TupiTube Desk: Chess War

Would you like to watch a fun animation made from South America? Stay with me! Hi! This is Gustav, the developer of TupiTube, welcome to our channel! In this video I want to share with you a cool short film made by a young artist called Jeronimo Lopez, better known as Shadow Master. He is only 13 years old and it’s already on his way to become a professional animator. For this project, Jeronimo used several programs to achieve different effects and techniques. Of course, TupiTube was one of those. So, pay attention to the details of every scene when you watch it. Something that I want to highlight about the way Jeronimo makes his animations, it’s that he always plans his projects, making detailed storyboards about the scenes he wants to include as part of his stories. And there is a lesson to learn here for all those young artists that usually start animating with a vague idea of their project without making any planning. Well, once again is show time, so go for the popcorn and prepare yourself to enjoy this new premiere called Chess War. I hope you liked this video, and remember, our director chair is always available for you in case you want to share your animated shorts with us. Ok, that’s all for now, Thank you for visiting our channel and please, leave a comment and tell us about your current animation projects. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. This inspires me to create new content. Keep animating and see you in the next video.

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