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Today, we’re playing Trick or Treat Beer Pong! So here at Dude! Where’s My Challenge. We like to
take a normal challenge, such as Beer Pong And add a twist to it. Now it’s Halloween, so
we’re doing Trick or Treat Beer Pong! So we’re going to be in teams of two for this. We
are the WWF, World Wildlife Federation. We are
team Death Wish! Don’t smoke kids. Naughty. You’ll end up in prison. Anyway, we’re going to put a spin on this. We both
have 5 Trick cups and 5 Treat cups. So when you sink a cup. You either get a treat
from our good sweet box. Or you take a trick from the Wheel of Doom! The tricks are: Scotch Bonnet – Rat Trap – A Shot
of Vinegar – Or a Bird Eye Chilli. It’s going to be fun Who do you thinks going to win? WWF or Death Wish? Place your comments below. Let the games begin! You’re going down. Don’t really sound that threatening when I’m a
squid. We go first! Ah, crime never pays! So close man, so close. What is it? It’s a treat. It wasn’t a treat, that beer is horrible. I’m going to have some Parma Violets! You prick! We’re supposed to be the cheaters here! It’s a treat. Was that a treat for you there
Lewis? Collect your treat sir. Got some little Gumball
things. Again! Every fucking time I hit that back corner. What are the chances? Got Parma Violets again, they’re good! They get
rid of all the shitty beer taste. I’m better when I’m drunk. Quickly, quickly, quickly. It’s going to be a fucking trick here isn’t it? It’s a trick It’s my turn to spin the wheel as I got a trick. Let’s hope this is a good one. Please not be a chili. Rat Trap! Oh baby! What a throw! Treat! What did you get? A Refresher You missed! They’re after you Lewis! Run! I’m on fire now Oh, vinegar This is the colour of my piss when I drink to much Did you crack it? Yeah sorry I breathed it in Yeah, you guys are getting the dirty one I don’t really care. The fucking beer is more
dirty than that. Fuck you! You lucky fucker. I’m going to have all the
tricks. Not if Lewis can’t sink them Third treat! Mr Chew! We’ve had too many treats. There has been too
many. Fucking knew it. We had too many treats. I know I’m going to get one of those hot ones.
We’ve all seen from previous videos, I’m the worst
with hot things. Yes! Oh my god, that was so fucking close. Bye bye! Bastards! I would of gotten away with it too if it
wasn’t for you meddling squids. You’re an absolute asshole! You fucking dickhead! What the fuck! I’m going for a pink Refresher Stop filling up on fucking treats I’m getting so fat on beer and sweets Fucking bollocks! Suck my dick is it a treat It’s a treat It’s going to be a hot one Vinegar shot At least it’s not a hot thing It’s a treat baby I’ll have a Swizzles Yeah! We got it on him Spin that wheel Scotch Bonnet Oh my god, straight in Harry is fucking hating life Can’t focus Oh my god! It’s trick Oh again!? I remember how shit it was before No please. Ok just do it. It’s a trick! Spin that wheel dickhead Rat Trap Matt, set it up Yes! Lewis! Scotch Bonnet. I’ve already had one Paul, don’t
worry about it. Scotch Bonnet Fuck it, let’s go Hate Scotch Bonnet! Oh, he got the treat Last one is a trick then I’ll have a lolly, lolly Oh, come on! He’s pushed it backwards What is it? It’s a treat! We got another treat down There we go, I’ll eat it with that on The frog, he is the one. Man of the fucking match! What’s the score? Fucking 9 all Is it a treat? I don’t even want any sweets Take your treat bitch It got really dark Death Wish Win! Guess what? It’s a trick Show it to the camera. It’s a trick. Everyone
knows. Bird Eye Chili We’ve not opened those yet One I stood on a cup Two Keep fucking eating them Three So that’s it, it’s all over. It got pretty dark
here. So I apologise if you couldn’t see some of
it. Team Death Wish have won It went to 9-9 then they sunk the last one Drunken Louie somehow got it If you bet on me I love you! Thank you for watching. Make sure to like,
favourite and subscribe and if you subscribe
you’ll be the first one to know when we’ve done something stupid. Like
doing Trick or Treat beer Pong!

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