Music. WE SHOULD ALSO GO FOR A TRIP ONE IDEA I WILL CALL MY FRIENDS THEY WILL FREE THEN THEY WILL COME TO TRIP FIRST I WILL CALL MY IDIOT FRIEND ‘AKASH’ MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC RINGING.. YEH TELL DHEERAJ BATTERY HELLO AKASH HEAR I AM DOING PRATIK CONFERENCE WE THREE WILL DISCUSS TOGETHER OK’ MAKE IT CONFERENCE MUSIC ‘SLAP’ RINGING… YEH TELL MY GF I AM NOT YOU GF I AM DHEERAJ SOUND SORRY DHEERAJ YEH TELL TELL DO WORK YOU BOTH HAVE TIME COME FAST TO MY HOUSE WHY YOU ARE SPADE I AM COMING NO I AM NOT SPADE FRIEND I AM JUST TELLING NORMALLY COME FAST HERE DON’T SPADE’OK’ ‘OK’ ‘OK’ YEH I AM COMING IN 2 MINUTES MUSIC WHY HE CALLED US HERE I AM ASLO THINKING THAT ONLY WHY BATTERY AS CALLED US you want anything more it’s nice what you told you not want anything more yeh wait 2 minutes i will ask him want he want hmm tell what you want idli,dosa,sambar,vada stop..stop… i have that much budget to give you water then why you asked do you want anything more churl,look like battery and walk like battery want anything more….. no no bro i am just asking you generally than you will think that he called us to home and he asked nothing to us you want anything don’t bore us for which work you called us tell that come fast Guys I have plan listen we will jump in pochinki and make full loot and attack on enemies music sorry bro sorry No bro No pochinki we will jump on last map river will come and we will do swim WE will take Goa felling full enjoyment… music enjoyment.. smile you idiots it’s not your PUBG waiting area you are planning for pubg i have called you for planning trip do then who stopped you iam doing but you are planning for pubg Then start planning then start start start… Tell were should we go we can go to Goa i think so we should go to Mahabaleshwar i want to Goa for Pochinki music sorry sorry I am just joking no no Goa,Mahabaleswar,MountEverest GOA,Mahabaleswar,MountEverset NO NO Goa ,Mahabaleswar,Mount Everest silent we will go to opposite hotel and eat chinese bhel that only our Capability No bro opposite hotel chinese bhel is not so good We will go for another hotel music NO NO we will go for goa only ya ya Goa is best MAKE GOA PLAN

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  1. Wow is outstanding this video and requesting plzz always video ko upload kro … Mekn apne family ko bhi dikha tha hu accha lgta h

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