, brought to you by SeatGeek. And SeatGeek, if you don’t know, is the fantastic ticket app that takes the confusion out of buying tickets for all kinds of live events, from comedy shows, to
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the secret link of the day, really anything at all, links, as always, are in the description down below. Then, a quick update
regarding the Donald Trump, Biden, Ukraine situation that
we talked about yesterday. If you’re unfamiliar with
what I’m talking about, watch yesterday’s show. According to reports from Axios. “The Democratic chairs of
the House Intelligence, “Oversight and Foreign Affairs committees “sent a letter to White
House counsel on Tuesday “demanding that the Trump
administration turn over “documents related to the
president’s alleged attempts “to pressure the Ukrainian government “to investigate Joe Biden by Thursday.” We also saw reports that Joe Biden would back the impeachment
of President Trump if the White House refused to comply with requests for information from Congress. We also saw reports that
President Trump confirmed that he did withhold nearly 400 million dollars from Ukraine. But claiming that, you
know, this wasn’t in any kind of quid pro
quo, it wasn’t extortion or anything related to Biden, but rather saying it’s because he wanted other European nations
to contribute saying, “I want other countries to put up money. “I think it’s unfair
that we put up the money. “Then people called me,
they said, oh, let it go. “And I let it go, we paid the money. “The money was paid, but very importantly, “Germany, France, other
countries should put up money. “And that’s been my complaint
from the beginning.” Although, regarding
that, people pointed to, as recently as yesterday, him saying that he was nervous about the
money because of corruption. And then probably the
biggest update to this story. Like I said yesterday,
if there was nothing bad on the phone call with
Ukraine’s president, just release the transcript. You know, he said he wants
to release the transcript, some on his team, they’re kind
of shy about releasing it. So regarding that today, we
saw Trump say that he has “Authorized the release
tomorrow of the complete, “fully declassified and unredacted “transcript of my phone
call conversation with “President Zelensky of Ukraine.” So, as I said yesterday, this
will be extremely helpful since reportedly the whistleblower
complaint did not have quote firsthand knowledge
according to some sources. So like I said yesterday, this is what I’ve been looking for. That said, according to
the Axios report on this. “Some Democrats are
worried that the transcript “will be treated as a
replacement for releasing “the full whistleblower
complaint, which reportedly “involves a series of
events beyond just the call, “that allegedly involves
Trump and Ukraine.” You also had Virginia
congressman Don Beyer tweeting. “Not good enough, the word
of a man who drew on a “weather map with a Sharpie
and lied to the American people “thousands of times is
not going to cut it. “Congress must receive the
whistleblower documents “and hear their testimony.” Which regarding, right, the altering of like a
tape or a transcript, Some noted that that was done to the Nixon tapes during Watergate. And so we’ll be waiting to
see what happens next there. And actually, some more updates. This was supposed to just be
a kind of a quickie mention, one, regarding the Ukraine whistleblower, and this potentially being
more than a phone call, It’s being reported that the Ukraine whistleblower wants to speak with the House and
Senate Intel Committees. And two, it’s being reported that, as this video goes up, and or right after, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to announce a formal impeachment inquiry of Trump. So there’s that, and then, let’s talk about some major updates concerning Brexit and the UK’s parliament. And so, before touching the updates, I always try to kind of boil
down what you need to know and understand that is an
oversimplification here. You know, a few weeks ago, we told you how Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked the Queen to suspend Parliament. Which added another week to an already scheduled recess
and Johnson had said that he was doing this to create a quote. “New bold and ambitious domestic agenda.” But, critics said this was
actually an attempt by Johnson to potentially go through
with a no deal Brexit, which, in the past, Johnson has said that he will go through with Brexit by the current October 31st deadline, with or without a deal. So, he then had opposition lawmakers working to stop Johnson. We saw them pass a bill that would bar him from going through with a no deal. We also saw them pass an order for Johnson to release his private communications about his Brexit plans. And you also had Johnson, not once, but twice, calling for elections, elections that would open up all 650 seats in the House of Commons three years early. Notably here, that
would have also included his own position as Prime Minister, but Johnson ended up failing
to get enough votes both times. And ultimately, Parliament
was suspended on September 9th, with it being scheduled to resume on October 14th. And so, what we ended up actually seeing is that right after Johnson
announced the suspension, you had the move being
challenged in a Scottish court. There, it was ruled to be unlawful, following that, Johnson’s government then appealed that
ruling, thus sending it to the UK’s Supreme Court
and all of that brings us to today, where their Supreme Court voted unanimously to
to rule the suspension unlawful, void, and of no effect. And as far as it’s reasoning here, the court’s president,
Lady Brenda Hale said. – It prevented Parliament
from carrying out its constitutional role for
five out of the possible eight weeks between the
end of the summer recess and exit day on the 31st of October. Parliament, and in particular
the House of Commons, as the elected
representatives of the people, has a right to a voice in
how that change comes about. – Right, and so basically
what she’s saying here, is that the suspension
was a political move to block Parliament from debating Brexit. And also a note of
massive significance here, many are interpreting
that this ruling suggests that Johnson misled the Queen, though the court stopped
short of directly saying that. And also, it’s important to note here, how unusual this entire case is. Unlike the United States, where we frequently use courts to
review government decisions, that’s not really the case in the UK. Which, is why you may have seen other news outlets calling
this ruling unprecedented. Now following the Supreme Court decision, we saw Johnson respond. – I strongly disagree with this decision of the Supreme Court. I have the utmost respect
for our judiciary, I don’t think this was the right decision. – But, at the same time, Johnson said that he would respect
the court’s decision, also saying the UK would be out of the European Union
by the end of October. This, once again, notably,
despite the new law barring Johnson from executing a no deal. However, and this is really big here, Johnson actually has the ability to again ask the Queen
to suspend Parliament and today, he hinted at the
possibility of doing just that. Also, following the
Supreme Court decision, we saw Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, saying that
Parliament will reconvene tomorrow. MPs are now expected to
hold emergency debates. Another potentially big thing here is that the suspension would
have essentially deleted any pending bills that weren’t
passed before lawmakers left. But now, those bills are back on the table and reportedly, some of those include Brexit related legislation concerning immigration, fisheries, and agriculture. Also today, we’re seeing a fresh wave of backlash and calls for
Boris Johnson to resign. You had Boris lied to the
Queen trending on Twitter. Notably you had multiple lawmakers calling on Johnson to resign. This including Labour Party
Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who said that he was inviting Johnson to be the UK’s shortest serving PM. – It demonstrates a
contempt for democracy, and an abuse of power by him. I will be in touch immediately to demand that Parliament is
recalled so that we can. (audience cheers and applauds) Question that Prime Minister. Demand that he obeys the
law that’s been passed by Parliament and recognize
that our Parliament is elected by our people to
hold our government to account. And I invite Boris Johnson, in the historic words,
to consider his position. You also had the Scottish First Minister, and leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, saying Johnson isn’t fit to be PM. And you also have the
leader of the Brexit party, Nigel Farage, saying that the
suspension was quote, the. “Worst political decision ever.” Though he stopped short of
calling for Johnson to resign. Instead saying that Johnson should fire his most senior aide, who is thought to be behind the plan
to suspend Parliament. There’s also talk of potentially holding a vote of no confidence against Johnson, but really, that’s where we
are as of filming this video. And it’s gonna be interesting
to see what happens here. You know, when we talk about
kind of like what’s being said publicly, especially
when it comes to the UK, it’s true in general, but especially, it feels like in the UK,
you have kinda to take into account the theater of it all. But yeah, I mean, one of
the things to understand is, as all of this is
happening, they’re getting closer and closer to that cliff’s edge. Yeah, of course, as always,
I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts when it comes
to the UK and the EU. I especially would love to
know your thoughts on this one. But yeah, for now we have to wait and see. And then, let’s talk about the UN Climate Summit and Greta Thunberg. We’ve talked about Greta
on the show before. If you’re unfamiliar, Greta
is a 16 year old Swedish girl who has become just a
massive environmental leader. Greta first gaining
national attention last year when she started the Fridays for Future movement where students
and other young people all around the world would skip school on Fridays to hold climate strikes and call for global leaders
to address climate change. And these events are reportedly huge, just this last Friday, there were thousands of strikes held
in more than 160 countries. According to the Fridays
for Future webpage, an estimated four
million people turned out which, if true, would make it one of the largest climate protests ever. Greta ended up marching
in the strike in New York. This, in part, because she
was set to give a speech at the UN Climate Summit
in the city on Monday. And in fact, yesterday we did see Greta deliver a speech to the UN. – My message is that
we’ll be watching you. (audience laughs and applauds) This is all wrong, I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school, on
the other side of the ocean. Yet, you all come to us
young people for hope. How dare you? You have stolen my dreams, and my childhood with your empty words. And yet, I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning
of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal
economic growth, how dare you? You are failing us, but
the young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future
generations are upon you, and if you choose to fail us, I say we will never forgive you. (audience applauds) We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is
where we draw the line. The world is waking up
and change is coming whether you like it or not. – And notably, after that,
Greta, along with 15 other kids from 12 countries,
filed a formal complaint with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, alleging that Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, and Turkey, have
violated child human rights by failing to adequately
address climate change. And after that speech, we
saw a number of reactions. On one side you had people sharing the video of Greta, praising her. And among those, you had
Republican and former governor, John Kasich, who wrote. “What an amazing accomplishment for “Greta Thunberg who’s uniting the world “about the critical
importance of our environment. “She should be praised
and viewed as an example “of how change really
happens from the bottom up.” But on the other side of this, we also saw people criticizing
Greta and her movement. And one of the moments
and comments that has really kind of gained the
most spotlight on the side, was while speaking on Fox news yesterday, we saw conservative commentator,
Michael Knowles, say this. – The climate hysteria
movement is not about science. If it were about science, it
would be led by scientists rather than by politicians
and a mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by
the international left. – And after that, we saw
this interaction between Knowles and a progressive podcast host, by the name of Chris Hahn who was the other guest on the show. – Yeah, I mean, you’re a grown man and you’re attacking
a child, shame on you. She’s trying to do what
she thinks is right. – I’m not, I’m attacking the left for exploiting a mentally ill child. – And by the way, no, right, relax skinny boy, I got this, okay? You’re attacking a child, you’re a grown man, have some couth. – I’m not, I’m attacking
the left for exploiting a. – Okay, when you’re on television. – Hahn then asks Knowles to apologize, and Knowles says this. – I think the international
left and her parents who are exploiting a girl with
many mental illnesses, and her parents wrote about these.
– You called her mentally ill. – Take it back, now.
– Mental illnesses in a book. – Take it back, now.
– She is mentally ill. She is mentally ill, she has autism.
– Take it back now. She has obsessive compulsive disorder, she has selective mutism.
– You are. – She had depression.
– You are despicable. – Her mother.
– And after that interview, we saw a number of people
condemning Knowles. Some pointing out that
Greta has been very vocal about the fact that she has Aspergers, something she has embraced and referred to as her superpower. Autism organizations also
condemned Knowles’ remarks like the executive director of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, who said in a statement
to the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s absolutely unconscionable to attack “someone for their disability, “especially when that person is a child. “History is full of
autistic people and people “with other cognitive
disabilities who were and are “compelling, credible
activists and leaders. “Greta is a part of that tradition, “and our community is
lucky to have her, period.” We also saw Fox News later
apologize for the incident, telling the Washington
Post in a statement. “The comment made by Michael Knowles “who was a guest on The Story
tonight was disgraceful. “We apologize to Greta
Thunberg and to our viewers.” “and also adding that the network “had no plans to book Knowles again. But even with this,
Knowles still doubled down and defended himself on Twitter writing. “There is nothing shameful about living “with mental disorders. “Your suggestion to the contrary is “not only wrong but deeply offensive. “Did Greta’s mother insult her “when she wrote a book
describing the child’s “struggles with mental and
developmental disorders? And later adding. “Children should never be exploited “for political purposes,
and mentally ill children “are particularly vulnerable.” But like I said, that was kind of just one of the main moments that
gained a lot of spotlight. Some of the other ones that
have now gained traction, you had Fox News Host, Laura Ingraham showing part of Greta’s speech to the UN and then comparing her to the
movie, Children of the Corn. – Anyone else find that chilling? – A time of tribulation has come, a test is at hand, the final test. – I can’t wait for Stephen King’s sequel, Children of the Climate. – Interestingly, that remark got a lot of backlash from people,
including Ingraham’s own brother, who tweeted. “Clearly my sister’s
paycheck is more important “than the world her three
adopted kids will inherit. “I can no longer apologize for a sibling “who I no longer recognize. “I can and will continue to call out “the monstrous behavior and “the bully commentary born out of anger.” You also had conservative commentator, Dinesh D’Souza getting a lot of heat for comparing Greta to a
Nazi this weekend, tweeting. “Children, notably Nordic
white girls with braids “and red cheeks, were often
used in Nazi propaganda. “Looks like today’s progressive
left is still learning “it’s game from an earlier
left in the 1930s.” And we all saw President Trump chiming in with a tweet which people have said seems to make fun of
Greta by sharing a video of her speech on Twitter with the caption. “She seems like a very happy young girl “looking forward to a
bright and wonderful future. “So nice to see!” To which, it appears that Greta responded by changing her bio to “A very happy young girl looking forward “to a bright and wonderful future.” Which is fantastic news
for those of you that had the President of the United
States and a 16 year old girl beefing and trolling each other on Twitter on your 2019 Bingo card. But yeah, that’s where
we are with this one, and of course, I’d love to
know your thoughts on it. And that’s where I’m
going to end today’s show. And hey, if you liked today’s video, let us know, hit that like button. Also if you’re new here and you want more of these daily dives into the news, be sure to hit that subscribe button, definitely tap that bell
to turn on notifications. Also, if you’re not 100% filled in, you can check out kinda this random behind the scenes video
I put out yesterday, or maybe you just missed
yesterday’s Phillip DeFranco Show you want to catch up, you
can click or tap right there to watch either of those. But, with that said of course, as always, my name is Phillip DeFranco, you’ve just been Philled in, I love yo’ faces and
I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  9. Michael didn’t do anything wrong, he very obviously wasn’t attacking her for her mental illnesses, he was saying it’s irresponsible for her parents and politicians to put her in the spotlight. It’s fine if you disagree with that opinion, but at least counter his actual argument, instead of making up a new one to make him look bad.
    It’s all so childish, just all the other politics now a days

  10. See. My issue with Greta is that it is just like Hogg and the Parkland shooting. Nobody can criticize them because they're children and if you do you're a despicable human being attacking a child. When in reality you're just criticizing the political stance.

    It's just ridiculous

  11. I love they hide behind a rich, mentally ill child to push an agenda they agree with, then shame you if you disagree with (not the kid that's being coached) but their ideology they forced on a child. That's disgusting behavior. HOW DARE YOU

  12. Not too far fetched for people to sympathize with a fictional super villain. Stupid people in real life already try to sympathize with real world mass killers like Ted Bundy and the Collumbine shooters……
    Those people TRY to pretend that they don't know right from wrong.

  13. Can't people just watch a goddamn movie and shut the fuck up? I'm not heartless, I sympathize with the families that lost people to that shooting but blaming a movie is dumb. We gonna fucking act like Scarface isn't a thing? What about Good Fellas? It's a goddamn movie, make believe.

  14. I mean he is not wrong. He merely stated she had a mental illness. If that truly isn't a bad thing, why are people acting like he insulted her?

  15. Dont censor the "ugly" in entertainment because of fee fees. The ugly makes the story. They can go watch a family friendly movie about pets instead.

  16. Any movie about a person who lives a horrible life and is eventually pushed over the edge could be seen as problematic or sympathetic towards real life killers and there are too many of those films to name, so what do they want?

  17. why do americans think they are the center of the world and everything revovles around them? holy fuck man, there are people outside of your pathetic country and we are not sick fucks like your people.

  18. It blows my mind when people say they "support your rights", but then want those rights taken away. The Constitution is an all or nothing document, it is not meant to be segmented into "oh, you can keep this, but not that."

  19. The bald man has really an issue about the truth about the child yet he still wants to sugar coat like she isnt struggling on whats happening to her and her illness, as they say too much sugar is unhealthy for you.

  20. these snowflakes are just pathetic , this is FICTION as in not real !? By their reasoning nothing could be shown but Barney or Tela Tubbies and they would find fault with them as well i bet !That said this just might be a movie actually worth paying to see on the big screen , finally !

  21. The ones wanting to censor & ban guns are a part of the problem. Citizens who have stopped mass shooters ONLY could because they owned a firearm.

  22. Why do Americans always ignore the fact that the same movies(video games) come out in every country in the world and only america has a mass shooting problem

  23. It's stories like this BS Joker controversy that make me appreciate the movie Demolition Man and all it's satire more and more.

  24. People like this make the right/conservatives look like horrible people. It’s common decency to not insult a person with an illness and just because this person is mentally handicap, doesn’t mean she’s fucking brain dead to what’s happening in the world. If she wants to speak the truth about what’s happening to our planet then we should have nothing but praise. I didn’t even know she had Asperger syndrome until someone said something. Nothing but appreciation for her taking a stand

  25. A 2008 article from the Quarterly Journal of Economics actually says that violent movies decrease crime in the short term (6 hours before and 6 hours after the midnight premier) and have no effect on the medium term (3 weeks after release). Granted, the study was not designed to show the long term effects, but any observations from general trends were massively outweighed by the dramatic drop in violent crimes before, during, and immediately following the release of the movie.

  26. Thank you for covering worldwide news and politics.

    It is embarrassing as an American to see so many folks across the world.so well-versed in American politics and news, yet our media seemingly attempts to leave us blind to what happens outside of our country.

  27. Everybody is worried about someone getting pushed over the edge and hurting others, but nobody is worried about or trying to help the person who is on the edge. We should be worried about the mental health of a person willing to commit such attrocities and less worried about just restricting their ability to do so.

  28. Don't hate fictional violence when we have so much of the real thing to deal with. America is a corporate slaughterhouse and we're all just lambs… it's not only the gun industry, it's every industry! ….omg, that little girl is a HERO!

  29. So let me get this right, you can say you have a mental illness but if someone else recognizes it even after saying in public, is somehow terrible and disgusting. We reached the point recognizing reality is offensive.

  30. "We want to respect your freedom of speech, buuut….." What? Stop making movies? Stop having movies with a villain? Make guns disappear? I don't get what the fuck the point of that letter is, other than to make a fuss. The movie is a fictional movie and has nothing to do with actual crimes, what the fuck is even happening anymore

  31. So basically, it’s wrong to make a outcast that hurting people because their were hurt to seem humans? I’m the only one that see a problem with that. Not like it right but we need to Show what happens when push people to far.

  32. How about we start putting some responsibility on those who treat other people like shit, and then watch those people, being treated the way they are by literally everyone in their life, go and commit heinous acts? I think if you train a dog to bite people, and then the dog goes and bites people, the person who made that behavior a reality should be held responsible, right?

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