Try To Guess WRONG ANSWERS ONLY Challenge #2

Try To Guess WRONG ANSWERS ONLY Challenge #2

– False! It’s a schmattle
schmoyale schmame. – This is false!
It’s a game about sharts. – This is so confusing!
It doesn’t make any sense! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you are going
to be playing Guess the Wrong Answers Only.
– Okay. I feel like this is something I could
actually be good at. – (FBE) There will be
three different rounds with slightly different rules,
but the most important thing is that if you get it wrong,
then you get a point. And the person
with the most points is the winner.
– Okay. Get the wrong answer. This is gonna be really hard for me.
– Stop. Okay, great. Yeah, I have done this one,
and I love it. This is so much fun. – Oh, man! I’m really good
at just saying words before my brain thinks of them,
so this might be my specialty. – I don’t even know what to expect.
Okay, I’m ready. Let’s do it. – (FBE) So, for this first round,
we will give you three prompts with six different responses each.
Only one of the responses is wrong. You will need to find
the one wrong one to get the point. – Ohhh. Oh, god! This is
like school testing. Okay. – (FBE) Here’s the first one.
– Which of these is a zombie movie? – Now, I have to pick
the one that’s not. The one that– it’s between
28 Days Later and Fido. I’m just gonna go Fido.
I’m gonna say Fido. (buzzer)
– I think I’m right, but I might be a crackhead. Fido?
(buzzer) – I’ll go with Fido.
(buzzer) – Fido, Fido, Fido.
Fido is the wrong answer, ’cause that sounds
like a dog movie. – I’m gonna say Fido. – (FBE) So, Fido is a movie
about a pet zombie. The Walking Dead is
a TV show, not a movie. – You guys didn’t say there was
gonna be TRICK questions involved! – Fido is a zombie movie?
Stop! No, it’s not. – Is the key word here movie? ‘Cause the Walking Dead
is not a movie. – (FBE) The Walking Dead is correct. (ding)
– (gasps) Wow! – I’m gonna say The Walking Dead,
because the Walking Dead is a TV show. (ding)
Yeah! Okay. – My favorite zombie movie–
I’ve seen it probably 18 times in theaters–
was the Walking Dead. (whispers) Did I nail it?
(ding) – (FBE) You did nail it!
– [Bleep] yeah. I know how to play the game.
– (FBE) All right, here’s the second one.
– Which of these is a famous singer? – Katy Perry, Robert Singer,
Lizzo, Camila Cabello, Nicole Kidman, or Billie Eilish.
– Nicole Kidman. Is that– I think that one–
I’m gonna say that’s my final answer. (ding)
– Well, obviously, it’s Nicole Kidman. – (FBE) You’re right–
You’re wrong. – Good.
– Nicole Kidman is not a singer. I feel like the Robert Singer answer
is there to throw you off. I’m catching on to this.
– Nicole Kidman is the most famous singer
on this list. – I’m gonna say Nicole Kidman.
– Nicole Kidman. – I can’t tell you how many times
I’ve seen Nicole Kidman in concert. Her last arena tour was woo-hoo-hoo!
– Nicole Kidman is the answer. (ding) I mean, she did sing
in one of the movies, but she’s not a singer.
She’s an actor. – Which of these is a Muppet?
Ludo, Cookie Monster, Alf, Gonzo, Kermit the Frog,
or Fizzgig. (snorts) God, I don’t actually know
if I don’t know this one. – The wrong answer
is the Cookie Monster. – (FBE) Cookie Monster is a Muppet.
– I’m already– I’m done. I’m done. – I’ve never heard
of Ludo or Alf. I’m gonna go with Ludo.
(buzzer) – (FBE) Aww, that is a Muppet.
– I was hoping one of these names was
a Teletubby name, but none of them look
like Teletubby names. – Let’s go with Cookie Monster,
’cause technically he’s a part of Sesame Street,
and that doesn’t feel like a Muppet.
– (FBE) Cookie Monster is a Muppet. – Oh.
– The Cookie Monster is not a Muppet. He’s on Sesame Street.
– (FBE) Cookie Monster is a correct answer.
– What?! – Fizzgig. Final answer. (chuckles)
(buzzer) – (FBE) Fizzgig is a Muppet
from the Dark Crystal. – We all know
the world-famous Muppet… Alf.
(ding) – (snaps) Darn
– (FBE) So, you are… – Correct. (chuckles)
– (FBE) You are correct and wrong all at the same time. But–
– This is so confusing! It doesn’t make any sense!
– I’m trying to think back to my favorite days on Sesame Street,
where I would just get some popcorn and watch Alf.
– Alf? (ding)
Hell yeah. – Apparently, I need to brush up
on my Muppet knowledge. – (FBE) So, this next round,
we will be giving you a prompt that you have to describe incorrectly.
– Okay. – “How do you play Minecraft?”
How do you play Minecraft? Oh! Okay. So,
it’s like a racing game. (buzzer)
Did I just say the wrong thing? – (FBE) Yup.
– Goddammit. – The thing that most people
don’t realize is that you have to put your Joycons
inside the plastic steering wheel, because otherwise, if you’re just
moving them like this with the Joycons,
you’re never actually gonna be able to go in a straight line.
You’re gonna keep hitting the walls. You try to smash through
the colored boxes, because you wanna get items
like shells and bananas and stars and blue shells and there’s
so many different shells. – And sometimes you
throw banana peels behind you and make people slip and stuff.
That’s it. That’s the game. – (FBE) But it is a game,
so that’s technically… – I know.
– (FBE) …right. – I just realized.
– You start out in a… in a city full of weapons everywhere.
And your main goal is to take out specific targets using
the weapons found within this world. Your targets would be
King Farquaad. He will be the main villain
in this video game. – (FBE) You said video games.
– [Bleep]! (buzzer)
– I was trying so hard! I meant to say
form of entertainment. – Well, first of all,
you need to step outside into the real world.
You gotta go to work. Then you gotta come back home.
And then when you come back home, you immediately begin to… go back to work. And then you do that
the entirety of the time. There is no ending
to the video game. (buzzer)
There is no ending to the Minecraft. (laughs)
– You certainly must be inside of a volcano
that is specifically heated to 69 degrees, because if the temperature is off, you won’t be able to figure out
where the jewels are inside of the volcano.
(ding) – The way you play Minecraft
is you go into the kitchen and you open the refrigerator door,
and then you get the turkey, and then you get the mustard,
and then you put the mustard on the sourdough bread.
You take that Minecraft square… (buzzer)
…and you toss it out your window. – You have to shoot flying birds.
You have to shoot flying birds. And then, this dog comes
and catches these birds that you’re shooting at.
So, this moon game actually has nothing to do with moons
and all about ducks. That was actually way more stressful
than I thought it was gonna be. – That actually was harder
than I thought, ’cause I actually do play Minecraft
and I wanted to go IN! – (FBE) All right.
Ready for your next prompt? – It’s a thing where, um, people go just to Six Flags and they watch other people
ride roller coasters. People riding
roller coasters at Six Flags. That’s what this is about.
– (FBE) How long do they do it? – For seven days.
(buzzer) – Shark Week is… when you’re at the beach,
and you’re just hanging out with your girls,
and there are these group of guys who are like,
“Hey, do you wanna go party for a week at our mansion?”
– (FBE) A week is technically the right answer, so…
(buzzer) – OH, NO!
– This period of time is my favorite period
of time, because… everyone is just so… happy. As a society, we couldn’t come up
with anything else, so we decided to have it be just
a firecracker-y week of happiness and joy!
– (FBE) It’s a week! You said week!
AH! – Shart bleep is actually
this video game that you play. And Shart bleep, it’s a pooping game.
Let’s be honest. Sharting is just a big thing
that everyone deals with and finally people
feel represented by this. And the bleeping, well… that’s just there
for funsies, obviously. – It’s that month, right?
Where we all… take stairs into the skies.
And from the skies, we watch, of course, birds fly.
– What is shark week? That’s my favorite day of the year! It’s when you put
the Christmas tree up, and then the fat guy comes down
your chimney, and he’s like, “Here’s some sharks.”
And you all open your sharks together as a family.
– So, it’s a festival, and people go,
and they can do yoga and hula hoop and learn
how to belly dance. (ding)
– This… period of time of a year is spent studying primates. And these primates swing through the trees, grasping fruits,
leaves, and other forms of vegetation while simultaneously trying
to scare away the birds. And we witness all of these things
on Cartoon Network. – (FBE) So, are you ready
to move on to the third and final round?
– Yes, I think I got this now. I think I’m in the rhythm.
– (FBE) For the third and final round, you’ll have to answer
a series of 10 questions incorrectly. – Okay, cool.
– (FBE) You will get a point for everything you get wrong.
However, you will only have one minute on the clock.
– Okay. I just have to get as many points
as possible. – “True or false:
Jake Paul and Tonto Mongeau had a wedding this year.”
I’m not even sure who these people are.
False. (ding)
– True. (buzzer)
– (FBE) Aww, that’s the right answer. – That is not true.
– False. They did not! – This is incorrect.
– False. – False.
– False. Why would that be a thing?
I don’t know. – “Lizzo does not want to play
Ursula in the new Little Mermaid.” True.
(ding) – I don’t know who this is, so I don’t know if this
is true or false. True. (ding)
– True. She has better things on her mind.
– Incorrect. (buzzer)
– True! (ding)
– True. – True. Why would you
wanna play Ursula? – That is 100% true.
Lizzo wants to play Sebastian. – “Old Town Road is rapped by…”
Lil Nas X. (buzzer)
– (FBE) That’s the right answer. – Old Town Road is rapped
by J. Cole. Duh. – J. Cole, obviously.
It’s in his latest album called Yeehaw.
– J. Cole. – J. Cole!
– J. Cole. – Old Town Road is rapped
by my boy, J. Cole! How he lost his virginity
on that Old Town Road. – Old Town Road is a masterpiece
created by J. Cole. – “True or false: you are more likely
to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark.”
That has got to be one of those options.
That’s probably false. (ding)
[Bleep]. Wait. I forgot what game we’re doing.
– I’ve heard of this before. More likely, this is false.
– (groans) I don’t know this one! Um, uh, mm… False.
(ding) – Ugh! False.
(ding) – False.
– False. (ding) (snorts)
– False. – (FBE) Correct.
(ding) I mean, wrong, but correct.
– All right. – (FBE) But your time is up,
so you didn’t make it very far. – Oka– oh, shoot. – “True or false:
Fortnite is a battle royale game.” I don’t even know
what this sentence means. False?
– True? (buzzer)
– “True or false: Fortnite
is a battle royale game.” False!
(ding) – This is obviously false.
– It’s false. – False! It’s a schmattle
schmoyale schmame. – This is false!
It’s a game about sharts! – “The mechanical shark
used in Jaws is named…” I think it’s Bruce.
It’s named Bruce. (buzzer)
Shark bait. Hoo-ha-ha. – You guys didn’t watch Nemo?
It’s Bruce. (buzzer) All right. (groans angrily)
– I’ve never even seen Jaws. I’m just gonna go with Lenny. (chuckles)
– L… Lenny.
(ding) – Ahh… Lenny!
(ding) It’s my favorite shark
from The Grapes of Wrath. – His name is Lenny.
It’s short for Leonardo. – “True or false: The Bachelorette
has been on for 16 years.” Wow! I really don’t know this one.
This is a mad 50/50. I know it’s been on
for a while. So… false!
(ding) – Oh, I don’t know this one.
Um… false? (ding)
– False! – That has gotta be false.
That’s such a specific number. – “The mechanical shark
used in Jaws was nicknamed ‘Flaws’ since it kept breaking down.”
– Sure. True. (buzzer)
– That’s true! He had to go
to therapy for years after that. – True.
– This is false. (ding)
It was called beautiful, because it was a beautiful shark.
– “Katy Perry was married to…” Travie McCoy.
– Travie McCoy. – Katy Perry was married
to Travie McCoy, ’cause he wanted
to be a billionaire. – Travie McCoy. Yes, that guy.
(chuckles) I don’t even know who that is.
– (FBE) Damn! – (exhales shakily)
– (FBE) So, you won! – Yay! Did I?
Are you lying? I don’t know what’s real anymore.
– After I got into the rhythm of what I was supposed to do,
mainly after the shark week one, I was like, “Okay, I got this.
I’ve just got to be as wrong as possible.”
– I thought that my brain wasn’t gonna be able to click
with this at all, but she did pretty good up here.
– It’s hard being wrong when you’re always so right.
(snickers) – I think I would love
to do this again and see if I can do
better next time. – Thanks for watching us
guess the wrong answers only on the React Channel.
– Subscribe for new shows every week. – Bye!
– Hey, y’all. React producer Blythe here.
Looking for a great way to connect with us directly?
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