TSL Plays: Don’t Say It

TSL Plays: Don’t Say It

Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of TSL Plays! And today we’re gonna play Don’t Say It! Here are the rules. In every round, each player will have a word attached to their forehead. And they will have to avoid saying these words. However, they will not know what it is. Meanwhile, their aim is to make the other players say their respective words. The last person standing, wins! Can see my word? Oh my god! Oh my god! Yes, yes to Alison’s one. Fauzi lose already. Huh, I feel like I will die first. Fauzi sure lose one. Q, so what’s your most prized possession in the office? Mine? Yes. That’s a good question actually. I also want to know. Umm, well. Would you say your makeup is important? I don’t think so. So what is it? The soft toy on my- my chair. Wah very nerve-wrecking. Soft toy? Yes Julian, how did you come to work today? I take the bus. I always take the bus. I see. Why the bus only? Cause, I don’t like the other mode of transportation. Why are you all looking at me now? So Chris, what did you do yesterday? What did you do yesterday? Yesterday? Yes! I did it! I did it! I’m sorry Chris, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry. Ali, Ali. Yes. Do you like coming to work? Ya, what’s the one you look forward to in the office? Her chin, her chin vibrating. What is the question? Do you like coming to work? Answer that first. My follow up question is – I would say that I would agree to that question. Do you like? Umm, Fauzi. Wait, Julian Yes, yes! Oh my god, no! Is it ‘Julian’? Oh my god, I hate you. I hate you so much. I knew if I talk in between sentences, he will be annoyed at me and then he will say my name. You all know me too well. Julian is my one weakness. Wait, I want to continue having a conversation with Ali. Who’s your favourite colleague in the office? Me? Wah, that’s that’s – Choose your top. Top 3 in the office. Jaymee. Oh my god! I thought it would be – I thought it would be like Q or Jon. Yes! Dammit! Chris good job! What do you do after work? Umm, I go home. Kiss my girlfriend. Like “Hey, hello. We are both home. Great.” Okay what is the brand, of your mobile device? Mobile phone? You mean what’s the brand of your mobile phone? Apple. Apple is the brand. Are you planning to re-contract soon? Er…no. Because I have a fr- free phone? Oh my god! Oh my god! I can’t believe I said my favourite colleague is Jaymee. I knew you confirm will say one. I feel like this round right, if I don’t say anything I’ll win. You’ll what? Okay ya. Chris, what do you want to say. What’s your strategy again? If I don’t say anything for this round, I think I’ll win. Okay cool, you will lose. Because you already said the word. He ownself sabo himself. Oh my god, Chris! Chris! Oh my god. Why the first line I say ah. Both rounds I lose ah. You’re the most competitive. Haven’t even – haven’t even start sia. Chris poor thing sia, sorry Chris. What a lovely day huh? Ya. Yeah. You guys look great. Thank you. So, I’m really thankful that you help me arrange this one. I didn’t do anything. No I asked you like – Oh, I said “Ya, you look nice.” Oh, okay thank you. No problem. Ali, you look nice too. Beautiful. I like your, your tattoo. Oh ya. Great. Appreciate that. I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this. Julian, what’s your favourite game? Actually, ya. I don’t really play games. Oh my god, Ali! Fauzi: Nice!
Q: Bye! No! Dammit! Good job Ali. Thank you. What? Oh my god, yes, yes! Fau. Yes? Where’s your favourite place in the office? My desk. Your desk I see. Do you have anything to ask me? Honestly I don’t know eh. Just wanna say like, thanks for being a friend. Julian. Ya? Help me. I am trying. Fauzi, where do you bring – Like you know when people come and visit our office right. So where are the like stop points where you go – The pantry. Er…the nap area, the chill area. That’s the key points ah. Where else you want? Toilet ah? You don’t like bring them around here meh? Like the – Oh, I get where you’re trying to go with that. 1, 2, 3. Fauzi: Studio.
Q: I love you. Fauzi won. Huh, what’s mine? You’re welcome. You never say this. She never says that. Cool, cool, what’s yours? Oh my god, I don’t know what’s happening right now. Nice. Okay. Cool. It’s all stuff that we say everyday. Ya, ya, ya. I say? I say this everyday? Ya, quite a bit. We all do. I will shut up. Why can’t you guys just be like spontaneous with your answers? Okay, okay. We, we, we follow Chris. I am very spontaneous. Are you sure? Yes. PD: Wait, Q already said her word. Oh my god! What? Oh, I think I said to Chris… Ya. Chris. Ya. What the hell! What do you think is like the best trait about yourself? Best trait? Name 3. 5, 4, 3… Why you all stress me out but never stress anybody out? What’s number 1? I’m funny. Number 2. When necessary, I’m not funny. The last one, the last one. 3, 2… I’m super nice. That’s cool. Well… We are both the same race. I mean half – you are half my race. Okay. I don’t know what you’re saying. I wanna think about Julian. Ya. Are you picky with food? I am not. Okay, let’s say if you have like many options… Food right. Like say chicken rice la, this that this that. This that this that. Stop it. Oh, yes! Oh my god! Dammit! Dammit! I hate you guys. All my words are like super everything I say every time. This that this that. Ali, Ali. You like – you know you always do the before after thing on Instagram right. Your chin is vibrating again. Her face always – You need to lock it in place. If you have to choose one thing, videos or photos forever. You can only post on Instagram videos or photos Oh my goodness. Video. Wow. Why? I like it. I like it a lot. What’s your favourite social media Julian? Nothing. Nice. Nothing? Twitter. Twitter? Twitter? You don’t have a Twitter account. I know. I will not lose this round. Okay, Ali. Choose your favourite social media platform. No like really. Can you stop trembling? My favourite… Youtube. Nice, nice, nice. Really? 3, 2, 1. Alison: Instagram.
Julian: Filipino. You said Filipino? Fauzi: Ali is correct.
Q: You thought it was Filipino? What’s mine? Why you say Filipino? Anything. Dammit. Okay how was the game guys? Was it hard? I hate how each word is tailor made. Like Jaymee. It’s a very hard game for people with no filters. But very fun hor? Ya, it’s very fun. Okay, Julian do it (outro). Why me? What? No cannot. Hi, we have ended our game and we would like to thank you for watching this episode of TSL Plays. If you really like us and you want us to be famous,

100 thoughts on “TSL Plays: Don’t Say It

  1. Can I ask, how do you guys get the cards to stick on the forehead? Are you guys using magnets? I’m asking cos I really wanna play this game with my friends.

  2. Alison is soooooooooo pretty
    I wish I can be as pretty as her jealous

    Edit: also the reason my user name is alison

  3. The chinese name is 不說了 Bu Shuo Le (Taiwan), 沒說過 Mei Shuo Ge (China), 冇話啦 Mo Wa La (Hong Kong and Macau)

  4. Hi fauzi. I want to meet you at my School. My school name is SMK Kangkar Pulai. You can meet me next year during recess. Maybe on 2.50 p.m.

  5. If Chris is half Filipino I have some guestions for him but it's ok if he can only answer one of them. I am not doing this because I dont believe that Chris is half Filipino I'm doing this just for fun 😃😃
    1. What is the title of the national anthem?
    2. Does it snow in the Philippines?
    3. Speak at least 3-5 Tagalog words

  6. guess which one is the worst laugh in the world sounds like a narcissistic psychopath.. total waste of space how did we find this shit..

  7. Today at school assembly we were talking about hari raya and then JULIAN THERE I WAS LIKE OMG!! I THINK LEAH WAS THERE TOO

  8. Actually you guys didn't notice that Q was saying your welcome i notice that i say '' Q im sorry you are eliminated

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